10 December 2011

UK Breivik enquiry – Alan Lakes friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

Now that Alan Lake has been interviewed by British detectives observed by the Norwegians under police caution some new revelatory information that I possessed has now come to light. I will explain this in a moment.

If Alan Lake/Ayling has lied to the police under caution then you can only deduce that he is complicit with Anders Breivik to some degree otherwise why lie, and if he has lied then he has “perverted the course of justice” in the legal discourse over the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century.

This is a question for the interviewing Detectives.

1. Did Alan Lake/Ayling deny ever knowing anyone called ‘Richard the Lionheart’? Other than pointing the finger at me who has never ever used that name once?

If yes then he has lied under police caution.

You now potentially have an extremely dangerous man out there who is an imminent threat to society who is directly linked to Anders Breivik and Alan Lake.

Why would Alan Lake deny all knowledge of him other than to protect him? This we don’t know yet, the only ones who know are the investigating officers reading this and them themselves.

Below is a screen shot of an email sent to me by Kinana in July 2009 after the first meeting in Lake/Ayling’s London flat before the founding EDL meeting a couple of weeks later. My mind was completely blank about who was present at this meeting at the time of my police interviews which I will explain in a moment.

I did state that this meeting took place though, just at the time I was not thinking deep enough and just stated Lake and Ann/Gaia.

As you will see there was a man present at that meeting who called himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’, it is the same man who posts on Jihad Watch under that alias. He is a big ginger haired guy from London, and if my memory serves me correctly he was more militant about the anti-jihad movement and that violence was the way forward, but don’t quote me on that as it was 2 ½ years ago and only a 2 hour meeting which is why it slipped my mind until my mind was jogged on Friday night.

This was a meeting to discuss and strategise about the way forward concerning the street protest movement that I was actively involved with at that time. This fits in line with Breiviks claim of his ‘mentor’ possibly being the founder of the EDL and that he sent ideological material to this person at the start of the EDL. This ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present before the founding of the EDL leadership.

I would think, just my thoughts, that maybe Lake was the English ‘mentor’ and this ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was one of Lakes assets, just like Yaxley/Tommy and possibly Breivik if it can be proven, so could have been a conduit between Lake and Breivik. That’s for others to determine.

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I have been assisting the Sunday Times on a story they have written in this week’s publication about Alan Lake, Breivik the founding of the English Defence League, and their attempt now to go into politics through the British Freedom Party and other people’s involvement in the agenda.

The Director behind the EDL (Alan Ayling/Lake) has been questioned by police over his possible links to the extreme right-wing political terrorist Anders Breivik, only unlike me whose face was splashed all over the worlds media as the English ‘mentor’ his possible involvement has gone completely under the radar so nobody knows anything about him being questioned under police caution only the Norwegians who did a little, very revealing, story about it.

Due to the little cabal’s denials over certain individual’s involvement with historical events that puts the said individual directly in the frame as a witness or suspect, the Sunday Times asked me to go back over all my old emails to prove that what I was saying was the truth. I did this because it is the truth as I am not a liar and have nothing to hide.

It was whilst going through my emails to confirm the dates, events taking place and certain individuals being present at the meetings that I came across Kinana’s email. I was shocked and stunned at what I read and amazed how I had totally forgotten. Here in front of me was written evidence from Kinana about the meeting I had forgotten he was present at inside Alan Lakes flat naming the other person present as ‘Richard the Lioneart’, as you can imagine it was a shock to me and then it all came flooding back. I had forgotten this as it was 2 ½ years ago, and my only explanation is that the Almighty blocked my mind to see it, until the right moment for it to be revealed which is now after Lakes police interview because if I had of released this information before his interview he would have been prepared for this evidence being presented to him by them.

Did he lie or didn’t he lie is the question now?

I remember saying to the Detective Inspector who interviewed me in Norway that there must be a reason why God placed me in the middle of this, and there is information out there linking whoever it is, it is just a matter of finding that evidence. Is this that bit of information/evidence?

Only time will tell now.

This email came to me by chance, although we know that nothing is by chance with God because He knows everything. I had sent an email to who I thought was Alan Lake after that first meeting, but I had actually sent it to the wrong person and sent it to Kinana instead who then replied with the information contained in the email you see above that has now sparked my memory to who was actually present at that first meeting.

An unnamed individual in Alan Ayling/Lakes flat in London who used the alias ‘Richard the Lionhert’.

Who invited him to that discussion and strategy meeting is for the police to find out.

Ann/Gaia was the person who took me to Alan Lakes London flat and when we arrived Kinana and the big ginger guy ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present.

