25 May 2009

Footage of the Anti-extremist demo: Luton May 24th 2009

Daily Mail: Masked mob against Moslem extremists

Daily Star: 9 arrested

Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 1
Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 2
Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 3
Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 4

Please sign the guest book: Anti-extremist protest in Luton

From what I can gather, there is another protest planned for August, and will continue beyond, until action is taken to remove Moslem extremists like Sayful Islam from our society

The newspapers are stating that this event was hosted by March for England, when if fact, if they did their homework, they will see that March for England pulled out of organising the event through fear of what happened happening.

I was there yesterday and March for England did not participate in the days event because
"this is not what they are about".

They offered to assit and support, aslong as it was an orderly protest, but as soon as it turned into chaos they walked away.

Luton Council: March for England pulled out


Anthony said...

God's name is not honoured by headlines of masked men and violence. I came away so disappointed and saddened.


Lionheart said...


What are you doing about the Islamification of Great Britain?

Islam has taken over Luton, and the police and council have done nothing but sit back and allow it to happen.

This is the culmination of the past 25 - 30 years.

The people of Luton have now arisen to reclaim their community!!!

How do you expect them to do it?

99% of them were not Christian, to them God is completely irrelevant, so dont come here bleating about honouring God, because this was not a protest about honouring God.

Atleast the local minister whose area this took place on, came out onto the streets to see what was going on, and obviously carry Gods presence into the midst of the protest.

What did you do?

No one thinks that removing the militant wing of Islam from our land is going to be easy, and if the government will not do it then the people will, and they will quite obviously be wearing balaclavas to do that, because the government will come down on them for defending their community.

The people of the British isles cannot win!!!

So decide where you stand and who you stand with.

Anthony said...

We were promised a march, petition, dignified wreath-laying. All we got was a bolt to reach Bury Park in the shortest possible time for a punch up. A sure way to ensure nothing like this is allowed to happen again.
You are a man of God - are you not ? - so why aren't you associated with events that honour God ? A Christian would not call that request "bleating."

Anonymous said...

This is not about religion anymore it is about what is going wrong with Britan and its economy as a whole. As with everything else it is about money and power, religion is just the bandwagon used to control and identify each group. All British people should pull together to stop us ending up in civil war with each other. The government are pathetic and unable to grasp how serious this is getting.

Anonymous said...

iknow its nothing to do with god but thats what authorities will use against yous but F/them all do what has to be done there takin piss I HATE ISLAMIC TERROR so keep up good work felix dwyer GLASGOW

Lionheart said...

"bleating" is because you come on here passing comment, trying to beat me up with the God stick!!!

Luton has been taken over by the Islamics, even though it looks quite normal on the surface.

How do people reclaim their streets?

The police and Luton Council treat the people with total and untter indignation and contempt, as the cancelled March 28th demo, and sunsequent application for a St Georges day parade shows.

Whatever happens now is a consequence of local government!

And any sensible, intelligent. non-biased mind will see this when they look at the facts.

Yesterday should not have turned out as it did, but after last time, being hemmed in by the police and beaten with battons, its not suprising a frindge element did their own thing and the crowd followed.

It is time to reclaim our streets from our enemies foreign and domestic, for the sake of our children.

Stu32 said...

The only way we can stop this is by force,we've tried appeasment and they laughed in our faces.
We've seen these people rise up and think they own us,if we dont stop it soon it will be too late.
The only way to fight extremist is to be extreme yourself!

Anonymous said...

They were masked because there is no longer freedom of speech in Britain

Anonymous said...

meanwhile on the UK Ummah forums, "SunniHammer" is saying this...
"Another one bites the dust.
Another soldier killed in Afghanistan
24 mins ago

Another British serviceman has died following an explosion in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has said. Skip related content
Next of kin have been informed."

he goes on to say-

"both the Taliban and Iraqi fighters seem to be doing a good job sending these porkie pigs back home to Britian in bodybags using the minimal type of weaponary"

SunniHammer is a British Muslim from Bradford.

Anonymous said...

So a few protestors wore masks - could it have been because they have neighbours from the other side who could be present a danger to the protestors' families?

As for the mounted police...have you ever seen any when Islamist fanatics march around cursing, threatening, throwing heavy articles around, even at the police? I haven't.

I also wonder whether the police, the media and other interested parties, placed provocateurs amongst the demonstrators. They do that sometimes to stir things up to give the demonstration a bad name, so that they blare forth the next day on the media against the protest and/or give the police an opportunity to describe the protestors as 'hooligans' and thus have a 'reason' to do everything possible to prevent further such protests in the future.

