11 March 2009

The people of Luton have had enough!

Video courtesy of LoyalLuton & Dave Smeeton MfE


Anonymous said...

Is the amiable British lion finally waking up, showing its powerful jaws and stretching forth its mighty paws?

Let's just hope that it will no longer retract its sharp claws, as it has been doing for far too long
allowing the vociferous,villainous jackals snapping at its heels, to go from strength to strength...?

Let's hope so!

Anonymous Lady

Joanne said...

Good. I am so glad to see the British go after those scum terrorist supporters, especially considering these same sort of scum are leaving Britain to go kill British troops in Afghanistan. People are brave in large numbers; I've always said the British need to take to the streets in large numbers to show the government that they mean business. Who does Britain belong to anyhow - Muslims? God forbid such a thing.

I'm tickled pink that the British are showing some emotion.

Anonymous said...

At the moslem Gaza march they called the police F.......... Cowards. I see they have need of them in this video LOL.

Anonymous said...

You aren't alone ...


... We are all with the people of Luton !

FdeSouche (~ French Borned)
...French Resistance against islamisation of Europe


Anonymous said...

That is soooo good to see. Now the anger must continue, and grow a million times stronger and perhaps England can be saved.

truthseaker said...

We will have to stand back, we will have to back down. If not it will be us who are taken away by those same organizations. Its a total joke in reality, those who are meant to be our protectors, those who we are mean to be able to turn to, to deal with illegal acts that are being done. Are not on our side, we can not turn to them, as no matter what the problem or situation. If those who are committing the offense are muslims, we will be the ones being taken away & arrested, as I said its a total joke.

I have sent Mr Cameron lots of clips on youtube showing the facts about islam. I have sent him lots of documentation showing the facts behind islam, I did used to get replies. I no longer do get those same replies, mind you they were from a secretary & not himself, so this information probably did not get through to him. But I hope someone would have read them & watched them.

I do hope & pray that this government will be kicked out of power & I pray that this happens soon. Then I pray that the party that gets in will deal with this cancer that is spreading through our country, but until this happens we will be shut up we will be kept quiet. As if we do not, it will be us who are arrested & not those who should be arrested. We can only hope & pray that this time will happen very soon.

God Bless you all.

Findalis said...

They should have thrown shoes at them. Rocks would have been just as exceptable.

I do hope that Labour is starting to sweat.

Good to see you blogging again Lionheart. Yours is a voice that should never be silenced!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this video?

Lutonian said...

Every Friday I see these faces (the protesters) outside their "Islamic Education Centres" in Bury Park, Luton.
Their leader, Mr. Sayful Islam, ("sword of islam) claims to be a "teacher!"
I guess we know what he teaches.
He was the formr leader of the Luton Branch of Al Quaeda front the "Muhadjiroun."
He now calls the movement by some other name. (unspellable)
Luton M.P. Margaret Moran suddenly paraded on national TV to procalaim about these scum who were abusing our young soldiers, she's afraid of loosing her job.
With their calls of "British army rapes Muslims." and other filthy words, why should these racists get protection?
Come on, would any self-respecting
British soldier touch some burkah- clad behemoth, who may possibly be strapped with a Taliban bomb beneath their black-heart robes?
I think the British squaddies have more good taste than that!
these scum also shouted abuse and racist religious intolerance for about one and a half hours.

The police called in the Metropolitan Police "heavies" but was this to guard the soldiers who were marching with bayoinets fixed?
No, it was to protect the scum from the public reaction.
I heard one of the Met Officers saying to clleagues, "Look theres the BNP guy," as he pointed out a lone man in the crowd.
Some early radio news reports suggested some sort of organised BNP action, but I can report that the crowd reaction was from the genuine Luton folks who had turned out to welcome home the Anglian Regiment, many were relatives of the soldiers.

I saw old ladies of 70+ and elderly gentlemen turn on these Muslim hater-scum, as they shouted their abuse.
If the Police had not been there, these part-human monsters may have been swinging from the lamp-posts.
The People of Luton were angry, very angry.
Last Century when the Mayor of Luton refused to hold a party for the returning troops from the First World War, the Town Hall was burnt down!
Luton People are proud and tolerant.
The Anglian Regiment was invited by the Luton Mayor, a Sikh, Lakbhir Singh and there were many Sikhs cheering on the Soldiers.
He was resplendent in his Red Robes and turban, what a contrast to the evil-looking harpies of Burkah clad females that gathered in a seperate! gang to hurl racial abuse against the British soldiers.!
To be fair, there were one or two eldery Muslims in the crowd, who seemed to be happy to see the British lads marching.

