13 December 2011

Breivik - The EDL & Street Politics Part 1

I am against the Islamisation of Great Britain which includes the mass building projects of mega mosques all over the country funded much of the time by oil money from Saudi Arabia where there is not one single Church and from other foreign sources wanting to see Islam take its hold over Britain. Also I am against Islamic fundamentalists in government and on the streets who are actively engaged in a cultural war to convert British society into an Islamic State ruled by sharia law.

My position does not entail the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent kids on their summer camp.

From the very beginning of this blog I have put my name and face to my words because I have nothing to hide and I do not fear murder from anyone who wants to kill me. It is the Almighty’s responsibility to watch over that angle of my life and direct my steps because He is the One who called me to serve Him and when He wants me to take my place within His Kingdom then He will call me home.

The anti-Jihad movement should not be in the shadows if all of those who are actively involved in it believe in what they are saying, and if they have something to say then they should not hide from the words that they speak.

But this Ander’s Breivik case has brought the online anti-Jihad world into the mainstream psyche and what do those see that are now looking see other than people hiding from their words and deeds and denying that their words are in-part responsible for Anders Breivik.

I was voluntarily arrested and spent 18 months under arrest because of my words on this blog and was willing to stand in a court of law to defend my position. When Anders Breivik struck and I initially got the blame for being the man behind him I was willing to take responsibility for my words which is why about 48 hours after the event I admitted that the accusations could be right as all I heard was moslems, Islam, Islamisation, immigration Knights Templar etc coming at me from reporters and trying to make sense in the immediate aftermath and blame being leveled at me I owned up to my words and position on this blog.

Then I sat back and thought “no way” my position and anyone following my position on this blog over 5 years would know that I could not possibly have driven someone to execute 69 innocent kids on their summer camp because of their left wing political ideology. It did not fit me, so I had to sit back and think long and hard about what was going on and the only conclusion I could come up with was that I had been set up to take a fall by someone.

Then I thought to myself who could possibly have done this and wanted to do this and my only conclusion was Alan Lake.

He had reason, motive and means.

Now after 5 months all circumstantial evidence points to him, we don’t know about any factual evidence yet, and all ideological evidence points to him.

Alan Lake and his colleagues wanted rid of me because I was an imminent threat to their long term political agenda that they had been working on for several years so I had to be removed before all their hard work came to nothing with no more political agenda in place using the EDL which would mean back to the drawing board with everything they had already achieved lost, and nothing left in their hands, and then back to the day job.

Part of Alan Lake’s inner circle includes the alias Kinana Nadir and Ann/Gaia and they had factual evidence of a real life ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and not me ‘Lionheart’ yet to my knowledge did not offer this information up to the Breivik mass murder enquiry, instead they were more than happy to see me take the fall as his alleged ‘mentor’ and potentially remove me from being a threat to all their hard work that they would have eventually lost anyway because of their endorsement of the EDL’s leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Uncle Kev.

They had made their bed and had to lay in it with them no matter what the cost.

Further reading: Alan Lakes friend 'Richard the Lionheart'

Not a very nice thing for them to do to me was it? And fits in-line with them wanting rid of me for good.

Not a very wise thing for them to do either, withholding critical information from the Breivik mass murder enquiry that is the biggest act of right-wing political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century which can only mean complicity at some level, either knowingly or unknowingly. That’s a job for the investigators to determine now though.

And what about the reputations of all their high level political contacts they are connected too?

Imagine how damning and damaging it will be for them if I am right and these people did use Breivik, not only to commit a terrorist atrocity in Norway but also attempt to frame me for it.

I know who some of them are and I am sure there are many more we do not know about yet, and all these influential people connected to them on the back of their control over the EDL is more reason to want rid of me because with no hands on a political agenda to raise money and prestige then what use are they walking in high political circles, and what reputations do they then have, when shown for who they are and what they have done to innocent people.

How high their political contacts go we do not know yet, but the Security Services do.

It was only a matter of time for this click, from my point of view, because I could see clearly what was coming their way, and they could too which is why I had to go because it was either me, or them losing all their hard work and future political aspirations that they had worked long and hard on.

I wonder whether they will want to take another pop at me before this is completely over? One thing I do know is that I have been sold out by all institutions of State employed to offer assistance to a citizen in need, and have been left to sit in the middle of all of this whilst faced with a very wealthy and politically connected click of people who want rid of me for good so as to silence me.

