3 August 2008

Islam UK

Info Courtesy of Glen Jenvey

Read the website for yourself and understand and realise the true perspective and intent Islam has towards the people of Britain and British society.

This is the true ‘heart and soul’ of the Islamic religion within Great Britain.

Website: Islam UK


Anonymous said...


What would happen if I displayed a sign that said "CHRISTIANITY: The Future Of Saudi Arabia" outside the gates of Mecca at the time of the haj?

Or "JUDAISM: The Future OF Mecca"

Assuming I survived long enough for the authorities to get to me, of course.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip jon.

Anonymous said...

This building in the photo, is a Student Residence near Park Street, Luton.
So that's how they do work for their Degrees.
At least they have learned to use the "spell checker" unlike their friends who only know "textese," innit?
Luton Uni., a hot-bed of Radicalism and the Socialist Workers Party nutters who can't see past their spotty noses.

Anonymous said...

It is too difficult to read the islamic sicko site...it makes me feel like throwing up...so I go to my toilet as I do everyday after reading about the islamist and tear a page from my koran put in in the toilet and pee on it...then take another page and wipe myself and then make sure to wash my hands so that I don't have any of the infected print matter on my hands or bottom...

Lionheart said...

Thanks for letting me know its from Luton, its funny that this blog is mainly based on Luton.

The picture is just more confirmation of my words.

God bless

Anonymous said...

The featured story on the web page was about Islam being a solution to high taxes!

If they lower taxes on us infidels who will pay for the Muslims dole?

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, read their web-site and then read between the lines, and a new sub-text emerges.
It is easy then to spell out their intentions and desire to bring down our great civilisation.
They can try, but without the co-operation of the Libbo-Socialist panderers, they ain't got a hope.
Strange is it not, should you ever go through Knightsbridge, London, to see all the Rolls Royce Limos, the Lamborghinis, the Maseratis and the Ferraris, all with Dubai and other Arab number plates.
See the Arab women in their finery coming out of Harrod's with their shopping bags.
Their headscarves worn loose allowing their pretty face to be seen by men including the Kafirs.
Was a time when it was mostly Suadis whose women were wrapped head to toe and ugly as sin.
Ah well, I suppose they can frolic with their easy money, call-girls and booze whilst in London.
Keeps the Russian Mafias in business after all.
Take a look at the bottom of Edgeware Road and you can see the Lebanese and Moroccans, Tunisians and other Gulf Arabs sitting outside the coffee-shops toking on the table-height hubbly-bubbly pipes as it pisses down with rain.
Strange that they all want the freedoms here, that their fellow travellers born in England, want to take away from us., and which are mostly lacking in their home countries, and certainly not available to the poorer inhabitants their, poor bastards.

Anonymous said...

Pass me a page quick, I've got the runs.