I can tell you, some of those boys nearly had tears in their eyes as they heard the abuse shouted at them,.
What a welcome.
But I am equally sure they know that the majority of Lutonians were glad to see them march home and proud of the decency of 99% of Britiains Forces.
They had been given a job to do and they did their best.
God Bless their safe return and commisarations to the relatives of those that did not return having died on duty.
We can never understand what these boys dids, unless we wear to wear their shoes.
They were sent away for whatever reasons the politician had, and they did their duty,the People of the places they served in have now got a chance to build a Society free of Religious intolerance.
These same politicians, however, are all to willing to spin theirexcuse when it comes to looking after their own Countrymen, in their own backyard.
Hundreds of police to look after the scum-racist Muslim fanatics, and dozens of ploice photographers copping everyone in the crowd, and specilaist Met heavies looking for some kind of Nationlist provocation! There was none.

The real People of Luton have spoken.
There are limits to their tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21.29
England will ONLY be saved if we elect a nationlist government. All others are pro E.U. whose orders the government is acting under.

Anonymous said...

This is wrong on two accounts:

Firstly, there is a right to protest but there is a time and place. A homecoming parade is not one of them.
Secondly, they were not protesting. They had messages on their banners that was solely for the purpose of incitement. They wanted to cause trouble in order to ignite a riot afterwards.

These are not protesters, they are trouble makers and anarchists. They need to be shouted down but not by the racist filth that has appeared on the you-tube page and on websites whose owners want to exploit this incident for their own racist agendas. It needs to be done in by drowning out their message of hate with the peaceful but determined renditions of patriotic songs like Rule, Britannia!, Good save the Queen and Land of hope and Glory. We need to remind these scum that is it Britain they live in, not some third world hell-hole and this sort of behaviour is not on.

Anonymous said...

To last commenter.
Not sure of the angle of your dangle, but let's put it straight.
Most Lutonians and Brits have put up with, and adjusted to, all the ongoing abuse of Citizenship that these Muslim racist hater-scum have come up with, ever since 9/11 and the killing of three-thousand+ people in New York.
These same bearded hooligans who follow the words of a man from 1,400 years ago are all to keen to take our British government Benefits and free-housing and education.
At the same time they are only too pleased to abuse the system of human-rights to protest against anything our Western governments do to try to protect our way of life from further such acts of violence like the London Bus bombings and carnage on the underground trains caused by Muslim terror-gangs.

Their beliefs tell them they shall go to Paradise if they kill infidel un-believers.
That is to say, everyone who does not follow the words of the Muslim intellectual-thugs that seek to impose Sharia Law upon the whole world.
And destroy everyone who stands in the way, no matter what religion or belief they have.

The "moderate MUslims" conduct a quiet campaign designed to hide the final frontier of Islam, that is the end of all other systems of government except Sharia.
They believe that the Koran is the last and final words of God, who they choose to call "Allah" in Arabic, because the say God made that his language.
In the Koran, there are verses that encourage the Muslim to distance themselves from everyone else.
It plainly tells them that all Mslims have the duty to do "Jihad."
This can be small things like pretending freindship to a non-Muslim.
Or it can indeed be "Holy War" which can include acts of extreme violence such as we have seen in many incidents around the world.
All these acts cause indiscriminate killing and terror against both non-Muslim and themselves alike, as they put the promise of Paradise above the rights of others to live this Earthly life.
Jews in particular are singled out for ultimate destruction and also all other "People of the Book" (Bible) must kneel to Islam and pay a religious tax to remain Christian, or convert to Islam and renounce their beliefs in Jesus as Messiah and Saviour.

This truth is deliberatly hidden in the so-called Multi-faith agenda, where weak non-Islamics are prepared to take what's on offer for them under Sharia, or are indeed weak emough to convert.

Socio-Liberalist politicians believe that eventually Islam will reform and become like modern Christianity, weak and ineffectual.
They are wrong.
SO wrong, because they do not understand the fundamental nature of Islam.
Though some young Muslims go slack and even may drink or smoke drugs, they are eventually pulled back into the fold, and often become more zealous than their contemporaries.
The non-Muslims that convert are often weak and confused, and seek the certainty of a "black and white" belief, where their human mind and Spirit is not challenged to think and act for themselves.

No, in Islam, every answer for every situation has been and is being ("Sharia finace" for instance) being concocted so ordinary activities become trapped within the same web of rules that even washing has in Islam.

Each to his own.
Let those that have those beliefs do as they please.
That is their choice, or not.

When it comes to the destiny of the other half of the Human-Race, however, it is not their choice to have thousands of years of history twisted to conform to a foreign and in-compatible strait-jacket for the mind and Spirit.

Far from being the solution to the world's problems, Sharia is just the beginning of the end of Man.
Islam has solved no problems anywhere it has emerged.
African Islam is riven with war and horror, from Darfur to Somalia, Nigeria to North Africa.
Muslim fighting Muslim, African fighting Arab.
A vast Continent squandering it's wealth on death and violence.

The Arab Middle East itself, is split, torn between the wealthy Princes, who claim title by birth-right, and the immense poverty of the virtual slaves from the Muslim worlds of Malaysia and the Far East. Hence the appeal of bin Laden to the poor in Suadi Arabia, and beyond.

