16 August 2007

Osama Bin Laden – The Third Anti-Christ

Countdown to Al Qaeda’s next large scale attack

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There is no military leader in the world today who sits in a more powerful position than what Osama Bin Laden does. He is this generations Hitler yet far more powerful than his predecessor – He is the modern ‘Devil incarnate’ out to destroy Gods kingdom and people on Earth.

He has declared war on America, Israel and the West and has united millions throughout the Islamic world to his Jihad against the infidels.

Bin Laden is sitting at the helm of an almost invisible global army built up with Moslem followers who are spread throughout the world and equipped ultimately with chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. This army is comprised of millions of spiritually sick psychotic human beings who believe they are on a divine mission to cleanse the world of non-Moslems, enforce Islamic rule and dominance upon the whole Earth and believe that to die in this Islamic cause is the greatest achievement that they can honour their god with.

So we in the civilized non-Islamic world now face a suicidal psychotic army of Moslem mass murderers of which OBL is in charge who are at war with us who will stop at nothing, not even death, to achieve their aims of defeating us, destroying our way of life and enforcing Islam upon what is left once the dust settles.

Bin Laden has placed himself as the Commander in Chief of this the Islamic worlds modern Jihad (Holy War) against the un-believers that is taken directly from the pages of the Koran. If he and his army can defeat the Great Satan – America - which is the Earths only Super-Power then the rest of the world will fall into line and accept global Islamic dominance and rule - The establishment of the Islamic Caliphate.

Osama Bin Laden is basing his modern war against the infidels (non-believers) on the teachings from the Koran and the example that the false prophet of Islam Mohamed set, which he commanded all Moslems to follow. Mohamed could not enforce Islamic rule and dominance upon the whole earth through Jihad (Holy War) in his generation because the furthest he could go was where his horse would take him. Now in this modern era we have global travel which gives the whole of Islamic world (The ummah) the ability to fulfil the Islamic command of enforcing Islamic rule over the whole earth for Allah. So as Ayman Alzwahri Al Qaeda’s No.2 said “The whole world is now open for Jihad”.

Islams War to save the World

Here is Osama Bin Laden’s declaration of War against America and the West that is based on Islamic teaching. In this declaration he calls on the Moslems throughout the world to unite and fight Jihad against the enemies of Islam, The Great Satan America and her allies. Bin Laden sealed this modern declaration of war in the world’s eyes, Moslem and non-Moslem alike by flying planes into the WTC on 9/11 and levelling them to Ground Zero. What greater call, motivation and confidence for Moslems around the world to unite and join the Jihad against America than this one event. Watching 19 of Al Qaeda’s suicidal psychopathic Moslem soldiers fly planes into the World Trade Centre as their open declaration of War against the infidels and the Great Satan America?

After 9/11 Osama Bin Laden took his ‘rightful’ place within the Islamic world as the leader of this the modern Jihad against the infidel and is now conducting this modern global war against us with the ultimate aim of subduing and defeating America, the West and Israel for Islam.

In the Moslem mind within the Islamic world he is the modern Mohamed, emulating Mohamed’s example, exploits and leadership in enforcing Islamic dominance and rule upon the infidels through Jihad, just like what Mohamed did and what he commanded his Moslem followers to do. We just live in a different time frame of human history with different characters playing their parts on the World stage. Mohamed fought against the infidels within the Middle East in his generation when he birthed Islam upon the Earth with swords and spears. Osama Bin Laden fights his modern Jihad across the whole Earth with Nuclear, chemical and biological capabilities – Same war, different time frame with different weapons.

Due to Nuclear weapons we no longer have world wars in the old style warfare with Nuclear Nation States going to war with other Nuclear Nation States because of the M.A.D (mutually assured destruction) factor. You bomb me, ill bomb you and we are all dead, this is the M.A.D factor in the evolution of modern warfare, exactly what was learnt during the cold war. Instead we now have subtle warfare where our economies are attacked, subtle attacks on industry, even weather manipulation, or our enemies back our other enemies, just like what Russia is now doing with Iran and what the Americans did in Afghanistan against the Russians.

