9 August 2007

The Filth in our vulnerable NHS system

Thank you anonymous for leaving this in my comments section, it is exactly the same views expressed in the Undercover mosque that those filmed are now trying to deny.

"The president of the Islamic Medical Association is to face a disciplinary hearing after making a ferocious attack on gay people in Pulse, the magazine for GPs.

In the letter, Dr Muhammad Siddiq says that gays need "the stick of the law to put them on the right path" and that they deserve neither help nor pity.

"There is punishment and fine if you throw rubbish or filth in the streets. The gays are worse than the ordinary careless citizen,” wrote the GP, who is employed by the Walsall Primary Care Trust in the West Midlands, “They are causing the spread of disease with their irresponsible behaviour. They are the root of many sexually transmitted diseases." The letter went on to say that a depressed transsexual awaiting gender reassignment was "twisted."

Dr Siddiq denies that he authored the letter and claims his son was playing a "cynical spoof" on him by forcing him to sign the letter and sending it to Pulse, a magazine for GPs. When the magazine checked with Dr Siddiq, he made no effort to deny that these were his views. Allegedly, he has privately told his colleagues that he had actually written the letter.

Dr Michael Irwin, co-ordinator of the Secular Medical Forum commented: "If Dr. Muhammad Siddiq holds these views, he should not be allowed to work within the NHS. And, if he has a ‘private practice’, his patients should be made aware of his opinion, so that only those with a similar bigoted outlook would be likely to see him. Looking to the future, I believe the GMC should require him to attend a ‘Fitness-to-Practice’ hearing: then, if it is confirmed that he has been correctly quoted, his medical registration should be suspended.""


Thank you anonymous for leaving this in my comments section.

Rashid Sandhu, 29, a doctor at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston, is charged with sexually assaulting a female aged 13 and over.

He also faces 17 charges of making indecent photographs of children.

Mr Sandhu will appear at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court on 10 September. He has been suspended from the hospital since an investigation began in June.

BBC News

Rashid is an Arabic Muslim name meaning 'rightly guided'.

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