17 May 2009

Promo Video: Luton demo May 24th 2009


Anonymous said...

i am a muslim , what is my position regarding attending your event to protest against sayful and his cronies?

Anonymous said...

Good luck. May this demonstration be successful and may the protests grow throughout the land. I wish I could be with you...but for sure I will be there in spirit.

Anonymous Lady

Tom Woodson said...

You've gone beyond the pale now, Paul. By introducing a false rumour about muslim coaches coming from Bradford to cause a riot, you've hit a new low. You're also bringing the MIGs into play with a plea to channel their violence towards a common enemy. I hope you can live with it on your conscience if something big kicks off. Just do me a favour - just leave the "Christian" bit out of it for good.

Lionheart said...


Non nobis, Domine, Domine, non nobis, Domine
Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

You might want to go willingly into the lion pit as such a 'holy than though' Christian, that is your choice.

I have my own relationship with God, and my own story.

How do you know it is a false rumour?

Really Tom, who do you think you are to think you know everything about everything?

You should keep your 'self righteous' nose out of the things you know nothing about.

Your already a Dhimmi!

Tom Woodson said...

I think you mean "holier than thou"

I also think you have overplayed your hand.

Tom Woodson said...

Look at the disgusting stuff being posted on the net now - you can't contain it Paul. Or is that the whole point ?



nicholas have a look what happened in bradford in 2001,
if this so called "rumour" is true there will be more than a bus load mate.
potentially it could turn into a riot, however with these numbers we are supposed to have
i cant see much getting past us.

Lionheart said...

It is not mine to contain 'Tom'.

As you will see, UPL have been given permission for this demonstration by Luton police and Luton borough council, so it is their job to contain it.

Go complain to them!!!

There are always stupid people willing to jump on any bandwagon to spread their racist message, or even left wing antagonisers like yourself trying to demonise normal people, but what i can say in no uncertain terms is that those demonstrating in Luton are not racist in the slightest because we each have family and friends of different ethnic background.

You can try finding your beating sticks though as you stick your neck on the chopping block for a load of islamics that want to take the country over.


Martin said...

What does it say about you Tom when a rampaging band of moslem extremists threaten your very freedom and the best thing you can do is criticise people who have had enough of it and want the police to put a stop to it! I will be there in Luton town centre despite the crazy moslem threats and I will stand! I will not be there to pick a fight but to show them that I will not be silenced by their intimidation tactics! We either have a police force or we dont and if the moslems choose to riot then the police will have something to prove!

Lionheart said...

He is a NEW Labour (not Labour old) supporter Martin, which says it all about 'Tom'.

Anonymous said...


There won't be any trouble but what will happen is that publicity will be gained and the number of people who support this will grow.

If some kind of movement is starting then whining "but you're all so unpleasant" won't stop it.

Bottom line: let people have their say and include Everyone in the debate not just the left wing posers.

Anonymous said...

"there wont be any trouble"

does anyone actually believe that lionheart and his football thug cronies dont WANT trouble at the demo?!

Lionheart said...

Tom - You just do not have a clue!

Those who have been following what is happening know full well that from the beginning all everyone has wanted to do was peacefully demonstrate against the Luton branch of Al Qaeda.

That has now happened, and will take place on 24th May.

If coach loads of Moslems travel into Luton on that day to cause trouble, then on their head be it.

Why should we be forced into silence by threats of violence against us by Moslems?

We shouldnt and we are not going to.

Petition group:

St Georges day group:

Go aim that bitter hatred at the radical Moslems for what they want to do to you and your family, and leave the rest of us to defend our families.

Anonymous said...

do you have a family lionheart ?

i ask as those of us that have families have wider concerns than levelling the 'bitter hatred' that you continuously spew on this blog.

i am a muslim and far from 'radical' yet you tar all with the same brush

so am i welcome at your protest against sayful with the other non radicals amongst my faith ?

Lionheart said...

Anonymous Moslem:

Please take a read of my questions to the anonymous Moslem from within the Islamic cultural centre.

Please give me your take on the questions i have asked because the other person has ignored them and told me i am twisting things.

And responses like "taken out of context" hold no weight here when put into the context of everything else those who understand the evil at the core of Islam hold as their truth.

Lionheart said...

As a British citizen i would be fearful of one of the group of Moslems being loaded with explosives to be honest.

Anonymous said...

