10 August 2007

The British people's Justification

I am a British citizen whose forefathers have lived and died upon this Island of Great Britain for hundreds of years, who have helped build this country along with every other British citizen whose homeland this is, into the Nation it once was a generation ago.

Great Britain is no longer the British people’s Nation and stands at the precipice at the beginning stages of the 21st Century of total destruction with the very future existence of our way of life and the future of our people in the balance, the same as what our relatives faced during the time of the Second World War.

The only difference in this generation which keeps the innocent people of Great Britain blinded to the truth is the type of War that is now upon us and the way in which it is being fought against us.

Our enemies within the Islamic Kingdom that thrives upon our land know full well what is unfolding around them within the society outside of their Islamic societies because they are the ones who are at war with us from within. The Koran teaches Moslems how they are to conduct themselves towards the infidel’s (non-believers) and towards their supposedly godless un-Islamic societies. It is every Moslems duty laid down in the Koran to conduct Jihad for Allah and enforce Islamic rule and dominance upon the infidel’s (un-believers) forcing them to become Dhimmi’s and pay the jizya tax for protection.

The Koran teaches its Moslem followers that the land that is not ‘yet’ ruled by Islam is to be viewed as the Dar al-Harb (The House of War) so those within the Moslem community who are living within the Dar al-Harb must treat the non-Islamic society outside the confines of their Moslem communities as a war zone and are to fight Jihad within every sphere of life in the non-Islamic society so as to assert Islamic rule and dominance over the infidel’s supposedly godless society. Thus converting the non-Islamic land in which they are living from the Dar al-Harb (The House of War) to the Dar al-Islam (The House of Islam).

Until Islam reins supreme as the ultimate rule of the Nation, its Moslem followers are to conduct ‘Jihad’ against the infidel’s (non-Moslems), viewing themselves as soldiers for Allah within a war zone. Due to the savagery and barbarity that is contained within the 7th century scriptures that they base their warped Islamic world view on they are permitted to rape, pillage, steal and terrorise the infidels in the pursuit of subduing the non-Moslems into a position of Dhimmitude (subservience).

Within every sphere of British life and society now, Islam is their seeking to assert its dominance upon us and our way of life, forcing us to change our ways and adapt so that the British way of life and society falls in line with the Islamic Kingdom and its way of life that is based on the 7th Century scriptures within the Koran.

Jihad against the infidel’s and their supposedly godless non-Islamic society takes many forms, whether it is within the top echelons of the political realm putting pressure on MP’s asserting dominance over them, turning them into Dhimmis and then forcing laws and legislation through government so that British life changes and adapts to fall in line with Islam or whether it is on the streets terrorising our communities, and enforcing Islamic dominance upon our society. You have got to be completely blind and stupid if you cannot see that the Islamic Kingdom has now well and truly arrived here upon our beautiful innocent green shores and that it is now conducting Jihad against us and our innocent supposedly godless secular democratic way of life, seeking to assert themselves upon us and our country because they believe that they are divinely commanded too based on the teachings of the Koran.

The government for the past 10 years have been serving the Islamic Kingdom from a position of Dhimmitude for their votes to stay in power, forcing us the innocent people of Great Britain into changing our way of life and society so as to keep the Islamic Kingdom happy and voting for New Labour. We have been forced to adapt under the banner ‘Multi-cultural diversity’ which has now changed to ‘community cohesion’ and if we disagree with this or cause the government problems then we are labelled as racists, Islamophobic and are in the position of being potentially arrested for disrupting ‘community cohesion’. The Islamic Kingdom is not seeking to blend into our society because that goes completely against Islamic teaching. The Koran teaches that the ways of the Islamic Kingdom laid down in the Koran are Allah’s supreme way for mankind so all other ways of life must eventually submit to Islamic rule and dominance.

The process of submitting and conquering Nations and peoples under Islamic rule and dominance is called – Islamification – this is where bit by bit they infiltrate and break down the host society until the Islamic Kingdom is large enough to eventually force its dominance upon the whole of the infidel’s society, converting them into Dhimmi’s and making them accept and embrace Islamic rule.

