12 December 2011

Breivik: In my defence


We know Liberia is a fact, so we will go with the assumption that the English ‘mentor’ is a fact too which fits in-line with the evidence. If the English ‘mentor’ was false and from the outset Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’ which we have been told by the Norwegians, then I should never have been publicly outed by the Norwegian prosecutors in search of this elusive figure. They tarnished my name, and that of my family along with ruining my reputation and my life for being the alleged man behind their Norwegian monster that was then spread across the world’s media. I was then left by everyone including the Norwegians who I had voluntarily helped, looking guilty because they did nothing to rectify my position and sitting in a very dangerous situation.

We will talk about that when this is over though!

You could argue that Breivik just wanted people to read my blog to re-enforce his ideology and thus I was his inspiration which is why he committed his acts, which on the outset looked likely, but in context was completely false and wrong.

Fraudman was his inspiration: Delusion or Reality?

The mainstream media have now gone from calling me his English ‘mentor’ to being his “possible inspiration” which is a fallacy and a complete turnaround from the original facts because I have proved in everyone’s eyes that I am not the ‘mentor’ by voluntarily travelling to Norway, but linking me somehow seems to still be the agenda so calling me his possible inspiration is now the only alternative left after their original false libelous claims can no longer hold up in the public eye.

My counter argument to the claim of being his ‘mentor’, is not only that I was not present at any meeting in London in 2002, and that I have never met Breivik or spoken to him in my life, but him pointing me out, or somebody else pointing me out was a hostile act towards me. This act was aimed at having me arrested and locked up as terrorist accomplice to Breivik himself which as you can understand isn’t the thing you do to your supposed long term friend and ‘mentor’ who has just directed you to commit a very grave terrorist atrocity against your own people in Norway. At the very least after the events my reputation would have been ruined with always being known as the man behind the Norwegian extreme right-wing monster Anders Breivik which would have suited everyone whether or not it was true or not which would have resulted in me losing all credibility within the anti-jihad movement that I had been involved in for the past 5 years.

Certain elements directly linked to Breivik himself, namely Alan Lake, Fraudman and Pamella Geller had already done their utmost to achieve this result and failed.


Breivik commits his terrorist atrocity, wraps it all up in Templar iconography, names “Richard the Lionhearted” a his English ‘mentor’, says there are more cells out there ready to strike, says the base is in Malta, and talks of his ‘mentors’ links with the EDL, who he wondered was the one who formed it.

The newspapers go directly to Yaxley/Tommy of the EDL leadership who immediately fingered me and I then became the alleged English ‘mentor’ who had been sitting in Malta under self imposed exile for 2 years, so it looked like a nice clean case all round.

Get the picture?

If I was his assigned English ‘mentor’ then he sold me out at the first hurdle which even the most stupid can understand is a little bit too suspicious even for a very coherent alleged paranoid schizophrenic?

If Breivik wanted people to look at my work on this blog then all he had to do was mention me inside the manifesto like he did with Fraudman, Pamella Geller, Alan Lakes EDL and everyone else, which he did not do, not once “thankfully” which shows he did not respect me within this field. Instead he or someone else placed intelligent pointers inside the manifesto with the hope that as soon as the police started looking I would come to the top of the list and would then be arrested as part of another terrorist cell ready to strike like what Breivik has talked about in police interview. I would have then been removed from society for as long as it took to prove my innocence and not be able to publicly defend myself leaving me always tarnished with the label of being complicit to some degree with Breivik himself and, thus removing me from being a threat to anyone who deemed me a threat to their right-wing political agenda and now potential future terror campaign.

Why? The only one who had reason and motive to remove me from being a direct threat to himself and his colleagues extreme right-wing political agenda was Alan Lake, the director behind the hijacked EDL.

It was me who brought the ideological political side of the UK anti-jihad movement together with the leadership of the UPL street protest group from Luton to form the National street protest movement the English Defence League.

Video: First ever EDL interview

Alan Lake was brought into the picture by Ann/Gaia from the UK wing of Center for Vigilant Freedom that is now Civil Liberties Alliance under Chris Knowles’ control who was also present at the founding EDL meeting in Alan Lake’s London flat, along with others already mentioned.

How did Alan Lake enter that CVF group and who knew anything about him before this time that he first appeared on the scene?

Who amongst the CVF group knows anything about his real background before this time?

Alan Lake obviously had his own agenda with the UK anti-jihad movement/street protest movement because he was the first person to start sowing discord by telling the core EDL leadership and CVF group that they had to get rid of me. This can be confirmed by Dymphna of Gates of Vienna who I was friendly with at that time before they at GoV continued to support the EDL leadership of Yaxley/Tommy & Kevin after what they did to my family.

Dymphna told me directly that Lake was telling people they had to get rid of me (I have the email).

Why did Alan Lake want to get rid of me, the one who had invited him to sit at the table and not the other way around?