This protest looked very NON-violent to me, almost good-natured considering the circumstances. I am sure it would have continued to be so even if the protestors had come face to face with those they were demonstrating against. Might have been a bit for shouting, but I doubt it would have come to fisticuffs unless the fanatics started it.

Keep up the good work...certainly until the braindead among politicians and the Extreme Left media and others who support the 'rights' of anti-British fanatics (but not the rights of those who are suffering from those racist, religious fanatics) come to their senses and see the danger for what it is and from whence it cometh.

Anonymous Lady

Counter-Jihadist said...

I can see these demonstrations getting more and more frequent and more and more desperate as the government continues to protect the anointed 'Asians' and beat the natives with batons.

Lionheart, I understand your frustration and sense of desperation. I feel it in what you write - even from across the pond. That speech NEEDED to be bullhorned in the town square in front of a huge, cheering throng. Instead, the videos showed a rabble. I'm sure you realize that any ensuing march must be more organized to achieve maximum effect.

Still, I congratulate the people of Luton for at least doing SOMETHING o bring attention to their plight. Don't give up. This will be a long battle, but you will win in the end.

Anonymous said...

Well done Lion Heart to such good coverage of the Demo as a Man who stands up for what is right .don't let people try and bring god's man into it. it was about the right to stand against Radical Islam which get's million's in government Grant's from left Labour MP's.

Well done all who took part in the march the only law's broken was by the police who stopped British people holding a demo with heavey handed policing.


hellzbellz said...

Glad to see the people of Luton and the surrounding areas take a stance. Just remember that nothing ever goes to plan. You have to expect the unexpected. All of the demostrators should see this a fanastic start to reclaiming you're towns and rights. Continue with this strategy and always tell your demostators that it's "peaceful" regardless whom attempts to incite you. Always remain cool, calm and collective. You can have town meetings too. In which it's not a demo per se. But a gathering to discuss the subject matter.

This cause is just getting started or off the ground. This is the time you all remain united and continue and don't stop till you get the results that meant and owed to the good citizens of the UK and the rest of the free world.

CONGRATULATIONS on a JOB WELL DONE. As someone sitting in America. I am quite proud of LH, UPL and all the people who joined in the protest demostration. G-d Speed to you ALL.

Anonymous said...

History repeating itself. The ruling elites getting us up to our necks in the brown smelly stuff,then the white working classes paying dearly to get us out.

Anonymous said...

Whatever action is necessary to rectify our current dire situation then so be it! WE are still in the majority, it's important to remember that and even more important to take whatever action is required while we still have that advantage.
Public vigilante groups are now the ONLY way to reclaim our own streets, our own country.

'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.' Sun Tzu

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these demos will get bigger and better organised as more people realise they can make their voices heard.

It is starting to feel like something big is happening.

Anonymous said...

im not a religus person at all im a patroit this is a christian country these islamic's openly state there trying to make it a islamic state whats up with there own places (is it coz they have aleady run there home land to the ground)why haven't the govermont got a back bone and stand up an be proud of your history and what we achived!yes the goverment are as bent a a banana but don't mean they should bend over with there trouser's down by there ankles as we the tax payer pay them there wages and they seem to live on there own little world when will they take note of what this country really wants befor we take are own actions to the extrem as this is the only way something will change they think there safe we'll show them thats not the case,our soilders fight for them to have peace in there homeland but thats not good enought i say pull them out put them on your boarders and shoot the wrongens over here i've got plenty more to say but you probably havent read this far but cheers if you have pls leave any comments you feel free to from arg

Joanne said...

Great protest - good turnout and minimal damage.

I found it quite amusing that in the 4th video, the police that stood in front of the horses were mostly little women. Would the police force put little female police officers to face off against Muslims protestors? I hardly think so. See, British males do not tend to want to fight women, it would makes them feel less of men, whereas, Muslim males would have no problem beating on a woman, police woman or not.

I'm very pleased even though there wasn't a greater mix of people - old and young alike. I'm thinking the Muslim community is getting a message, and although, they may find it amusing that the British police will attack their own and not them, the smell of their fear will still linger in the air of the deserted streets and behind their locked doors.

Anonymous said...

"How do people make the link between respecting our troops and a fascist parade ? Its pitiful. We had invited people from all corners of the community. Including muslim leaders. These people call themselves patriotic and proud to be British but I wonder what they have ever really done for our country ? It makes me sad that they seem to have a copyright on the Union Jack. If they want to come to Luton to have a fight they need to have a look at their sad lives."

Anonymous said...