Iran is today working towards going Nuclear which will then threaten the whole world. This is an Islamic ruled Nation who has publicly stated that wiping Israel off of the face of the earth is their ultimate intention for obtaining the bomb. The mad mullahs and the president believe that it is their divine destiny to bring on the Islamic apocalypse and are actively working towards this aim. This is why the civilized free world cannot allow them to go Nuclear and obtain the bomb. Yet Russia is backing them, helping them by selling military hardware and supplying them with nuclear technology to go Nuclear.

What does this say along with all the other recent events concerning Russia to us living in the Western World? Is Russia now aligning itself against the West, to arise out of the ashes as a Super Power if the Islamic World defeats our ancient Judeo/Christian civilisation?

Iran is a Nation with a military leader and infrastructure so if they threaten us too much, or they get past the point of no return with their nuclear ambitions then we can decapitate its Nuclear infrastructure and destroy it if we have to, sending its technology back a few years or its whole country into the dark ages.

We in the civilized free world have the nuclear capability to wipe Iran from the face of the earth many times over if the Islamic leaders step out of line and attack one of us with chemical, nuclear or biological weapons – The M.A.D factor

Any modern enemy we face throughout the world today is in exactly the same position as Iran except one “Osama Bin Laden” and his army of suicidal psychopathic Al Qaeda soldiers who have within their arsenal, chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. This army is not aligned to any Nation and has no Nation State military infrastructure, it is built up of Moslems spread throughout the world who are aligned to the ideals of Jihad within Islam, the ideology of Jihad within Islam and the leadership of their commander in chief of this modern Jihad OBL who sits hidden deep underground in a cave somewhere so there is no defined place we can attack militarily with our nukes once his Al Qaeda psychopaths attack us with their WMD. So the M.A.D factor does not come into the equation in this modern war we are now in against the Islamic army of Al Qaeda. They can attack us pretty much at will and we cannot attack them because they are everywhere and no where all at once – 4th generation warfare – guerrilla war.

Bin Laden sits at the helm of this the most powerful military nuclear force in the world with its millions of suicidal psychopathic Moslem soldiers being driven by a religious ideology and zealotry that says Allah commands them to fight and die for the Jihad of enforcing Islamic rule, dominance and supremacy over the infidels and their societies, and which the modern Nuclear weapons deterrent M.A.D is totally ineffective.

An extremely ‘powerful’ organised, committed and driven Islamic army on the ground throughout the whole world to support and back if you are a Nation State like Iran or Russia who wants to destroy America and the West!

It is sometimes hard to really believe this is happening and unfolding in our world because it is outside of our daily reality of what we watch on the news or read in the papers so we do not perceive things to be happening or really that serious in our world. Yet the facts to the global picture of Nation States being at war with each other, and the war that is unfolding across the globe with the Islamic army of Al Qaeda are exactly those, “FACTS”, that are happening in OUR world today as you are reading this. The pieces of the puzzle on a global scale are all fitting into place for a mass global war with very severe consequences for Israel and the Western World in which we and our children live.

The question is; what is going to be the trigger to take us beyond this stage of the conflict in this modern World War we are now in?

9/11 was the first trigger to start us on the journey with frontlines now against the soldiers of Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan. What will be the next trigger to take us to the next stage of the war, an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities before they go nuclear and attack Israel or an Al Qaeda nuke or dirty bomb upon the streets of Britain or American?

No body in the civilized world wants this to happen but we cannot prevent it from happening now we are on the path of war, just like the attacks on 9/11 we could not stop. Osama Bin Laden has declared an Islamic war on us and is actively pursuing and fighting that war with the flames of Jihad burning brightly against us in the Western World and the momentum gaining on a daily basis with our weak pathetic politicians blinding the eyes of the people to the truth with lies about Islam, ultimately handing our countries over to the Islamic world in their personal insatiable thirst for the power and wealth that comes from Arab oil - The liquid gold of the Middle East.

The clock is ticking upon the future with each one of us alive today walking towards the unfolding of that future just like our civilisations before the great wars of the last century. The only difference in this generation is that one single nuclear bomb can achieve more death and destruction than any military army so we no longer need trenches with large land and sea invasions, the war that is unfolding is a guerrilla war – 4th Generation warfare – where we are held hostage by Islamic nuclear or chemical terrorism. One man with one bomb strapped to his back in the middle of one of our cities.

