31 August 2007

Triple Murder near to where I live

This is the exact same type of scenario that hangs over my life.

Part 9. Threats, intimidation & Inaction

There was a triple shooting on Wednesday in Hertfordshire which is about 15 - 20 minutes from Luton & Dunstable where I live.

Three men were murdered, shot to death and two women stabbed.

This horrific murderous cold blooded targetted killing was perpertrated by two skinny Asian men, it is said to be a drugs related incident.

The Pakistani Moslem community living within the confines of Fortress Bury Park Luton declared War on Great Britain on 7/7 when they planned and facilitated mass murder upon the streets of London so they are not scarce of would-be Al Qaeda Moslems who would be willing to carry out targetted killings for their criminal and religious leaders.

We still also have Mr Q Khan who was the recruiter for the 7/7 cell and the Emir of the 'Fertiliser plot' which was the biggest bombing campaign ever in British history still walking our streets, driving his taxi cab around our towns
picking up our women and children.

There are many 'known' Al Qaeda trained Moslems living within the confines of this community in Luton and there has been many killed abroad fighting coalition troops so the threat that we in the local community face is very real.

The Moslems who travel across to Pakistan and Afghanistan to Al Qaeda's training camps learn how to conduct targetted killings and kidnappings, this is an aspect of the Pakistani Moslem paramilitary force that controls the streets of Luton & Dunstable and beyond with this recent triple murder a clear sign of things to come.

Two hunted in triple murder probe

Two arrested over triple killing

Mother stabbed 20 times in back while shielding daughter, 3

The facts are the facts and the facts speak for themselves!



Avi said...

Sickening. The UK is on the road to Hell.
Hashem bless you,

Bar Kochba

Anonymous said...

very accurate and revealing news report about the REAL life for ordinary white natives of this country and the suffering they are having to endure, as the British way of life is rapidly being taken over by a Muslim invasion from within.