This is the ultimate goal of Islam, the transforming of the host Nation from Dar al-Harb (The House of War) into Dar al-Islam (The House of Islam) as laid down in the teachings of the Koran which is the basis of their faith and way of life.

Within our 21st Century British society Moslems have more rights then any other form of human being which ultimately means that they have achieved their aim of placing non-Moslems into a position of Dhimmitude, making us Dhimmi’s. They have achieved this status largely by using our secular democratic legal system that has developed over centuries to protect our supposedly godless society as a weapon or Jihad against us. They have forced us into submission through fear and intimidation by using our legal system as a weapon against us to silence any opposition. Anyone who speaks out or disagrees with Moslems are threatened with legal action and possible imprisonment, so it is easier to say nothing and preserve your peaceful and safe way of life than oppose Islamic dominance. We also have Human Rights laws that were supposedly created to protect the human rights of an individual who is alive and living upon planet earth that are now being used as a weapon against us, to the point where we cannot deport known Islamic terrorists from our land because of their human rights so they are left to reside within Great Britain with their murderous suicidal tendencies aimed at the infidel’s and our supposedly godless way of life. We cannot imprison the Moslems who are planning and plotting mass murder against us, we cannot remove them from sensitive positions within British institutions and we cannot deport them when they have committed heinous crimes against humanity. The innocent people of Great Britain are just left with these murderous Islamic warmongering Moslems to walk freely around our society recruiting for their Jihad against us, spying for their fellow Moslems soldiers and raping, pillaging, terrorising and murdering within our innocent communities because of their human rights that come above the human rights of British citizens.

The Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem residents have been elevated over the past few years to a position of ‘untouchable’ within our society with us the innocent heirs of this island now living a second class citizen status within our own land, with the government and the legal system within our Nation on the side of the Islamic Kingdom and being used against us the ‘people’ as a weapon in their pursuit of taking our Nation over.

The Islamification of Great Britain is underway and on course, with our innocent infidel children and grandchildren being the ones who are going to suffer immeasurably because of the Countries leadership of this generation.

There can only be one winner in war, the Islamic Kingdom will call me a racist or Islamaphobe against ‘community cohesion’ with that statement – Who blew up trains and buses in London on 7/7 and who recently tried to blow up London and Glasgow with car bombs? It was not me; I am a civilized British citizen who respects the rule of law of this my homeland.

I hope that Gordon Brown takes a different stance towards the people of Great Britain than to what his predecessor the traitor Tony Blair did. We see already though that he is putting pressure on the America government to release Islamic soldiers from Camp Delta, who are Moslem immigrants to Great Britain, so that they can return to our country and their Islamic Kingdom here.

I could go on for ever writing about the lunacy that the people living in the asylum of Great Britain now face in relation to the clear and present danger that the Islamic Kingdom poses to the National Security of this Country and the ‘Emergency’ that surrounds us threatening the life of our Nation, yet we are forced to walk the path of surrender, appeasement and Dhimmitude.

The British people's motto is 'no surrender' and there are 10's of millions of us.

How do you personally feel about what is happening to your country, its society, our way of life and what it means for the future of your children and grandchildren?

Maybe you’re a ‘gullible sheep’ who believes in the ‘community cohesion’ line coming from the government and the Islamic Kingdom, so that must mean that I am a racist Islamaphobe stirring up hatred and division. If that is so then it is an honour to burst your bubble and show you a new reality, please come back and watch these short videos after you have read this post and then let the truth be digested into your mind and soul. Then as you live your life you will see the truth unfold before your eyes because the horror stares all of us in the face, it is just covered well by the veil of lies that are used by our government and the Islamic Kingdom to indoctrinate the gullible masses of British sheep people to their way of thinking – A frivolous path that leads to the defeat and conquest of our people and land with the enforcement of Islam upon our children and grandchildren. This is the false ‘divine’ aim and motivation of the religion Islam that cannot be changed because it is the religious teaching and command that is laid down in their holy book, a bit like the law of nature cannot be changed; they are both immovable facts that cannot be changed.

