8 December 2011

Breivik & Lake - The common theme

Leaked psyche report: Translated excerpts

Further reading: Experts challenge insanity

Quote: Breivik changes between referring to himself as 'I' and 'we' - that is to say, he speaks of himself in plural. The psychiatrists speculate that he might have experienced hallucinations, and that some of the people he claims to have met do not exist outside his mind. They cannot confirm this, and it's hard to judge how credible that theory is based on the summary of a report.

If you go with the official line of Breivik the 'lone wolf' political terrorist who was recruited, radicalised, and trained in bomb making and executions in his bedroom whilst watching youtube videos and reading blogs and websites, and was able to blow up his government building killing 8 and then execute 69 kids in cold blood then any talk of 'I' and 'We' are hallucinations in his own mind.

How could the State appointed psychiatrists come to any other conclusion?

I was told in police interview by Detective inspector "bleep" "bleep", that Anders Breivik did travel to Liberia in 2002 which means there are other people involved with him which means that he is a part of a network, so his 'I's and 'We's are not hallucinations.

Are there any other hallucination points within the psychological assessment? We don't know yet because the full report is not in the public domain. If not and the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic is based upon his 'I's and 'We's it is flawed and wrong.

Agreed, what Anders Breivik did was beyond what any normal person would do, but that is the whole nature of political terrorism.

In his mind he has reason and justification, justification based upon other peoples views that agree with his own, which is thought and deed - Political ideology & Political terrorism

You can scour his past history to find out why Anders Breivik did what he did, but that only shows the reason why he was susceptible and willing to go that one step further than anyone else, and the reason why he was recruited by his controllers to be a political terrorist. That does not explain why he committed his acts, they can only be understood by looking at his reason and justification.

If he was delusional then he would have no reason or justification, it would all be nonsense that couldn't be understood or explained.

He has stated that he has an English 'mentor' who is the one who brainwashed him with his/their vision for a future terrorist campaign and how they envision the future playing out, with their eyes on future events and not present events which is why Breivik talks about his actions making sense in the future.

It is the Norwegian polices job to decide whether or not this English 'mentor' really exists and if so who is he?

It is my belief that his English 'mentor' is Alan Lake. It is the Norwegian police's job to decide whether or not that is the case or not, and whether or not there is any evidence that points to this fact or not.

You cannot believe one word that comes out of his mouth because he is a proven liar, so the question is; why is he consistently lying?

Any journalists who have an in-depth knowledge of the case will be able to determine whether or not there is cause for suspicion based upon his thoughts and ideas in interview.

I would just like to point out a few glaring examples that show that he and Breivik think the same and use common terms between themselves. This is what would happen between a political mentorship, thoughts, ideas and words would rub off because they both have the same agenda.

Breivik callously executed 69 innocent kids on their summer camp because they were left-wing ideologically, stating they were going to be the next generation of Norwegian leaders. This was an easy target for him, because executing the Norwegian Prime minister and other top Government officials was practically impossible. Executing the Government was his ideal target though.

Alan Lake wrote about his vision of executing the British Government because of their actions that he deemed detrimental to British society.

So he and Breivik think alike here. Just like Breivik, Lake drew up a list of traitors who should be executed.

Further reading: Lakes 'Final Solution'

Alan Lake seems to have a fetish/fantasy within his mind of 'executing' people, which if he was Breivik's 'mentor' would obviously rub off on a susceptible Breivik. I have not read Breivik's manifesto so do not know whether or not he uses the term 'execution' inside its pages, but whether or not he has, he did 'execute' who he perceived to be the enemy on Utoya island which is in-line with Alan Lakes thought processes.

You cannot escape Alan Lakes mental fascination with 'executing' people because it is a common theme with him when he is interviewed. First in the Swedish documentary that was aired on Norwegian TV where he talks about 'executing' moslems, a little like Hitler cleaning the Fatherland of Jews, and then more recently in the interview with Dagbladet where he once again reveals his warped fascination with executing people. Not forgetting his 'Final Solution' where he fantasises about executing high level UK Government targets that is in-line with Breivik's ideology and actions.

For most people there is a time and a place for such talk, if at all, and definitely not when being interviewed about his possible involvement with the execution of 69 innocent kids on their summer camp, but the time and place didn't matter to him.

Not only this, it has also been revealed that he has been talking/fantasising about murdering me, who was firstly falsely accused of being Anders Breivik's English 'mentor'.

I am assuming that most people would think like I think, and think that such talk is very strange and not common place amongst the general population, especially in the context of the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century.

Murder and execution in his mind and direct ideological/physical links to Anders Breivik himself.

If the Norwegian police accept there is a network behind Breivik then they must accept there is an English 'mentor'.

Only time will tell now but there are many more ideological psychological links to be revealed.

And on another note, I was threatened again tonight by someone from the Luton EDL linked to Yaxley/Tommy so someone obviously doesnt like something that is going on.

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