I notice that prior to the violence at the recent economic summit in London the internet was full of speculation about the protestors fighting the police and damaging property. Which they ended up doing. It was like a big party everyone was invited to which was designed to cause the maximum amount of damage and violence.

Those protesters were left wing and therefore the self-styled liberal "heroes" get all misty eyed and fired up about "sticking it to the man" and "showing people we mean business" and so on.

I'm sure Tom had a tent in his pants at the thought of his mates smashing up a bank in London but suddenly gets all serious and sanctimonious about working class people daring to make their voice heard in Luton.

This is just hypocrisy. Either protesting about the status quo is to be accepted or ALL protests should be banned. You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

To supercilious Tom and Anonymous Moslem. May I offer you both a piece, or two, of advice from someone who has seen and been through a lot over the past 1/2 century.

If you are so concerned that the normally peaceful and tolerant native UK population are finally getting hot under the collar due to the disgraceful already-out-of-control racist/religious arrogance, hatred, incitements
and downright violence on the part of such a large percentage of Moslems (including bombings, murder
& dreams of martial conquest of their host "dhimmi-infidel" country) then it is up to YOU to go amongst them and tell THEM off.

First of all you should demand that they forsake the form of Islam that has been showing its face (and fists and filthy mouths)openly over the past few years by chasing those 'preachers' out of town (and mosques).

Then, that they start to show devotion, gratitude and patriotism towards their host country.....
instead of just the opposite at the present time.

Thirdly, if they refuse to do so, buy them one-way tickets to those countries where they will feel more at home and where they can rant and rave, incite and even blow themselves up to their hearts content without arousing the antipathy of the local population.

Instead of going after ordinary English people who have been the target of so much arrogant contempt
hatred and violence and who are now finally demanding an end to their persecution by guests in their country, go after those who AROUSED this antipathy amongst them in the first place.

The onus is on YOU, not on the protestors.

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Well put Anonymous lady...

A very clear and concise perception on this part of reality that the majority do not understand.

Tom included.

God bless you

patriot said...

i have watched the video and can confirm that me and many friends will be attending this event. i agree that it is time to make a stand and stick up for this wonderful country. can somebody confirm the exact location and time please
regards x

Tom Woodson said...

People must understand that my main objection to the arguments on this blog is that the attitudes displayed here are inconsistent with Christian values. In particular Lionheart is failing to "love his enemies" in any shape or form. He objects not just to the presence of "extremist Muslims" but all forms of Islam in this country, is that not true, Paul ? He has become a prisoner of his past existence and as a result uses MIGs as his foot soldiers to fight his wars by proxy. He also invokes rumours of coaches from Bradford to pour petrol on the flames. This is not the way of love, no matter how wimpy the rest of you think that is. A different route is that of others 1) living in Luton and 2) pursuing the Christian way of reconciliation as displayed on http://www.reconciliationtalk.com/seeking-peace-in-luton-and-multicultural-uk.html

By Lionhearts route this stimulates even more entrenched values on behalf of the extremists, so the cycle of hatred continues. By Paul's march on Sunday, he makes the extremist threat in the UK more likely. Of course this gives legitimacy to his campaign, so the race war is stoked.
This is the way of hatred, but it sure is not the Christian way.

Anonymous said...

Anonomous lady,
Those ranters and ravers,bombers etc are the true muslims who understand their religion perfectly. This doesn't make for pleasent reading,but it is a fact. Islam is NOT a religion of peace,never has been,never likely to be. It is a foul evil totalitarian political system,a barbaric legal system,hiding behind the beard of a religion.

Abu Abdullah said...

Labelling yourself a "moderate" slave of Allah so as to distance yourself from a "radical" slave of Allah is just a distinction without a difference. Ultimately, like Typhoid Mary, the inherently dangerous ideology that you and your "moderate" kind carry will still do us harm. It's a matter of time and numbers. Asking the "moderates" to rein in the "radicals" is an exercise in futility. Both want Islam to take over the world.

Lionheart said...


You can use the Christian part to try and attack me but it does not wash here i am afraid.

You are not my Pastor!!!

So what you say about my faith is completely irrelevant because you do not even know me.

Should i let some rabid lunatic Moslem chop off my head and put it on youtube just so he can see how much i love him?

Or sit back with the curtains shut and TV on while these barbarians rampage in the streets?

Your a rabid liberal left wing Labour supporting political Christian 'Tom'.

