25 December 2011

2 crucial pieces of information

Norwegian police confirm Anders Breivik's trips to Liberia and Belarus.

These 2 key pieces of information that are now in the public domain prove that Ander's Breivik was not a 'lone wolf' as has been consistently spoken through the media, and was, in reality, a part of a neo-Gladio style network.

A 'lone wolf' is radicalised and trained in his bedroom and then goes out on his own under his own inspiration and commits a small terrorist attack in the name of his beliefs, which is the type of people Breivik & Co are hoping to inspire through the "2083" manifesto.

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Breivik was recruited into a group (false Knights Templar's) who financed him, trained him, and then sent him out to declare war on their behalf. This is now proven by the fact that he was in Liberia during the civil war in the Country in 2002, and that he was paramilitary trained in Belarus later on.

What about the London meeting in 2002 and the formation of the false Knights Templar group? Have the Norwegian police confirmed whether or not Breivik was in London when he says he was?

You can safely assume that if Liberia and Belarus are facts, which they are, then London is too.

Who were Ander's Breivik's contacts in the 'group'?

Who is Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart'?

How serious is this group that is linked to Serbians soldiers, and do they have access to small scale nuclear weapons to threaten to use as their ultimate deterrent?

Who has a grievance with Norway and was linked to arms smuggling who could have been the bridge between Breivik and Liberia in 2002, and who could possibly be linked to the old style Gladio networks and London?

P.S Dont be too surprised if
Fraudman is much more involved with the Norwegian/Mainland European field of operations for individuals in Breivik's false Knights Templar group. He is directly linked to Breivik and to a certain connected clique of ideological inspirations that are linked to all SIO groups and Alan Lake. Also there is too much circumstantial evidence and suspicious behaviour directly linking him.

He hid himself from the world around 2005. WHY?

Is it all coincidence?

Aftenposten: Police confirm Liberia and Belarus link

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