Islam itself is split.
Torn between Sunni and Shia factions, whose only meeting points are their hatred of Jews, Israel and the West, (that's us.)

The West itself is split by Islam.
Politicians sell huge arsenals to the desert-Princes.
The CIA dabbles in political disruption, Western Armies are embroiled in war with no clear stratey and lick-spittle Socialist Europe, (and now Obama's USA) toady up to the power-brokers to buy more time, so the inevitable clash does not occur on their watch.

We see the laughable spectacle of leaders of Society like Prince Charles, who for all His good points, may just as well order Cammilah into a hijab and go about in a Sultan's outfit.
The Archbishop of Canterbury is also ludricrously compromised by his belief that you can split the crotch in your cassock, by straddling the fence and dealing with a religion that absolutely denies near every fundamental belief that Chritianity is founded on.

NO, the time has come to understand the real agendas of these pseudo reilgious-political systems that seek to blanket the world in a one-eyed vision of the marvelous diversity of Creation.

Islam will not save the Planet.
It will not save the West's economy and it cannot save itself from implosion and eventual self-destruction.

Does the shepard sit and swap tales with the hungry wolf, around his camp-fire?

Joanne said...

Those Muslims need to be arrested for inciting hatred, but I guess invoking hatred against the true British is acceptable and tolerable. One of the biggest problem of the British is they failed to show their outrage from the very beginning, and now they have to contend with the effects and have to be pushed to their limits in order to motivate themselves to retaliate. The police better pick what side they are on when push comes to shove because they will not be seen as protectors of the peace then, but supporters of the traitors and their Muslim masters.

Anti-CAIR said...

The only problem is: 1. immigrant Muslims are reproducing (natural) many times faster than Anglo-British 2. immigrant Muslims are on average much younger than Anglo-British. 3. Muslim mosques are full, Anglo-British churches are emptying.4. Muslims are not afraid to take to the streets, while the Anglo-British are timid (scared) to demonstrate in large numbers. 5. England has a fifth column which is the leftists, liberals, who are Anglo-British. 6. The future: the minority immigrants with their religion (Islam) will one day be the majority in England. 7. I am an American and I sympathize with you because the same is happening here in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

It's time that Luton'people go on the street to say NO STOP ISLAM !

It's the begining. - All around Europe, europeans citizen are rising up and become Resistants to islam

Watch the images of this french reportage in 6 youtube video

Here the 1st one:


Youtube Channel: Pacemds

Don't worry if you don't understand french because the journalists TV are islam-left-collaborators like many media in Europe and denied the real islamic problem in Europe.

Watch the images of this 6 videos: Ascenseur 1 to 6 and you will understand what's is rising up all around Europe

People of England and Luton ... you are not alone.

European Resistance against Islam

Anonymous said...

The time is approaching.
We will not be duped forever.

Anonymous said...

After reading all these comments, i don't actually blame all you who have so much hatred for muslims on the whole...

I'm actually saddened that a group of 20 idiots think they act and speak for the majority of muslims who live in the U.K when that is not the fact...

I don't want them to to represent me, i can do that myself, and believe it or not, i have so many white friends, black friends and they all respect me and my religion, why? cos i don't go round saying this is wrong or that is wrong, i actually respect other's cultures and ways, which is how a muslim should do, but these idiots are too fanatic and pose a threat not just to your precious country, but to us aswell,


some of you may attack a someone who is a muslim just cos of some idiots, wo we're not all safe.

Just a little pointer, if i was to incite hatred i would be locked up within minutes, but for SOME strange reason, these guys have stalls, distribute hate literature, incite hatred, yet they're still walking free, i wonder if they're actually funded by MI5 or MI6...


" May God protect us from all evil and help us to stay on the right path "

Anonymous said...

First of ALL i was at that march, I am white caucasian and have a job unlike this tosser Lionheart.

The procession was taking place on George Street, while the protesters were on "Upper" George Street.

While it is true the plackards directed towards the soldiers were uncalled for. What this was a peaceful and legitimate demonstration.

However - a yob element no doubt Lionheart's BNP friends broke rank and began jeering at the protesters and suddenly ALL eyes were focussed on them.

I personally think this whole facade was exploited by a number of people from "outside" Luton and is directly linked to the BNP and twats like Lionheart seeking to divide Luton.

So where are the youtube videos posted reagrding the "march For England" - which should have been a PEACEFUL march but far right (Nazi) thugs with balaclavas went on a rampage across Luton Town.

These thugs were making their way towards the Asian Area of Bury Park.

Who were they?

The same profile of misguided dimwits who no doubt post on here and the biggest tosser and disgrace to Luton is Lionheart.

Get of your ass and get a job you bleep bleep bleep.

I am disgusted after reading a number of posts here and how blatantly inaccurate it is in it's potrayal of Luton.

I will be seeking to contact Luton Police and hopefully this time they can lock this pathetic looser up.

Disgraceful potrayal of Luton, disgraceful deliberate misinformation about Luton.