Islamification of Great Britain

Jihad on the West

Radical Islam & The West

The Muslim threat to Europe

To you reading my post, the words that I speak will hopefully help join the dots and give you a better understanding of the things that you read and see on your TV screens in relation to the Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom who have infiltrated our country and either achieve their aims of blowing themselves up like on 7/7 or by Gods grace fail and give us a horrific glimpse into what murderous carnage they could have achieved against us in their Jihad to subdue us and our Nation under their Islamic dominance through threats of violence and enforced fear.

If you read my blog you will see that I have destroyed ‘community cohesion’ where I live because I have had enough of Pakistani Moslem violence, intimidation and their Jihad with ‘street drugs’ that they are using as chemical warfare against my innocent community.

I have had gangs of Pakistani Moslem street soldiers who form a paramilitary army wanting me dead for sometime now because I have stood up and spoken out against their Jihad against my community and my friends lives with their street drugs.

In the governments eyes I am probably now an enemy of the state because I have created schism in their forced ‘community cohesion’ plan that has now been forced upon our modern British society. When my local community was silent about what was happening in their midst and the threat that surrounded them, the ‘community cohesion’ was intact because of the silence inflicted upon everyone through forced Dhimmitude. Those within my community know full well what would happen to them if they were to cause the Pakistani Moslems on the streets any trouble. This silence has allowed the Islamic Kingdom to continue its street Jihad unabated, pumping my community with Heroin & Crack cocaine, killing many young lives and destroying the fabric of the local community. If that is the price that the innocent people of Great Britain have to pay for ‘community cohesion’ you can “stick it” because why should those within my community be forced to have their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers lives destroyed by the Islamic Kingdom in their war against my country and be subdued by Moslem dominance?

I am a law abiding citizen and helped the police which is what we should do in our civilized society now that we have warmongering Moslems marching across our land desecrating our communities and country in the process. Yet those actions have led to me losing everything, my business, my home, becoming bankrupt, becoming homeless and becoming completely penniless with elements within the police helping the process along.

Because I stand before the Living God and know that my life is firmly in His hands I have stood up alone and spoken out alone. It is a very sad fact but I have had to stand alone because ‘everybody’ within my community lives in complete fear (forced Dhimmitude) of the paramilitary army of Moslem streets soldiers coming out from Fortress Bury Park because they know what I know and what the police and security services know.

What is the consequence for the future generations of the local community with everybody saying and doing nothing because they are scared of the Islamic Kingdom of Luton?

Fortress Bury Park Luton is a known Al Qaeda stronghold within Great Britain that facilitated the first declaration of War against our Country by Osama Bin Laden. The leaders of the street Jihad within the confines of this community ‘The Khan Mafia’ control the supply of Heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan and is being used by Al Qaeda to poison our youth.

On the streets everyday there is an organised paramilitary Moslem army that is built up of hundreds of foot soldier who are organised, wealthy, armed and control the trade in street drugs which is being used as a weapon of war in their Jihad against us the infidel’s and our supposedly godless British society.

This is the Islamic army on the streets where I live who want to kill me and if you look on my blog you will see several of the very real threats from them including male rape.

My question here is where are my “human rights” as a British citizen living in my homeland when faced with these warmongering Pakistani Moslems from Fortress Bury Park? Moslem terrorists human rights are protected within my society yet I have no human rights.

The paramilitary Moslem army controls the Taxi industry so they have a legitimate mobile force on the streets that they use as surveillance to follow people, watch people outside their homes, deliver drugs and help other drug dealers move about the community undetected.

There is the extended network of organised Pakistani Moslem gangs that are mobile and armed who are pumping the drugs out into the community and are used to attack or intimidate people.

So every day there is this organised mobile Islamic army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable helping one another achieve their aims of controlling the streets and forcing us the innocent population into silence and a position of Dhimmitude through threats of violence and fear.

It is no wonder that everyone in the community is scared of this force because there is nothing anybody can do about it considering it is an organised paramilitary force. If you have trouble with one of them then you have trouble with all of them and they have the way and the means to do anything they want to you.

