13 August 2007

The Irish - We dont want Moslem immigrants

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I wrote this post titled Part 2. Fortress Bury Park several weeks back regarding the state of affairs on the ground in Luton and how the Moslem population has swamped the area forcing white flight.

Then last week I received this article from Steve Thompson written in the Irish press regarding what is happening in Luton with regards to the demographics of the local Moslem population.

Based on the facts contained in the article it does not take 'Einstein' to work out the future for Luton and is it any wonder they have taken over the streets and local council.

We are even being criticised for being to white in our own country by our invading GUESTS.


Short extract:-

In Luton, 44pc of school pupils are Muslim, though only 30pc of the population of the town are. Which means that Muslim families have 50pc more children than those of the indigenous population - in other words, within a couple of generations, the two groups in Luton will be swapping demographic places.

Better still, Dr Nazia Khanum, the "Chair" of the splendidly named Luton Multicultural Women's Coalition, (no, I didn't make it up: I just couldn't) has complained that in many village schools near Luton - in rustic Bedfordshire - both teachers and pupils were almost entirely white. What? White Christians? In England? How perfectly shocking.

And terrifyingly, there is no large-scale Islamic rejection of the murderous projects of their co-religionists in Britain; no mass-rallies of Muslims denouncing Islamicism; no call from within Muslim society for Muslims to join the army or police; and no unconditional and all-embracing campaign to extirpate murderous fundamentalism from within British Muslim society. Even "liberal" Muslims blame British foreign policy for Islamic terrorism in Britain, while remaining silent about the unspeakable Muslim-on-Muslim atrocities in Iraq.

Full article: Independant.ie

An article from the Local Luton News: Luton's rapid baby birth rise

I wonder why Luton is the fourth highest in the country?

What future does the indigenous population now face?



Anonymous said...

Just as Britain has been spatchcocked and raped by the bastards of Liberal globalist capitalism, in the name of "free enterprise" so too the Irish have had their gaze misdirected by the sheen of self profit from spiralling houseprices.
Blair's old bum-buddy Berty, the Irish PM has lined his pockets alomg with the rest and now in the same desperate bid to counterbalance the distortion of the population mix, have encouraged mass immigration from Catholic countries such as Brazil. Walk round Dublin and see for yourself.
The Sleezy Jets and the RainyAirs daily plonk their cargo of zombified hopefuls into the city centres of Europe, oblivious to their part in the global dreams of the conspirators of the new Slave-Trade, whilst these parading parrots of political parody strut themselves as the protectors of Democracy and freedom.
In the UK, the elite-parade have bucketjetted the youth of Poland to work for the minimum wage, as they squeeze the sick or helpless, the depressed and elderly of Brits to exist on a shoestring, while doleing out the taxpayers money on the "humanrights" of the immigrant and the hook-handed lying enemy that brag and preech there filth on Britains streets.
While these events take place, those that can are fleeing the oncoming Civil War, and the slimy maggots that pass for our politicians (why does that phrase bring Maggy(moron)Moran to mind?)kiss the arse of the enemies of the People, and concoct ever more insane and stupifying laws to encircle those that see beyond their puss-filled hypocritical intentions.
The Irish, whether once proud Rebels or patriotic Loyalists now are joined by the same paralysis of identity that chains them to the new reality.
When the bough bends, the cradle will break.

Anonymous said...

What is happening to England is basically written in the Fox Prophecy. Our country has been invaded and has been sold out by home grown traitors. This is all in the name of trade, however there is light at the end of the tunnel and England will be free and English once again.
I urge everyone who hasn't read it to google "Fox Prophecy", it will make the hairs on your neck stand up.