4 December 2011

Delusion or Reality

Dagbladet: Delusional

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(cant stand by his words, hence Fraudman)

Much of the perception of the psychiatrists who have evaluated Breivik that is in the news papers is that he is delusional and detached from reality by believing that Norway and much of the West is in a state of civil war. Those psychiatrists should read Fraudman’s essays to see where Breivik gets his perception from and then determine Fraudman’s state of mind based upon these same evaluation points. The "2083" manifesto is named after one of Fruadman's essay's "A European Declaration of Independence" and he is mentioned by Breivik 111 times inside the pages of the manifesto, so can be construed as Breivik's ideological inspiration.

It is a common theme amongst many within the Western anti-jihad movement that we are in a state of low level civil war with the ‘ummah’ living in our countries conducting Jihad against wider kuffar society based upon the Islamic teaching of Dar-al Harb and Dar al-Islam, and their daily actions against us non-moslems. Just do a little scan of the anti-jihad forums or Facebook and you will see for yourself.

Dar al-Harb and Darl al-Islam is an Islamic theological fact that you cannot understand of believe because you are not moslem.

With no understanding of Islamic theology or the ideology of the anti-jihad movement then for a white middle class liberal psychiatrist Breivik’s perception is delusional because it is alien to their normal reality. Who is right and who is wrong?

The one with no knowledge and understanding or the one with the knowledge and understanding?

I could give as many examples you need based upon public facts of the threat to modern British society by Islamic fundamentalists to support Breivik’s claim. We have a prison system over-flowing with moslem terrorists who intended to murder and main innocent British citizens as a part of their political Islamic campaign to force Britain to bow down to Islamic supremacy through terrorism so that they can enforce sharia law upon the population.

Video: Undercover mosque

For some reason (the police to find out) Anders Breivik committed his political terrorist act based upon the thoughts and opinions of many main stream commentators. He took the first violent step which can be understood in context of the totality of the larger picture.

If the psychiatrists draw their conclusions based upon the official lie of ‘lone wolf’ then it is a flawed psychiatric report.

Who did Anders Breivik travel and meet in Liberia in 2002 where “Operation Breivik” began? And was Anders Breivik in London that same year as he claims, at what he calls the founding of a false Knights Templar group where he was assigned his English 'mentor'?

We know these are a fact so contradict the official line of the ‘lone wolf’ scenario and proves there is a network involved with, and behind, Anders Breivik.

If the Norwegians admit that there is a network then it means that they will have to hunt that network down as part of the criminal process and bring them to justice, just like with President Bush and President Obama who hunted down Bin Laden and the other Al Qaeda terrorists who were behind the 9/11 attack on America and brought them to justice. The question is; does the old Viking Nation have the stomach and the courage to go after those behind Breivik and bring them to justice? Are they humble enough to now do a u-turn and state that Breivik was part of a network?

Initial perceptions say no which is why there has been a white-wash and attempted cover up of the truth with the official line being Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’ nut and is now certified as being ‘insane’, so no need to look anywhere else for anyone.

Why has there been no public statement detailing who Breivik met in Liberia in 2002 for the Norwegian people?

To do so would shatter the official line in the public’s perception because they would see there was someone behind him.

Other parts of the report talk of Breivik’s perception, of being a part of a Knighthood, a Knight and a hero of the Norwegian people with so much love for them which is part of the reason why he committed his acts.

If Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’ then this can be construed as delusional because it is all a figment of his own imagination. If not and Breivik was recruited and indoctrinated by an individual/group into a mutual extreme political ideological agenda who have the same ideas and beliefs as himself then his thoughts are rooted externally from his own mind so are not figments of his own imagination, and thus his own delusions.

Breivik’s reality is then part of an external reality with there being others of the same mind as Breivik himself, with much of what Breivik believes and shares being what he was told as an individual and part of the wider groups beliefs and ideas.

They brainwashed a willing Breivik with his grandiose ideas, with his words and deeds on July 22nd being the fulfillment of what he was told by them. Breivik now believes it because he achieved it, even if the white middle class liberal psychiatrists who are toeing the official line do not, because he knows his accomplices are still in the outside world and they share exactly the same beliefs as he.

Who is delusional and who has no knowledge or understanding of the truth?

Maybe me, but it’s my thoughts and perceptions, and as I stood accused of being his English ‘mentor’ ill add them to the discourse for the sake of the 69 innocence murdered by him on Utoya island.

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