8 August 2007

The New 21st Century poachers

Tony Blair and his Labour government when he was in power and started the disintegration of Great Britain said that opening the flood gates to immigration would enrich our modern society.

Please take a read of this article from where I live and work out for yourself who is being enriched.

Daily Mail



Anonymous said...

Time to find these Poles something useful to do.
They are mostly staunch Catholics, perhaps someone should havce a word with the the large numbers of Priests coming from Poland to look after their spiritual needs. (They would listen to them.)
Have youever spoken to a Pole and asked what they think of multicultural England, and especially that God forsaken hole that you live near, and even more so, the thoughts they have about the stupidity and idiocy of allowing places like Bury Park to become near no-go areas for British. They think the Brits are off their freaking heads for allowing their country to be abused, so they think that as no body seems to care, they ay as well join in the great British rip-off.
I hope Blair, Milliband and all the arse-up legs-open Labour scumbags get a dose of what the enemies within of Britain are doing to our Country.

Lionheart said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment anonymous.

Lets hope that some one with a sane British mind takes over charge of this asylum because those at the top swimming in our tax money do not seem to care about those of us at the bottom on the recieving end of their lunacy.

God bless you