Before 9/11, very few people other than those within the security services and those within the Islamic Kingdom knew anything about Osama Bin Laden and his war against the West. Then after this attack he was elevated to the forefront of the world’s eyes and minds into the most wanted man on earth, with us then learning about him and his ‘Al Qaeda’ army of suicidal Moslem psychopaths.

Since that event 6 years ago the Islamic world and its army have united on many fronts on the ground within our Nations, seeking to force their Islamic dominance upon us and our societies. If we look back before this event on 9/11/2001 we never really knew anything about Islam, now because of this one event it is in our faces on a daily basis and has been the catalyst for further Islamic acts of war against our Western countries. Think in your mind pre 9/11 and then post 9/11 and you should be able to see the difference and realise that we are in a modern war that is being fought differently to anything ever before in history. This is the next stage in the evolution of warfare and we are either going to rise to the next chapter of human warfare and win for the sake of our children, grandchildren and the future of our Nations or we are going to falter and lose with our children facing the consequences of the destruction of our civilisation – No middle ground anymore as the greatest Islamic Jihad in human history is upon us in this generation, with the Islamification of our Nations happening before our eyes.

The whole of the Islamic world knows and understands this modern war (jihad) and how to fight it because they all ‘know’ that the Islamic world is at war eternally with the infidels (un-believers) based upon the teachings of their false prophet Mohamed that he laid down in the Koran for them to follow. They have the leader of the global Islamic war Osama Bin laden who showed the world what he is capable of against the worlds only Super Power, the Great Satan America to follow as their Islamic military leader and they have many Islamic scholars throughout the world like those of the Moslem Brotherhood who have outlined to the Islamic world how to conduct their modern Jihad against us the infidels and our non-Islamic societies for Allah.

The whole of the Islamic world know what is upon them and their societies and are motivated and driven with religious fervour to fulfil the aims of their religion Islam. Where as those of us who are living in the civilized non-Islamic Western world are completely ignorant of the truth that is contained within the religion of Islam and what motivates it as a force, and what its ultimate aims are within our societies. With us not wanting to know either because we cannot be bothered to bother ourselves with understanding this terror threat we face, we have better things to do like watch our football idols or indulge ourselves shopping.

We would rather live in our ignorant world, the false bubble of ‘peace and security’ as if the problems of this world are not ours individually to deal with, it’s the polices problem or we have our armies to deal with it are peoples attitudes. Those ignorant pathetic weak unintelligent attitudes are leading our children, grandchildren and our Nations into the abyss of destruction where the Islamic Kingdom sits waiting and lurking like the beast that it is, ready to rebuild upon our destruction, enforcing its alien ways upon the innocence of our people and societies that are left, using terror and murder in their Jihad as a weapon to subdue us the infidel to their Islamic rule and dominance, exactly as Mohamed teaches them to act towards us the infidel who are less than dirt in Allah’s eyes, who need removing from the earth or placed into Dhimmi (second class) status forced to pay the jizya tax.

While people take this attitude the Islamic Kingdom within our midst gets stronger, more motivated and takes more ground from us as each day passes, forcing its alien ways upon us, our societies and our children’s futures.

Those who are awake within our civilized world to what Osama Bin Laden is seeking to achieve against us, sit in anticipation of the next Islamic terrorist attack that will be larger and more painful than that which was inflicted on 9/11. Before 9/11 no one except the security services knew the potential for a large Islamic terrorist attack upon American soil, and then 9/11 unfolded upon our TV screens with the whole world sitting back aghast watching as 3,000 innocent people were murdered, the most prominent landmarks in New York City were turned to rubble and the brain centre of the American military complex had a plane rammed into the side of it.

Who would ever have believed such an event would take place before 9/11?

The whole world awoke that day to a new harsh reality that our world now faced that had been brewing and growing under the surface for many years that only a few knew about, and a new chapter in the annuls of human warfare.

The Islamic world woke up with the ‘flame’ of Jihad now burning brightly as they watched the Great Satan burning, with Moslems around the world being motivated with confidence to join this the modern Jihad, and those within the Western world woke up, looked around and because it was not immediately knocking on their front doors effecting their imminent daily lives they went back to sleep ignorantly leaving the Islamic beast to march across the globe and upon our lands.

