3 December 2011

"Operation Breivik" & Project Gladio

(Gladio video documentary below)

Project Gladio was set up after World War II to prevent a communist invasion and takeover of Europe.

It is comprised of secret agents willing and able to subvert their own governments by conducting terrorist campaigns against their own people which includes mass murder. It is primarily made up of extreme political right-wing thinkers and terrorists who know no bounds when it comes to their political agenda.

I wonder what mindset "an old school conservative" who constantly talks about murder and executing people would come under?

Was Ander's Breivik recruited in 2002 to a neo-Gladio style network?

Government agencies around the world will know whether or not "Operation Breivik" has the hallmarks of a Gladio style operation.

To say that Breivik was a 'lone wolf' defies belief based upon the facts because the anchor point that cannot be disputed was his trip to Liberia and then London in 2002 where he says that he was recruited into their network. Nobody would travel to the blood thirsty murderous civil war in Liberia in 2002 of which President Charles Taylor rightly or wrongly is now sitting in the Hague charged with crimes against humanity unless they were invited there by someone important who could guarantee their safety. Must have been someone very serious and credible for a young Anders Breivik to trust them enough to go there, and how was the link between the 2 made?

Breivik was not a member of the Foreign Legion or any other such military group that is operating throughout Africa so would know how to conduct himself alone in an African war zone, he was an impressionable intelligent young man, and son of the Norwegian diplomat to London.

This is where "Operation Breivik" began and culminated in July 22nd 2011

To say 'lone wolf' defies the facts but is easy for mass consumption rather than to tell people the truth, which is now in-line with his 'inasnity' label.

A 'lone wolf' nut and everyone can go back to sleep rather than face reality and the bigger picture.

Government coverup by not telling people the facts because to do so the 'aware ones' would draw their own conclusions which differ from the 'official' line. Thankfully I know different because I was roped into this by someone for some reason and the Norwegian police told me that Breivik & Liberia was a fact.

Breivik's methodology, ideology and reasoning are all grounded in reality with his own eccentricity added in for good measure based upon his own minds understanding and coming to terms with his reality and role in the right-wing terrorist network he is involved with. He was a recruited and trained agent by them. Everything he says is grounded in facts that can be explained in the context of the bigger picture if you accept that there is a bigger picture. To deny the bigger picture relegates Breivik to a delusional 'lone wolf' nut recruited, radicalised and trained in bomb making and assassination through youtube, blogs and websites.

If I did not know Liberia was a fact then I would agree with the 'lone wolf' nut, but that conflicts with my truth.

9 years planning, 3 years preparing and then successfully achieving his groups goals that is all based in logic when you look at it, is amazing for a paranoid delusional 'insane' man who even now is looking at things logically and how he can continue his personal agenda in-line with the bigger agenda he has started.

He knows what most do not, that he still has people in the outside world to carry on their mutual goals so conducts himself from that basis.

Anders Breivik is the willing sacrificial pawn to declare war against Left-wing Marxists on-behalf of the covert network who are extreme Right-wing political activists and want to topple the controlling dominant Left. Exactly what Gladio style operations are all about and the reason why he has his grandiose complex. He is their perfect Knight, the leader who they puffed up as part of his indoctrination process as being a hero of the Norwegian people and right-wing who shoved it in the face of the Left, and has left his war manual for his global right-wing audience to follow - Pretty amazing for someone the medical profession in Norway has deemed 'insane'

Who else is there in the world today like Ander's Breivik? That is why he is unique in every way and should be understood in that context, and Breivik believes in it all which is his and their reality. Might not be your reality but who is right you or him?

What is very telling is that when Breivik phoned the police to give himself up, he did not say "I am Knights Templar Breivik" he said "I am Anders Breivik of the Norwegin anti-communist resistance movement".

Gladio was set up specifically to fight communism which is what Breivik believes he is doing. It was only after this that he then brings in the Knights Templar cloak. A cloak that this group wants to dress up their terrorist campaign in because it is more fitting ideologically for a wider modern extreme-right wing audience when faced with the new threat of Islamisation on top of communism.

Round 2 has been designed for the UK which is why the EDL has been so prominent to "Operation Breivik" because there you have an extreme right-wing organisation from which to recruit willing agents from, all dressed up in Knights Templar iconography, who are nothing more than right-wingers (wolves) in sheeps clothing.

This new political extreme far-right group wants to use Templarism to wrap their campaign up in and Breivik and the EDL are proof of this point. Real Templarism is faith based and not political based. Faith is above, politics is below, God is above and the devil is below, that's why Breivik murdered 69 innocent kids on their summer camp because of their Left-wing ideas.

Communism was the first and foremost goal of Gladio and it is right-wing v left-wing which is in-line with Breivik's words and deeds.

Gladio also has its agents within Freemasonary as the video below shows which is another clear indicator of "Operation Breivik"

In my personal opinion based upon the evidence this was a neo-Gladio style operation with a network of agents behind Anders Breivik, its just who are those agents and how high up the chain does it ultimately go?

The Norwegians obviously don't want to go there that's why there is a State white-wash and cover-up going on.

Maybe we will never know, but if enough credible people call into question the 'official' line which is contrary to the facts, then it cannot be swept under the carpet out of sight and mind, then the majority can form their own opinions.

First and foremost those murdered young kids were somebodies children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, regardless of their political persuasion, and that mass execution of innocence was a crime against humanity because it went beyond what is humanly acceptable for the majority of the civilised world. As an 'insane' man, Anders Breivik gave his logical explanation of why he committed that mass murder that can be understood in light of the bigger picture no matter how repulsive it was/is, that is the nature of Breivik & Co.

No matter how uncomfortable it might be for those in authority over this case sitting in their nice cosy jobs with nice big pay packets at the end of the month they do not want to lose so they can continue bringing up their children and grandchildren, the memory of the dead 69 innocence of Utoya deserve the whole truth to be told by all those employed to get to the bottom of the truth of "Operation Breivik" because they are no longer here to call for it, and maybe another neo-Gladio style operation by this network will be averted.

Either I am right or I am wrong here, but I am wiling to share my view for that 69 and risk my own life in pursuit of the truth because someone pulled me into this by blaming me for being behind Breivik.

Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

In part 2 of the video you have the links to the former Yugoslavia and Balkans.

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