Kinana is I believe a Catholic priest so cannot lie about the email he sent to me because he sent it from his email account, and states himself that he was at that meeting along with ‘Richard the Lionheart’. If he lies then he will be perverting the course of justice in a very grave crime. At this stage nobody is saying Kinana has any involvement in the Breivik case other than a possible witness but it is his decision what information he tells the police when questioned. If he lies under police caution on Alan Lakes behalf then he is perverting the course of justice based on his own email, and if he tells the truth then the police will know that this unnamed ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present in Lakes London flat and possibly who he is.

If I was Kinana I would pick up the phone and call the police and offer up a voluntary interview if not already done so. After 5 months of silence whilst sitting on critical evidence it does not look good in anyone’s eyes, not least when sitting in the dock of the Old Bailey especially when held against the light of what Anders Breivik did, and if this ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is the man Breivik talks of, then silence means complicity and could also mean very many years in a Category A British prison, somewhere like Belmarsh, Brixton or Wormwood Scrubs for being an accomplice to mass murder, or at the very least perverting the course of justice in the Anders Breivik enquiry.

This is not Norway, with the comforts of their prison system, this is Britain.

I don’t know whether the police have this information or not from Kinana, but if not, I would not like to be sitting in Kinana’s seat as I have the evidence from his email account as you can see above.

Time to put disjointed loyalty to the side and give the police the truth they need for your own sake, unless you are directly involved then you have to explain away that email, and hope that Ann/Gaia lies on your behalf.

God will forgive you for not giving the information until now, but lying and refusing to do the right thing when 69 innocent children lay dead, ripped from their families and their futures when challenged to do so is a completely different matter all together.

Ann/Gaia was also in that meeting in Lakes flat so is another witness to ‘Richard the Lionheart’ being present.

I have all the email evidence. This is no ordinary crime; it concerns the mass murder in Norway of a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp and this groups attempt to frame me and those associated with me as accomplices.

Yaxley/Tommy the leader of the EDL was true to form when questioned about the founding meeting in London and has lied through his teeth and denied that Ann/Gaia was present at that meeting. This is nothing unusual for anyone who knows him and has watched him over the past 2 years.

“Perverting the course of justice”

You have to ask yourself why would they be lying and withholding evidence, what are they trying to hide and cover up?

The only one who did not lie because he obviously knew the legal implications of lying was Chris Knowles who just would not confirm or deny anything put to him. He knows he has committed no crime so has nothing to hide, so there is no need to lie. It’s better to say nothing, and then he is not dropping his friends in it, or himself in the process.

If Ann/Gaia lies under police caution then she will be perverting the course of justice over her possible involvement in a very serious crime in Norway, and I have all of the email evidence, and so will the police in due course.

Time to tell the truth or spend a very long time in prison for perverting the course of justice in the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century, where the memory of 69 dead children seeks justice.

Ann/Gaia, Alan Lake, Kinana, ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and myself were all present at that first discussion strategy meeting in Alan Lakes flat.

At the second meeting there was Gandalf of the Up Pompeii blog, who is the military strategist/tactician professor, Kinana, Alan Lake, Chris Knowles, Ann/Gaia, myself and Yaxley/Tommy, Kevin Carroll and another one of their family members.

Jeff Marsh was meant to be present but was diverted and sat at his meeting under the Knights Templar clock whilst third parties sowed discord, and there was another lad from Luton who should have been present at the meeting, the one who came forward with the name for the movement, but God obviously wanted him kept out of all of the trouble that He knew was going to ensue for his own protection so arranged it so he was not there, irrespective if I got the blame for it at that moment in time. God knows everything.

Makes sense in the end.

The big question now that only the police know is whether or not Alan Ayling/Lake denied ever knowing a ‘Richard the Lionheart’ separate from myself who has never used that name in my life, if he did then you have him on a plate and If he admitted knowing him then who is he, why was he at that strategy meeting and who invited him?

Anders Breivik said his friends will continue the work he started. Are these his friends?

This cabal of influential and wealthy extreme political right-wingers Alan Lake, Ann/Gaia, Kinana all knew there was another ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and did you hear any one of them come forward to state this fact at any point over the unfolding of the Breivik enquiry? Even sitting back and allowing me to take all the blame at the beginning stages before I defended myself, when they had this piece of crucial information that had slipped my mind until the Sunday Times journalist made me go looking for evidence. This journalist is a credible witness concerning this new piece of evidence and how I found it because he was the one who made me go looking.

Considering the gravity of Anders Breivik's crime why did they stay silent?

They all sold me out expecting me to sink and not swim when the hurricane came, that is their integrity and proves their motives towards me, which is in-line with my belief that it was they who used Breivik to frame me.

Now they themselves are up the creek, so let’s see if they have any paddles. From where I am sitting the only paddles that will save them are words of truth in the hands of justice, because more lies will take them to the bottom sharpish in light of the factual evidence, and more than likely mean many years in prison by the end of the investigation.