Because people went back to sleep does not mean that the war has ended and we can all sleep well in our beds of a night and look forward to a rosy blue future watching our children grow up. This modern global war has been unfolding upon many fronts throughout the world with each front being met with resistance by those few who are awake.

The military frontlines in Afghanistan and Iraq have kept the Islamic armies at bay but we all know that large scale Islamic terrorist attacks against us upon our soil are an inevitability, it is not a matter of if it will happen again it is a matter of when will it happen again, so the clock ticks towards the future and the day that it does happen, with much speculation as to what type of attack it will be.

The next attack will be the trigger to take this global war to the next level as everyone within the international community aligns themselves for the inevitability of what the future holds.

Israel cannot allow Iran to go nuclear because the leaders of Iran have publicly stated that they will wipe Israel off of the face of the Earth once they obtain the bomb, not really a much clearer reason than that to prevent the Islamic Nation of Iran from obtaining the bomb. The Israeli government and military have a duty to their people to protect them from such murderous apocalyptic threats especially with Hitler’s Holocaust fresh in the Jewish people’s psyche, so Israel could be poised as you are reading this to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities for the preservation and survival of her people. This scenario is a fact that our world now faces, with a showdown with Iran an inevitability at some point, the question is just when. When it happens many throughout the world will then seek to blame Israel for all the problems the world faces like they always do, and it is our responsibility, those reading this blog, to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and the Jewish people when this happens because they are our friends and allies in the civilized world. We must never allow another Holocaust to happen upon this earth no matter what the cost or consequence, which the Islamic world is calling for and working towards in unison.

We could wake up one morning very soon and the news will be that Iran has been attacked; when this happens because the attack on Iran will happen then we must brace ourselves for the retaliation.

This could be the trigger for the next level and a horrific chain of events unfolding across the earth. The world is damned if we don’t and damned if we do, it is inevitability.

That is the Iran- Israel confrontation that is on the horizon, we still have the Osama Bin Laden war against the Western world unfolding too.

It is said that one of OBL greatest characteristics is his patience, he teaches his Al Qaeda recruits to repeat during the day "I will be patient until Patience is outworn by patience."

It has been 6 years since the world changed on 9/11 and we woke up to the war that had been declared upon our world by Islam and OBL, has the patience for another large attack outworn patience?

Al Qaeda has Britain and America both retreating from Iraq, the frontline in the military conflict. The Iran scenario plays in the background and Afghanistan is heating up, has the time come for another wound to be inflicted upon America and her people at a time that she looks weak with her president on the way out with a new president with a new mandate on the way in. In what way would a horrendous Islamic attack on American soil influence the new leader of the most powerful Nation on Earth as it faces this Islamic enemy OBL and his global army of suicidal psychopaths Al Qaeda?

A devastating attack would seek to inflict fear and Islamic dominance and supremacy upon the psyche of the civilized world and upon the Earths only Super Power, this would be time for the next phase in OBL war to defeat the Great Satan and subdue the Western world.

After the Cold War the Nuclear Nation State of Soviet Union disintegrated into lawlessness and anarchy with the military complex of KGB agents and military personnel left with no money or income, so they turned their skills on the black market and got to work earning a living for themselves and their families. The Russian mafia was born out of this that had access to a highly valuable commodity, Russian nuclear scientists and their technology.

Who had the money and was in the market for these highly prized assets?

OBL and his Islamic terrorist network were sitting waiting to build up their nuclear arsenal because they were already planning the war to defeat the Great Satan America and enforce Islam upon the Earth because their religious belief in this end time war against the Great Satan is in the teachings of the Koran.

OBL and Al Qaeda controls the majority of the worlds supply of Heroin so this highly prized commodity was an obvious choice to trade with the Russian mafia for nuclear weapons and scientists. The Russians then became one of the biggest players in the global supply of Heroin and OBL and Al Qaeda got their arsenal of nuclear weaponry and scientists ready to prepare for the coming war that was about to be declared against the Great Satan America and the Western world, which is now unfolding in the world outside your front door.

