15 December 2011

Breivik: Some intelligent pointers

The “2083” manual was written in perfect English and signed by Breivik under his anglicised name. He points to the fact that he has an English ‘mentor’ and he talks glowingly about the EDL inside the manifesto and online. He boasts about the amount of EDL contacts he had on Facebook and he sent his manifesto to a number of EDL members.

Breivik and the network behind him want the next serious extreme right-wing terrorist attack to happen in the UK and it is my opinion that they are hoping to recruit if they have not already done so from within the ranks of the EDL because there is a large number of people sympathetic to their mutual cause and amongst those it is logical to say there are some who would be willing to carry out a large scale terrorist attack similar to Breiviks, it is just a case of finding them.

There must be a recruiter.

There must also be real ‘lone wolfs’ who are inspired by Breivik amongst their social scene.

Breivik went to Liberia in 2002 so who were those involved with him at this time? I believe I know, and I believe they know I know, but that’s for another time: Neo-Gladio

Breivik was in London in 2002 after Liberia and states that he was at a gathering of like minded individuals who called themselves Knights Templar’s which was their ideological founding meeting and fits in with my belief. He also states that he was assigned an English ‘mentor’ who he called ‘Richard the Lionhearted’. It was this man who gave Breivik the idea of the perfect Knight, and now Breivik succeeded in his terrorist atrocity he now claims that false mantle which is in-line with what he was told.

Did this person exist to explain to him about the perfect Knight?

If he travelled to Liberia and was in London that same year then it’s safe to say the person did exist and fits in place with everything else.

Further reading: Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

Breivik was trying to communicate directly to the UK right-wing scene of which the EDL is the most prominent, so the question is why?

In my opinion it is because that is where his alleged English ‘mentor’ lives (obviously) and is actively involved in the UK right-wing scene of which the EDL is the most prominent, so has his hand on the whole agenda that goes beyond Breivik and Norway, into the Day after Breivik and the next serious attack from those behind this network, which is most likely going to be inside the UK.

Although I do not think things are going to plan as they had hoped at this moment in time.

The EDL was originally made up of many from across the Country involved in the Casual Culture (Football hooliganism), now it is made up of many disaffected young/old people and shunned by much of those with any credibility involved in the Casual Culture because of the disgrace it has become, but Breivik wouldn’t know this because he doesn’t know what goes on within internal streets politics in the UK. His insistence of wearing his Lacoste jumper was because it was a little signal and show of unity to the Casuals still involved with the EDL because the Lacoste label is a part of the culture the same as Stone Island. So Breivik knows what he is doing by insisting on wearing that jumper, he is communicating in his small way to people inside the EDL who support him.

The picture above shows Yaxley/Tommy the leader of the EDL wearing his Lacoste t-shirts.

Yaxley/Tommy has already stated that he agrees with Anders Breivik, and he has also stated on News Night that there will be terrorist attacks within the UK in the next 5 – 10 years. Anders Breivik wrote within his manifesto that there should be similar terrorist attacks to his own every 5 – 12 years.

Yaxley/Tommy is Alan Lake’s EDL puppet.

Yaxley/Tommy also got married a few weeks before the attacks. Was this a case of getting his house in order for when the hurricane came just in case?

Video: Tommy & Breivik

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Fraudman is directly linked to the Breivik enquiry because the manifesto was named after one of his own essays, and he is mentioned 111 times inside its pages. Fraudman has a superiority complex and when the Aftenposten journalist I had met in Malta and given an interview too spoke to him about me he stated “He is a dog that barks and doesn’t bite” in relation to me.

In light of Anders Breivik’s atrocity, probably 7 days after the events, where 69 innocent kids were executed in cold blood, and his direct implication in the ‘whole affair’, what did he mean by saying I am a dog that barks and doesn’t bite?

Was he saying he is a dog that bites?

Sounds like it to me.

If so then he is admitting to being behind Breivik to some degree of complicity because Breivik did what he did on the basis of Fraudman’s writings, thus he is a dog that bites and I am a dog that doesn’t bite because I had nothing to do with it.

Fraudman is directly connected to a specific ideological network who are all linked to Breivik.

I did query this exact quote with the journalist because of what his statement immediately said to me and you can ask the journalist this who I am sure must have thought the same as me.

Fraudman was also in direct email communication with Breivik and tried hiding his computer from the police in a lock-up when he knew they were about to come knocking on his door.

Is that the sign of a guilty complex?

Looks like it to me.

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A few weeks before Breiviks terrorist attacks, Roberta Moore the Brazilian head of the EDL Jewish division warned Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer to cease supporting the movement which they did immediately. The reason cited was that the leadership had been taken over by neo-nazis. The thing with this though is that the people Roberta Moore claims had taken over the movement, which is only really some of the on-line Facebook control and PR to the leadership who are still in place now, had been in place for well over a year before this time, so why did she wait that long before telling anyone to cease supporting the movement when she knew all along about them and had said nothing?

As you can see from the picture above, Roberta Moore was/is very close to Alan Lake.

3 weeks before Breivik strikes and Roberta Moore warns her 2 high profile Jewish colleagues in America who have a lot to lose, to distance themselves from the EDL movement and cease their support which they did immediately.


This incensed Chris Knowles of Civil Liberties Alliance who had put so much time and effort into the EDL and it forced him/them to draw up a list of high profile signatories for continued endorsement of the EDL in the online anti-jihad community because of the damage to the reputation of the EDL, having 2 of their most high profile supporters publicly distance themselves from the movement. But the schism was there 3 weeks before Breivik struck for all to see.

I had warned many people for a long time about the neo-nazi influence over the leadership of the EDL, even Pamella Geller so to say 3 weeks before Breivik struck that it had been taken over at that point is a complete lie, when it had always been that way but suited peoples agendas at that point.

Roberta Moore has even stated that she knows there are neo-nazis in the EDL but just as long as they keep it private.

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