How would you feel if that was one of your sons or daughters murdered by Anders Breivik on Utoya island in the name of your extreme right-wing political ideology and agenda? Think about that one before the police come knocking on your door for your witness statement, along with the potential for a perverting the course of justice charge if you tell lies under police caution.

Lies can never stand up under the light of truth…as has been consistently shown with Yaxley/Tommy and Alan Lake.

Ann/Gaia and Kinana you both now have a choice, ignore whats coming your way or take the first steps voluntarily and cut a deal for your evidence against Alan Lake/Ayling and his friend 'Richard the Lionheart' who you both know, or at least know was in his London flat that day.


Maybe Alan Ayling/Lake has been completely honest with the British & Norwegian police and they already know about this 'Richard the Lionheart' who was present in his flat, and have his name and address so Ann/Gaia and Kinana will only confirm what they already know.

More evidence to follow linking them all.

Further reading: Sunday Times article

(Continued below)

(Below are copies of 2 emails I sent to the Norwegian police)

Just so you know, the anti-jihad movement is primarily based online, that is where the foundation of the movements ideology lays and where all figures within the movement are to be found.

Some figures go mainstream with their opinions but very few because the media does not give a platform to the concerns of the online global community when it comes to the perceived threat of Islamisation and Islamic fundamentalism in the West.

The EDL was only able to survive because it was endorsed by many leading online commentators like Pamella Geller, Robert Spencer, Paul Weston, Fraudman and others.

I believe you have a list of their endorsers, with some influential names on the list.

Without their ideological support network, justifying them and endorsing them in the online anti-jihad world they would never have survived or grown.

Alan Lake, Gaia/Ann, Chris Knowles were integral to that endorsed support, so in the online world they were championed as the saviours of Western Civilisation and they all believed in their superiority and invincibility because they believed in the propaganda they were being told by the ideological side of the movement.

Things went wrong about 3 - 4 weeks before Breivik struck when Roberta Moore told Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to remove their moral support which is well documented.

My greivence with all of these people has been their support of Tommy and Kevins actions of enterning the sanctity of my mothers home in their dispute with me. They all knew what happened and chose to ignore it which was an affront to me especialy with Ann/Gaia when it was me who knew all of them before they knew Tommy and Kevin, and was the one who set the whole thing in place in the first place.

All supporters who continued to support and endorse that leadership after that event with my mother was now a direct enemy of mine.

For 18 months i continually exposed them and their lies through my blog and on the internet, and was destroying their reputations in the process.

That powerful online click with their unknown backers and supporters had much to lose after 2 years hard work with the EDL, politically and financially for their political agenda in Europe and they had made their bed and backed their horse with that leadership so now had to continue laying down with it until the very end.

I was going nowhere until the very end either.

Then all of a sudden Breivik comes from nowhere and i get the blame, thus potentially removing me from being an obstacle to their continued agenda, and taking all heat away from themselves in the process.

It was a hostile act from Breivik towards me and the only picture that fits with reason and motive is the above.

Who could have set that in place was the question i asked myself, and my only conclusion was Alan Lake.

Then it all started to fit into place and all evidence started to point in that direction.

The Swedish guy who interviewed me the other day said its funny as you have 2 people pointing the finger at each other and one has been blamed and the other hasnt. I said yes funny that, and the one who got blamed has absolutely no links to Breivik except imagery on his blog, and the other who has not been blamed has all the evidence pointing at him.

That online network has some very powerful backers for their agenda, and they have been working in this field for several years now. The EDL was the natural progression, and you could say Breivik was too, in-light of everything.

You have to ask yourself the question; did someone want me out of the way or was it just a coincidence with Breivik?

I am not his inspiration, that is Fraudman, i was alleged to be his mentor, but i was at no meeting in 2002 and have never had any contact with the man, and what he did was his/their attempt to remove me.


Funny thing aswell, is that in the beginning stages they would smear and assassinate peoples characters across the online EDL platform of anyone who challenged the integrity of the leadership and the direction the movement was taking with wicked and vicious lies that i mentioned to you about. I was one such person on the receiving end of this tactic. And then one of the original leaders who was there at Whitechapel and Birmingham on July 4th 2009 - Richard Price - was arrested for downloading indecent images of children. He is now on the sex offenders register for 5 years due to his disgusting conduct.

This was completely covered up by the EDL leadership, even going as far as supporting him, defending him, and then denying all knowledge of him.

Is that the type of moral leadership you would endorse?

(My name was linked to the EDL from the beginning so i had a responsibility to those who joined because of me, and also my reputation of being linked to what had turned into something that at its core, was a disgusting movement.)

Of course not, but that powerful and influential network didnt care, just like they didnt care with my mother, it was just swept under the carpet as if it never happened because their agenda was set, and they had backed that leadership.

Just another example of the integrity of that network and how much emphasis was placed on Tommy and Kevin, because of all the hard work and money already spent on them and the movement.

Full details covering the whole story can be found here.


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