This suited others in the EDL leadership (BNP’s Renton/Sheridan) who also disliked my outspoken leadership and influence of the movement. The smearing of my reputation, and then an attempted character assassination ensued by Renton/Sheridan and his girlfriend at that time Gail, which ultimately ended up with very serious threats against my family by the EDL leadership of which the police have a 999 call on record from Malta. It is now common knowledge within the broader street protest movement in the UK outside of the EDL cult, that Yaxley/Tommy with his large profits from drug dealing amongst the EDL membership, pays heavies to visit people’s homes to intimidate them into silence or to back down from threatening his leadership position, like he did to Snowy for example and also Daryl Hobson who he denied ever knowing on the BBC News show with Jeremy Paxman even though there are photos of them together. Mr. Hobson was one of the people on the list of recipients of the “2083” manifesto and Yaxley/Tommy wanted all knowledge of his links to Hobson denied so paid people to terrorise his family into silence.

It boiled over to the point of no return with myself and Nick+ in 2010 which is well documented with video statements when Alan Lake publicly lied at the Newcastle demo and Yaxley/Tommy showed just how much of a disloyal disrespectful little rat that he was and ended up with him and big uncle Kev entering the sanctity of my mother’s home and threatening me. But that’s for another time to explain or they can explain it to the police.

Firstly Kinana, Ann/Gaia and Alan Lake now have to explain the meeting in Alan Lakes flat where an elusive and until now unknown ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present, and I have all of the evidence to prove this meeting took place and who was present.

Further reading: Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

(Continued below)
Breivik being an intelligent man, although now certified as insane, would have known all about the EDL and any high profile internal disputes with the leadership as any in-depth research on the movement carried out by anyone with an active interest will inevitably bring up mine and Nick’s+ anti-EDL videos and posts.

I am hated within EDL circles because of my continued assaults upon their ‘messianic’ leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Uncle Kev because they perceive the attacks upon them themselves. It is only those who have escaped the cult mentality formed around the lies they are told from within who have seen the light and truth about Irish “Tommy” & Co and their abuse of what was a righteous movement, that he and they turned into a money making venture with a little infamy on top. Also many now see the IRA links that are emerging that is looking like turning the EDL into a terrorist organisation on the verge of starting a terror campaign on the mainland under the English banner, using unwitting fools like Breivik. That is another story with facts for another time though, but would fit in with Breivik part 2 now he has passed the baton to the UK extreme right-wing scene under Irish “Tommy’s” leadership.

Breivik has no concept of internal UK street politics because his perception is of someone looking on from afar in Norway which is why what I know of his manifesto being strange, and the mish mash of EDL’s international financial backers do not care about the street politics of the UK as all they care about is their extreme right-wing agenda that is anti-Establishment, and the EDL is the perfect vehicle for them to use against the Establishment which is why they over look the concerns of the Loyalist community and continually endorse an IRA influenced leadership that has continually threatened and intimidated Loyal Patriots and their families to secure their power over the leadership of the EDL machine.

That being the case all someone like Breivik cared about was what he saw in the EDL which was a movement that professed to be against the Islamistion of Europe, and had the veneer of this being projected to the outside world for anyone looking from afar, and was endorsed by all the online right-wing international anti-jihad thinkers who he supported and followed and who were written into his manifesto.

With, as my belief states, his English ‘mentor’ Alan Lake being the director of it, and we don’t know who his friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is yet either.

I was a thorn in their side and a direct threat to someone’s future agenda with the EDL and all of its European off-shoots and Breivik would have known this, along with his English ‘mentor’ so what better way to remove me from being a thorn in their side and a threat to their agenda than to write me into the manifesto as his alleged ‘mentor’ and hope for the best? And at the worst it would still be a job well done if they destroyed my reputation and my life in the process.

Not directly name me inside because it was a blatant lie that would never hold up, but with enough intelligent pointers pointing in my direction so that I could not escape the hurricane he left behind, and then he just sits denying everything in police interview not willing to name his English ‘mentor’. This took the heat off of his real English ‘mentor’ because I took the blame.

Below are Breivik’s words to the EDL before he committed his terrorist attacks, and in light of my complete dislike of the movement because of its leadership and what it had become under their reign, if me and Breivik were friends or I was his ‘mentor’, then he would not be this supportive of a group that it was common knowledge I completely detested which puts another light on the situation.

Breivik boasted of having up to 600 EDL friends on Facebook when I have no EDL friends on Facebook so our thoughts were at odds with one another.

Quote: “Hello. To you all good English men and women, just wanted to say that you're a blessing to all in Europe, in these dark times all of Europe are looking to you in surch of inspiration, courage and even hope that we might turn this evil trend with islamisation all across our continent. Well, just wanted to say keep up the good work it's good to see others that care about their country and heritage. All the best to you all Sigurd”

Is it any wonder he did not promote me as someone to read within his manifesto?

Just noticed the spelling mistake too, I don’t know whether that was from the page I lifted the comment from but if it came from Breivik himself, it’s a bit different from his 1500 page manifesto written in perfect English that would be a feat for any Norwegian without a degree in English grammar.

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