Anthony, they weren't there to honor God's name. They were there to express disgust at the islamification of our country. As usual it is the white working class that have to pick up the tab for the utter incompetance of our ruling elites.

jillosophy said...

So, things got out of hand. Everyone has had a lot of frustration building for A VERY LONG TIME. Next time will be different. DON'T GIVE UP. I suspect that these young men and women were probably provoked. No excuse, for sure... but I may be wrong here, but I can't blame them automatically. They didn't use this as an excuse to run wild now, did they? What choice do we have? DO WHAT IT TAKES! I MEAN, COME ON! WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR YOUR CONCERNS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY? I fear this is EXACTLY what it might take for people to wake up. Sorry, but that's the way it is. I FULLY expect it here in NYC as well. BRING IT ON!!! I AM READY.

rob.r said...

it would be nice if it was better organised. may the 24th was a bit tatty. respect to all those who bothered to get off their arses and make the effort to come.

rob.r said...

as for the moaning about masked people, shouldnt they have a right to protest against the wearing of burkas?

Elan-tima said...

It looks to me like nothing more than a lack of coordination by the organizers caused the lack of guidance by the clearly enthusiastic Lutonites. I didn't hear any "racist slurs" or calls for violence though its clear that a few were looking for a opportunity to indulge themselves.
Even the most planned protests have problems, even when the goals of the protest are pacifistic.
Its the early stages of a movement and there are always growing pains and mistakes made.
As long as a core crowd make it clear that they are the protest and act in a orderly fashion then those who just want to cause mayhem will be on there own.
That said, the Multi-Cultists will always defame and dehumanize their apponents and if neccessary plant double agents in the protest to propagate illegal actions.
Keep the faith and keep moving forward. Its clear that momentum is building and victory is possible.

Charles Kastriot said...

I have a question about a few of the people in the video. I could not tell if some of the marchers had English flags draped across their backs or if the were wearing tunics like Crusaders wore (long, white with a red Latin cross on it). Can anyone who was there clarify this?

Anonymous said...

So some wore masks?
Do you object to Muslim women wearing masks in public?
Or do you discriminate against the right to cover the face?
With CCTV cameras everywhere, is it a suprise that some do not want to have their lives invaded by the quasi-police-state now emerging in the UK under the Labour/Euro Socialist one Party State?

Anonymous said...

Do you expect the Labour Party slaves to Saudi Arabia and the oil-sheiks, to let white English have a say about allowing mass-Muslim immigration?
They might upset the hundreds of Bury Park residents taking advatage of cheap illegal slave labour to build up the shops and rented properties for the price of a bag of chicken and chips.
Only 3000 illegals were removed from UK last year.
It took about 10,000 IImmigration Officers to acheive such staggeringly low figures.
This Goverenment WANTS illegal immigration.
Do you think that if politicians are willing to screw the Public and steal tax-payers money, that they are not into taking bribes and baksheesh at a higher level?

It will take sacrifise from brave soldiers for Freedom, to achieve a clean-up of the sewage-politics of globalist Socialism.
We must expect soldiers to be a bit frightening.
No new beginning can evolve without the footsoldiers willing to do the hard work.
So you don't like the frightening looks and the mob-mentality?
Wait until you see the "Anti-Facist" Solialists at work, as they surely will when this movement of the People grows, and the Marxist dogmas of allowing rampant Islam to invade every corner of British Society.

Joanne said...

The Islamists didn't get this far in Britain on their own; they had help from the traitor Labour party. If you want to make a change for the better in Britain, make sure your vote counts in the upcoming election in June - send the Labour party gnashing their teeth to the gutter where traitors belong.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that!

Anonymous said...

Anthony, this is not about honoring god. This is about defending ones country, ones home, ones values. God has nothing to do with this. These people are angry, and rightfully so. The government is spitting on them, while it caters to hostile invaders (yes, the muslims)

This is about freedom, about liberty. About Britain being British.

The demonstrators were aggressive? So would I be if I was British and if my government would spit on me and destroy my way of life.

Still, it was nothing compared to a muslim protest (remember the footage from London where muslims chased officers through the streets), nothing compared to a left-wing protest (which usually end in massive riots, burning cars, dozens of injured people).

I'm not British, and I'm going to say this only once: In Britan there are only British ways. If you don't like that: get the hell out of Britain.

This is only the beginning. For now the protests will be peaceful, but not on the long run. The people WILL rise and reclaim their countries from the islamo-fascists and their left-wing fascist allies.

@Charles: they were wearing the English flag, the St. George's Cross (it's in the Union Jack, too)