God help us all when you are the ones funded by government to beat down any opposition to your multicultural dream.

The current Islamic ideology as laid down in the Koran by Mohamed has no place within our Western Christian society, because its end goal in the future is the conversion of the Nation into an Islamic state, thus the suppression of our women and children, and the ritual murder of our men for the fun of it.

Why would anyone want that ideology in their Nation?

Not just me thinking it 'Tom', i just think it out loud though.

I use nobody 'Tom', i think you will find that this is all of our problem, so we stand shoulder to shoulder with one another for the sake of the future.

If we do not then who will?

You talk about your way, except your way does nothing to prevent the extremists from taking over our streets and threatening and intimidating the wider community.

You have no idea of the reality of life on the streets 'Tom' because you sit back in the comfort of your life judging others from afar.

Your all air 'Tom', talking our community into oppression and submission because you are unable and unwilling to take any measures needed to bring about change.

I bet its nice sitting round drinking tea and eating biscuits putting the world to rights with other fair minded people though isnt it.

May i ask 'Tom', have you ever said anything to vehemently oppose the Islamic militants in Luton?

It seems all you want to do is ignore their actions and attack innocent British citizens.

You talk about my pouring oil on the fire, i think you will find that all i am doing is reporting on facts for people to see, then they can make their own minds up...

Whats wrong with that?

Only in 'Toms' la la Labour land is the truth derided because it makes people uncomfortable.

This is not my march on Sunday 'Tom', i am supporting those on the ground in Luton (UPL) who have been willing to stand up and do something about the threat of radical islam in Luton.

You blame everyone else but those whose frontdoor the blame rests on.

The radical Islamics in bury park luton.

Those who helped blow up our country on 7/7, and those who disrupted the RAR homecoming in March.

They started this 'Tom' not the other way around, so when you start making accusations about me invoking race wars, just remember the things that have led us up to this point.

Who pushed the radical islamics back from Europe at the Gates of Vienna 'Tom'?

Or defended Europe from invasion on the tiny Island of Malta 'Tom'?

It was Christian Knights.

Take your approach and future generations upon these isles will be wearing burkas, praying 5 times a day, and having their hands and feet cut off for menial crimes.

Welcome to the brave new world of 'Tom' the Christian defender of the Islamic religion in England.


Anonymous said...

as a TRUE Christian i agree with you Tom. where are the Christian values lionheart claims to hold dear? we all know hes not the first violent thug who thinks quoting scriptures might give him a morsel of the respect and credibility he lacks

Lionheart said...

My respect and credibility are in Gods hands anonymous.

He is my judge who watches over me day and night, not you!

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

What are you doing about these militants who are endangering our society?

"Deus Vult"

Anonymous said...

lionheart, another Mad Mullah without the attractive ethnic clothing

PortsmouthLoyal said...

Lets make this clear. The march on the 24th has Police and Council go ahead.
If people travel in to Luton to try and stop a lawfull march, it is up to the Police to stop them. This can be done before they enter Luton. This is out of Lionhearts hands. We will march come hell or high water. we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Luton. Untill all who preach hate on our streets are banned.
No more 7/7th we will never forget and never forgive.

Joanne said...

This is to be a peaceful demonstration, and the Police will be there to make sure those in the march are allowed to proceed in peace and safety. If there is any opposition to the demonstration by those not involved in the peaceful march, then it is up to the Police to govern any situation that may arise. It is up to the Police to 'Keep the Peace,' and it is up to those in the march to march peacefully. If peaceful demonstrators are attacked, heaven forbid, then they have the right to protect themselves and others, including the Police.

It is in the best interests of the peaceful demonstrators to show their strength through numbers and their willingness to march in peace. It is in the best interests of those who wish to disrupt the peaceful march to stay home.

Joanne said...

On another note....

Tom, love your enemies? Who are your enemies, Tom? Who do you speak of, Tom? Are you speaking of the heathen Muslims who rule over you......those who worship a false God in your midst?

You love your enemies, Tom, and pray for them, as is your duty as a good Christian, but when they come for you, to strike off your head because you are a Christian, just remember what God does to those who watch his peoples turn from the Commandments of God and embrace the teachings of the heathens in their lands through inaction - they are slaughtered at the hands of the heathen or taken into captivity. It is your duty as a Christian to uphold the teachings of God and His Son,Jesus Christ in your land, not to uphold the right of the heathen Muslims to worship a Pagan God in your midst. God Almighty is a jealous God.