The plot gets much thicker and dirtier when you look at the whole truth, and I thank God that we have a just Queen sitting upon the throne who must also look at the concerns of her loyal people when faced with such darkness within her realm that also threatens its ‘peace and security’, and those who have brought shame upon Her Nation in the eyes of others.

That is if the plot to commit cold blooded murder in Norway does actually emanate from Britain, we don’t know yet, but I am certain enough to share my thoughts and opinions and point my finger in Alan Lakes direction and give all of my evidence for others to judge upon.

The integrity of the Queen’s realm will be instilled in others eyes when the truth is told and those responsible for Beivik are brought to justice and any future extreme right-wing terrorist ambitions against the UK thwarted.

To say that Anders Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’ who successfully carried out the worst act of political terrorism of the 21st Century defies belief in any intelligent mind, not least because the evidence contradicts that point of view.

Only time will tell now.

Contrary to the lies that are told by the EDL leadership Alan Lake has been the director behind the movement, he has been the point man between all political/ideological individuals who have endorsed the movement. This is proven by Rabbi Shifren himself who is the access for the EDL to large funds from the U.S Teaparty movement: Video – Alan Lake & Breivik

There was a discussion and strategy meeting that took place in Alan Lakes London flat about the way forward with the street protest movement before the actual founding meeting that took place several weeks later in the same London flat.

I have already stated in numerous posts who was present at both meetings.

So Alan Lake was there at the very beginning, and is also the person who for whatever reason set about sowing discord amongst the leadership group on both the ideological/political side and the boots on the ground side to have me removed from having any influence over the EDL movement.

After 2 ½ years the list of high profile anti-jihad figures in the online world has grown and you can see the core supporters on this list here: EDL supporters

This list of influential people was drawn up after Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer publicly removed their support of the EDL after advice from Roberta Moore the Brazilian head of the Jewish Division of the English Defence League. This happened a few weeks before Anders Breivik struck and the reasons for their support being withdrawn needs to be explained in detail because the reasons given conflict with reality. This is for another time.

Alan Lake is the point man, so Director behind the EDL, and Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia of Civil Liberties Alliance are his endorsement and the endorsement of the EDL in the wider anti-Jihad community because it is one and the same and they have all been there since the beginning of its formation.

After 2 ½ years the EDL has grown under their direct control and influence along with that list of supporters above, which includes Fraudman and Gates of Vienna. It has also spawned off shoots all over Europe and further afield because at its core in its original form it was a righteous cause and just movement.

All of these off shoots come under the control of the EDL Directorship, and not the leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev who are just puppets, and that is Alan Lake and his group of wealthy politically minded supporters and endorsers.

These are all directly linked to all Stop the Islamisation groups spread around Europe and the U.S that is ultimately traced back to Frank Gaffney of the American Center for Security Policy and his Center for Vigilant Freedom organisation.

I am not saying any of these are behind Anders Breivik himself but their silence and tacit support of Alan Lake’s agenda if he is involved with Breivik means their complicity because without their continued endorsement of him then the EDL would have had no credibility and validity in the wider online anti-jihad community. They turned a blind eye to the truth about the EDL leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev and what they had done and continued to do against Loyal Patriots whose Country Britain is, and also some other very serious things that I will come to next time.

All these external forces using what can only be described as useful English idiots to further their right-wing political agenda, upon English soil and under and English banner which is an affront to any true Loyal Patriot.

A hijacked basterdised version of what was originally a righteous movement and just cause.

The EDL as a movement supported all of those on the above lists political agenda’s and they did not care about anything else, let alone very serious internal disputes within the EDL.

Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia still supported “Tommy” & Uncle Kev so that was good enough for them.

Remove “Tommy” & Uncle Kev from the equation and then what did Alan Lake & Co have left as a street protest movement? Definitely something that was no longer under their control.

Remove Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia and what did their supporters have left in the EDL, and what did the EDL leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev have? Nothing...

It was only a matter of time until one of those scenarios became a reality and they knew this, because both myself and Nick+ had attempted this coup from Malta so as to give control over the movement back to the people who made it what it was, rather than a Dictatorship under their control, using and abusing the membership with all of their lies and making vast amounts of money in the process on the back of the movement.