The police know exactly what is happening on the streets of Luton & Dunstable, but because they are so organised and conducting their illegal daily operations like a military campaign which it is, the police can do nothing about it, it is beyond their level that’s why the Moslem army has had an unhindered rein of the streets for the past 20 years. The situation on the streets in relation to this large Pakistani Moslem force that is conducting Jihad against us is completely totally out of control to the point of organised anarchy - WAR

Can anyone say it is anything less than War considering Luton was once one of Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri's main recruiting and radicalising grounds for the modern global Jihad against the un-believers?

Educating people to this threat that they cannot see and do not understand is a breach of ‘community cohesion’ in the eyes of community leaders because it places the Islamic Kingdom and the actions on the ground from its Pakistani Moslem residents in a bad light to the non-Moslem population of Great Britain and nobody is allowed to do that in modern Britain. The government, police and Islamic Kingdom do not want the British people looking at the Islamic Kingdom in a bad light so would prefer silence. Silence allows the Islamic savagery and barbarity in their Jihad against innocent British society to continue with my friends and the future of the community in the firing line.

I no longer have any human rights as a British citizen, I have many within this large Pakistani Moslem force upon the streets who want to kill me, and there is nothing the police can do about it unless they give me 24 hour protection. Is that anyway to live life? In 24 hour protection because Moslems want to kill me in my own country, I don’t think so. The police go to work each day protecting the public by upholding the law within our civilized society and go home at the end of the day to their families and private lives. Those of us confronted with this modern day civil war are left on the ground within our communities to fend for ourselves in the face of this violent murderous Moslem aggression.

The leaders of this Pakistani Moslem force who are Al Qaeda trained, led and inspired have any number of taxis and any number of the organised Pakistani Moslem gangs at their disposal so it is fairly easy for them to conduct an organised operation to capture me to silence me.

This is the harsh reality of modern life upon the streets within Great Britain where I live and is a clear sign to everyone of things to come.

I am a part of someones family, I have children myself and now I have Moslems who are at war with my country actively wanting to murder me, thus removing me from those who love and care about me and my human existence upon planet Earth.

Death is a consequence of War so I accept my fate and everyone else has to too, but if I am going to die then it must be fair, I must be able to defend myself!

Do I not have Justification because if I do not then no one ever will?

Nobody can truly protect me but me myself and I should not be in fear of my life within my own land by Al Qaeda led Moslems who are at war with my community and country. My situation is your situation because this is your country too, what is happening to me is a sign of things to come just like 7/7, just like the failed car bombings, just like the daily interference with our country by the Islamic Kingdom.

For every action there is a reaction and a consequnce.

I would ask that if you are a British patriot and care about this your homeland and your children's futures that you will send this to as many people as possible because the more people who are aware of this reality that is unfolding within our modern society then the stronger the resistance will be to any opposition to our justification for defending ourselves and our homeland.

Why should I personally sit back and allow Moslems to kill me?

Dunstable where I live was the scene of one of the first battles of the English civil war led by Oliver Cromwell, our main Church in the town which was once the focal point of the community - The Priory - still has musket ball holes in it from an attack.

The Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park Luton helped Al Qaeda decalre war against Great Britain on 7/7 so they are the ones who have started this within my homeland, they are the ones who have threatened and targetted my life so any action is now a reaction to their war against my country, my community and me personally.

Why should I sit back and allow these GUESTS living upon my homeland, threaten the very existence of my country, its people and my life personally.

Today it is me and tomorrow it is you or one of your children!

I call on all British patriots to stand with me in solidarity so we can face this modern onslaught against our way of life by Islam together. We must defend our human rights and those of our children because those employed by our governments cannot protect us and the innocence of our society from this murderous Islamic civil enemy

We stand together and die together for our children, grandchildren and the future existence of Great Britain.

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Threats, intimidation & Inaction
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A song for the Al Qaeda led Islamic paramilitary army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable: The Moslem Brotherhood project


"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"

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