Anonymous said...

all that love your enemey and turn the other cheek stuff was said before islam reared its foul ugly head.
And just incase this has slipped your attention,every country that islam has exported itself to has seen the host culture utterly destroyed. Turkey, Egypt etc etc etc used to be Christian countries.
And before you start claiming various European and American countries havn't circummed,we are in the (no so) early stages of the process. islam needs to be sent back to where it came from.

Tom Woodson said...

Well - some misunderstandings about Christianity here. I'm afraid that the teachings of Jesus are for all time, Urban11, not for one point in history. An inconvenient truth perhaps, but Jesus asks us to be peacemakers through loving our enemies in 2009 - 5pm Sunday too. Who are my enemies, Joanne ? Well the 5% of the population that preach hatred rather than tolerance and reconciliation. That probably includes you as well as the muslim extremists. You both end up in the same bag from where I stand.
Portsmouth Loyal - the news out of Luton today is that the march is illegal having not had official sanction by the council or police.

Lionheart - funnily enough I do see myself as the closest thing you have to a pastor. Indeed it seems that as you don't attend church, you can at least hear the true Christian message through myself.

Lionheart said...

Wow, what a self righteous arrogant supremacist, and this is the liberal left wing labour supporting Christian. The one fighting the charge to prevent peaceful protest.

You can tell he comes from the same wing of the Church as the Archbishop of Cantebury.

I spoke to the police personally Tom, and as far as i was aware, and this includes another person being given the exact same information from the police.


Only marches can be illegal if they do not have the proper authorisation.

Thats just the law 'Tom'.

So go get your facts right before you come here trying to pick a fight with me.

And you had better stop throwing those stones at me too, you know what Jesus said about the stone throwers dont you?

Go channel that hate on the militant Moslems, and leave this blog behind.

Anonymous said...

Alas Tom the more you rave and rant and insult and pontificate, the more you come closer to becoming one of the the Terminators of all that made Britain Great.

Loving someone who is about to cut off your head is a great way of giving prospective conquerors, murders, and demolishers of your country, culture religious beliefs and your entire population....
Carte Blanche to do so.

Loving your enemy before you stop him in his tracks, is suicide...!
You can love him as much as you want, once you have overcome him to such an extent that he will never again be able to rise up to exterminate you and yours.

Misplaced 'love' is the gateway to oblivion.

Perhaps, instead, try loving your friends and allies, those who need your love, can appreciate it and reciprocate. Those who wish you no harm and, most important of all, have no intention ever to do you any harm.

As the wisest of all Israel's kings (Solomon) pointed out in the wisest of all the world's Books in Ecclesiastic 3:1-8: (note in particular, passage, no. 8)

"To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:
1. A time to be born, and a time to die;
2. A time to plant, and a time to pluck what is planted;
3. A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time to build up;
4. A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to laugh, and a time to mourn;
5. A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones;
6. A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
7. A time to tear, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

Anonymous Lady

hellzbellz said...

LH, UPL and the others who will be peacefully demostrating on Sunday, May 24th. I wish you ALL the best and moreso want to thank you for remaining diligent for the cause. Glad to see you will have your day to show the world, UK and especially Luton that you're all sick and tired as well as fed up with outsiders refusing to assimilate to your culture.

You have a rightous cause that needs to be addressed. I sincerely believe this is just the beginning of many more peaceful demostrations to come. Sure you'll encounter enough dissenters on the opposing side. Just ignore them and get the message that so desperately needs to be made.

All your hearts and soul are in the right place. And G-d will truly bless you all for fighting (not literally) for what's just. Though I am a naturally born American citizen and my family has been here for 231 years. My thoughts, prayers and spirit are with you at the march.

LH, hope within a few days after the march is over. You will update your blog. And let us who weren't able to attend know how everything went. I have been following your blog and this story very closely. And know many Americans who read your blog will want to know how things went. And LH.....THANK YOU for never giving up. And always following through with your endeavors. There are people who talk it and then people who actually do it. We're well aware what you do. And sitting back and being reactive to something is almost as bad as being in denial or doing something but way too late, after something happen. Always prudent to be 'proactive' especially when it comes to a nations culture. Which the UK has such a rich and wonderful history behind her. And that is worth fighting for no matter what must be done to yield solid results and in the end retain what is rightful for the UK people. G-d Speed to all you.