We were unsuccessful at that point in time because I was living in self imposed exile and Nick+ was banned from entering the UK.

The way we aimed at taking back control was to take the domain names from their hands and give them to a neutral third party, then they no longer had the propaganda control over what the membership were fed to base their opinions on, and their continual lies and conduct to the membership could be exposed for all to see and then the EDL members could form an their opinion based on the facts with which to base a judgment over.

Democracy not Dictatorship.

The domain names were under the control of the BNP Renton brothers (Jack Smith) who knew how critical control of them were after the attempted coup within the BNP that was only averted because who had control over the domain names had control of the propaganda, so they knew what they were doing and the importance of the domain names with advice from others. They are now working with expelled BNP members in the BFP and one of them was the BNP’s web controller.

That fearful of this attack on their leadership (“Tommy” & Uncle Kev) and the potential to rip everything from their hands led to their very serious and desperate actions against my family, of which the British police have done absolutely nothing about up until this point in time?

Video: Tommy "Grass" Robinson

At that time the coup was also unsuccessful because most of the EDL membership and any high level figures within the movement were still blinded to the lies they were being told and supported “Tommy” & Uncle Kev.

Since that time they have all now seen the error of their ways and realise what was said and attempted was right and justified in light of everything being proven since it was stated, when at the time they laughed it off.

This internal attempted coup is well documented.

But as you can see the danger to that EDL leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev and Alan Lake was ever present especially after what they did.

Remove both those elements and what is left of that politically/financially influential groups control over the EDL?

Something that is no longer under their control that they have spent so much time, money and political influence on over the past 2 1/2 years.

It is for others to judge how much emphasis was placed upon the EDL movement by those involved with it and endorsing it, and whether or not that fits in with the motive to frame me.

Without “Tommy” & Uncle Kev they had nothing and without Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia, “Tommy” and Uncle Kev had nothing, well nothing that was going to last and become credible because they needed the support from the online ideological/political side of the anti-jihad movement that the list further above brought to the movement to seem credible in other people’s eyes.


Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia are now attempting to further their political agenda using the EDL and their puppets “Tommy” & Uncle Kev by forming an allegiance with the British Freedom Party under Paul Weston’s control, who has been another one of their endorsers since the beginning.

Further reading: EDL backers directly linked to Breivik enquiry

My name was inextricably linked to the EDL from the beginning and I had seen what they had done and were continuing to do with the movement that I had formed by bringing both elements together, and to the people involved with it on the ground who were there for the right reasons, and because of what they did to me and my family personally I relentlessly exposed them for who and what they are for others to see and judge upon over the last 18 months.

I was a direct threat to their whole plans and their reputations and was not going anywhere until the end.

Is that reason and motive enough to want to get rid of me if they could?

Remove me and there is no serious threat to themselves and their future political plans all over Europe.

They did absolutely everything to me bar killing me and I stood my ground against them and continue to stand my ground against them. And anything that comes upon them now is their own fault for what they did to me and attempted to do to me because what you sow is what you reap.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere Breivik commits a right-wing terrorist atrocity and all fingers point in my direction as being the man behind him when I did not even know him. The carefully crafted manifesto left pointers directing to me so I was originally smeared all over the worlds media as the English ‘mentor’, thus destroying my reputation, whilst they sat back in silence with damning evidence crucial to the investigation.

Further reading: In my defence

Funny thing is, is that many of Breivik’s inspirations who he wrote so glowingly about inside its pages have been some of the EDL’s most ardent supporters and that includes Fraudman who the manifesto is named after, and Pamella Geller.

Anders Breivik was mentally immersed in that anti-jihad scene of which they are all a part of, and that includes the EDL who he spoke so glowingly about, and I had had absolutely no involvement with them for almost 2 years and was one of their most ardent critics because I knew what was going on from the inside.

Then he commits his terrorist atrocity and I am originally set up for the fall for it.

See my point?

The question is, was he working with someone else with his agenda, was it a coincidence that I got the blame, or did he set this up all on his own?

I go with the first opinion and believe Alan Lake was behind it from the beginning, but that is for others to judge based upon the evidence.

I will cover the EDL leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Uncle Kev tomorrow as Part 2 so people can see the type of people that list of influential supporters have been endorsing amongst other things that I believe are relevant to this perception of the Anders Breivik enquiry.

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