8 December 2011

Alan Lake & The Oxymoron

Dagbladet: Alan Lake interview

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The thing when someone lies is that under scrutiny and in the face of facts those lies are exposed for what they are which is the case with Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake.

So what is he hiding from to be lying?

Firstly for any criminal psychologists or psychiatrists reading this, what professional definition or term would you give for a person who claims to feel flattered at the fact that he has been interviewed as the possible English 'mentor' and inspiration behind the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik who callously murdered 69 innocent kids on their summer camp?

An act that Lake claimed was "the chickens coming home to roost on Norway".

Quote: I find it flattering that they think I'm so important and regard me as a kind of expert witness, says Alan Lake.

Obviously he has no mental grasp of the gravity of the whole situation he is in, and reviles in the position.

I personally found the position to be abhorrent.

Lake claims that if sat with Breivik he would break down his arguments and show Breivik that he could not even defend his argument which is a complete oxymoron when looked at in context.

This is a man who has publicly stated on Swedish TV that he would execute moslems, a little like Hitler executing Jews in Germany to rid the Fatherland, and who has been the directing force behind the English Defence League, and you only have to do a little search on the internet to see the counter claims of the EDL under his directorship and mentoring of "tommy" based upon the evidence in the public domain.

Video: Alan Lake - Breivik & Norwegian TV

In this Dagbladet interview he again talks of executing people and gives his rationale behind Breivik which could have been a motivational force behind why Breivik willingly committed his terrorist acts because based upon Lakes belief Breivik could be out in 10 - 15 years to start a new life.

Imagine rationalising that in Breivik's mind and then releasing him to commit his terrorist atrocity?

Quote: I believe that anyone who has committed more than two murders should be executed. I will not hide who I am. I am a conservative of the old school. Police said it was hard to shoot someone who stands with his hands in the air. I would have shot anyway, because he could have had a bomb on him. Breivik knew he would be shot if he surrendered. He also knew that he would get a trial with full media coverage. In your world know Breivik that he will get a maximum of 10-15 years in prison, not much at his age. He will get a new life.
In my world he would have been a short trial, and so have been executed.

Parts of the above statement would have been integral to Breivik's thinking when committing his terrorist act. He called his operation a martyrdom operation because he believed he would be shot by the police after committing his crimes and if not he would be arrested and then get a show trial which is happening now with the prospect of a short prison sentence which is inline with Alan Lakes thinking that is contrary to Norwegian public opinion.

You have to ask yourself what goes through this mans mind on a normal day if he is willing to openly talk like this in media interview in relation to his possible involvement in the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century?

Murder and executing people? doesn't sound good from where I am sitting reading it.

Whats the psychoanalysis of that?

Kind of draws a psychological parallel with Breivik who went out and executed people, and not only that he has openly talked about executing Government leaders because of their actions which is what Breivik attempted to do, but failed, so killed a load of kids instead and said "I did so, to kill the next generation of leaders", which was obviously easier for him to do.

Also this man has been integral to an extreme political right-wing form of anti-jihad throughout Europe that is directly connected to Anders Breivik, so what goes on out of sight and mind behind closed doors with his most intimate colleagues if he talks about murder and executing people openly to journalists?

What is his real agenda and ultimate goal within his political field of which he is very active?

He claims he is an "old school conservative" which is probably a little wink to his political supporters, although I would say the Iron Lady Baroness Margaret Thatcher is an "old school conservative" and she would find his words and deeds abhorrent too which is why Capital Punishment was abolished but that's a different debate and not one to be had in context with Anders Breivik.

The glaring oxymoron which was Lakes defence was that he would have rubbished Breivik's arguments so he couldnt be the mentor (which everyone would agree is an oxymoron in the eyes of anyone who has been following Lake over the past few years because their ideas, arguments and murderous intent are exactly the same).

Breivik's arguments for why he committed his terrorist acts were based upon his fellow countryman Fraudman's extensive writings, along with many other mainstream commentators directly linked to Lake himself, so are they not both singing from exactly the same hymn sheet?

The manifesto is named after one of Fraudman's essays "A European Declaration of Independence" and he is mentioned 111 times inside the manifesto.

Fraudman is the ideological extreme right-wing and Breivik the terrorist right-wing which go hand in hand for a political terrorist campaign.

Lake promoted Fraudman in interview and tells people they should read his writings which is exactly the same as what Anders Breivik did with the "2083" manifesto, just in a different context but part of the same context.

The Oxymoron of Lakes public defence.

The good thing that can be taken from this interview is that Lake already has in his mind the length of prison sentence he can receive for his involvement with Breivik.

Quote: You can keep me collectively responsible for what ABB did and imprison me for five or ten years. And you know what, for me it's okay.

Whats the psychoanalysis of that statement?

Already working out in his mind the length of prison sentence...

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