13 May 2009

Was Islamic Centre torching revenge?

Foreword: The Moslems from within the Cultural Centre have apportioned blame with not one single shred of evidence, on who they have called 'Right Wing extremists', which is the politically correct term for anyone who challenges Islam within Great Britain.

Anyone who does challenge them, is immediately a 'Right Wing extremist'.

So at least if those of us who disagree with the Islamic religion are Right Wing, then we know that it is the Left Wing who agree with them, support them and protect them, so the sides are clearly defined in the present cultural fight for future survival of the British Isles.

Which side of the dividing line do you stand on?

Vote Left Wing and you end up with Mega Mosques in London for example, and vote Right Wing and remove these boiling pots of hatred and war from our land.

Is it any wonder Sayful Islam and his group have not been arrested and banned from Luton town centre yet when Luton has a raging Left Wing liberal in ultimate power over the community.

Atleast Luton Police have made it perfectly clear that there is NO EVIDENCE to suggest this was a racially motivated attack.

That has not stopped Luton today from apportioning blame though, which is in sharp contrast to when old peoples homes were having large objects thrown through their windows, in the Bury Park area of Luton - Ethnic cleansing in a 21st Century Western society - Video: Ethnic cleansing in Luton Part 1 & Part 2

The Islamic Centre call themselves peacemakers, but peel back the curtains of reality, and see what their ideology at the core of their religion is really all about.

Video: Islam - What the West needs to know

Jesus said: blessed are the peacemakers.

But do you let these people take over your country, enforce the population into a position of second class citizen status in their own land, and make them live under the strict Islamic religious code, along with taking their wives and children as war booty?

I think not!!!
Video: London Moslem demo (Take their wives as booty)

The Elite who run the country might not live and experience life around one of these newly formed mini Islamic States that have been erected upon the British Isles, but there are many of us who do.

The Islamic centre in Luton has the same religious goal as Sayful Islam but just a different approach to getting there, so fundamentally they are not peacemakers but it looks good for P.R purposes for the sake of the dumb ignorant infidels doesn't it?

There is much talk of this fire bombing being an inside job anyway, and Luton Police are no fools when it comes to the insurance scams run by those from within the confines of Bury Park. This was an ideal opportunity for their own kind to pour the petrol and light the fire themselves, when they are the ones who are preaching war and hate against the people of Britain and America.

People need to learn the meaning of Jihad whilst living in the Dar al-harb (the house of war), for the sake of their children.

You might not like what I say, but is it not my right to say it? Especially if it is the truth!

The future depends on our actions now because when it arrives, it is too late, just like what is now unfolding in Luton, Dunstable and surrounding areas was inevitable based upon the past goings on of militant Islam in Luton. Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudry are just a few who have all used this area as a recruiting ground for their military form of Jihad against Great Britain, and those Pakistani Moslems from within the community on the morning of 7/7 facilitated Al Qaeda's open declaration of war against our country.
Video: Al Majhiroun

What are those on the ground who are awake to what is happening in their community supposed to do, just sit back and ignore this guerrilla war that is aimed at them and their children?

No surrender is the English people's motto, no matter what their enemies (foreign and domestic) throw at them, or for how long.

We are an oppressed people in our own land now, we have a small cabal in government controlling the population, and enforcing their will upon the majority, through the 'Power of State', who are allowing Islam to desecrate our communities on street level, and thus the future security and life of our Nation.

Look at the present facts, and project a future vision for Great Britain, and it does not look good when you know the mandate of Islam which has been on a religious war against all outsiders since it was created 1400 years ago by a warmongering peadophile, who today's Moslems still follow.

Video: Radical Islams war against the West

Luton Today

Was Islamic Centre torching a revenge attack after parade?

We are peacemakers caught in the crossfire, says secretary

The secretary of Luton's Islamic Centre which was torched by arsonists last week has said he believes the attack was an act of revenge after Muslim extremists protested at a soldiers' homecoming parade.

Farasat Latif said the religious centre had banned the extremist group from its three-storey building in Bury Park Road five years ago, but has still been targeted.

Mr Latif said: "The Islamic Centre was firebombed for the actions of a group that we have been fighting for years.

"We are double victims in this; victims of the stupidity of Muslim extremists who metaphorically poured the petrol and of far right extremists who lit the match. We are peacemakers caught in the crossfire between two groups intent on destroying community cohesion."

But Beds Police, who are investigating the huge blaze on Tuesday, May 5, have said there is nothing so far to suggest it was a racially-motivated attack.

Detectives are now appealing for two men, who are believed to have helped put out the flames, to come forward and help with the investigation.

The men, who are both of Asian appearance and in their early 20s, were in the area at the time of the fire and told a resident that they had seen two men running away from the scene.

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xoggoth said...

Violence nearly always comes from the left and riots, apart from the Notting Hill riots of the 60s, has mostly come from migrants. The right rarely start it.

I have wondered myself about this strange alliance of the left and Islam. They have a common purpose I suppose in the eradication of any concept of national identity.

Whether the leftists will be quite so happy when they find a Caliphate in place of their Trotskiest worker's Utopia I doubt.

Of the two creeds Islam is the more rational as one cannot actually prove it is all bollox. Socialism has been shown again and again to be utter bollox, North/South Korea, East/West Germany most obviously, and still the fools believe in it.