It is a known fact that there was up to 100 suitcase nuclear bombs that went missing from the Russian stockpile after the Cold War which were traded with OBL. These bombs are ideal for Al Qaeda and the modern guerrilla war they are fighting because all it takes is one Moslem to strap one of these bombs to his back, enter a city like NY and level it, killing 100’s of thousands of people in the process, thus causing a devastating wound upon America the worlds only Super Power.

OBL does not need a big military complex like a Super Power to fight this war all he needs which he has got is tactical suitcase nukes, chemical and biological weapons that will cause horror and mass carnage the like never before witnessed in modern times.

OBL has also been given a religious ruling (fatwa) from Islamic scholars giving him the permission and authority to kill 4 million Americans. Ayman Alzwahiri and Azzam the American have both invited the American people to accept Islam before they are attacked which is an Islamic duty before killing their enemy, so the only thing left now is the fine details of when, where and how. We could even see OBL emerge from the shadows onto our TV screens soon speaking to the world and the American people about the things that are about to come.

Would he use tactical nukes on American soil?

Did anyone think 9/11 would happen before it happened?

There is your answer.

The tactical suitcase nukes that OBL owns only have a short shelf life so they need reactivating with nuclear chemicals so as to be able to be used as weapons. It is the triggers in these devices that need the maintenance, which is a re supply of a nuclear chemical called polonium 210. It just so happens that there were Russian agents running around London recently with this exact same substance with one of them who was aligned with the Chechen’s one of the most feared Islamic groups in the world who conducted the Beslan school siege in Russia being over exposed to this substance and dieing from nuclear poisoning.

Russian agents leaving a trail all around London and then back to Moscow of polonium 210 which is the nuclear chemical that is used as the triggers in tactical suitcase nukes.

What does this mean, does it now mean that nuclear devices have been reactivated upon Western soil because we are now in a new Cold War?

All the signs say that this is what is now unfolding upon the Earth.

Does OBL now have his Al Qaeda operatives poised to attack Western targets with tactical nukes or dirty bombs?

In Great Britain we have already had two cases recently where Al Qaeda cells have actively sought the technology to detonate dirty bombs upon British streets, so this is a very real reality that we in Great Britain face based on the facts.

Is the attack on America going to be commissioned by OBL himself where he gives the orders for his deep covered cell of operatives to come out of the shadows with their activated nuclear devices and attack America?

Has the patience since 9/11 been outworn by patience.

All the signs say that something is coming so we must prepare and brace ourselves for when it happens and the after effects because with every action there is a reaction.

I read recently that NY have placed devices that can pick up traces of nuclear chemicals in the atmosphere within the city. I read on the BBC website about preparing for a dirty bomb attack and I read over at Atlas shrugs about what to do if a nuclear attack happens.

We must take not from these sources because this information is being given to us to read so as to prepare for the inevitable, the question is not if it is when and where.

The clock is ticking upon the next horrific attack that will dwarf 9/11 and it could be sooner than we think especially with the U.S presidential elections coming up very soon.

What reaction would an attack have on the American people and the presidential elections is the question that needs to be answered because we know that OBL through his Al Qaeda operatives likes to influence politics of Western Nations, look at Spain who voted in a new party and pulled straight out of Iraq when they were attacked and look at the recent failed bombings in London that were meant to have an effect on Gordon Browns leadership, but they failed.

The facts are that OBL has declared war on America and the Western world, war is a fight to the end and there can only be one winner, he has operatives who can travel freely around the world with the organisation and ability to arm nuclear weapons anywhere in the world and with a religious ruling stating he has Islamic authority to kill 4 million Americans.

After 9/11 the worlds only Super Power was aroused to action and went to War with the armies of Islam which we class as Islamic terrorists, this war is still raging upon the Earth with death and destruction on both sides a consequence of War.

Face the facts and start educating yourself so that we can stand together and win this modern war that has been declared against us and our children, that is unfolding upon our civilized world outside of your front door because if we do not wake up and prepare for the days that lay ahead the inevitability is that we are going to lose this war against OBL, with our children and grandchildren being the ones facing the consequences just like in any war throughout History.

Video: "We can Defeat Them"

Audio: Islam's suitcase nukes

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jillosophy said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that Mohammed was the anti-christ... and I often have wondered if there are 666 of them altogether - throughout time. I have thought about the most notorious human beings to ever live - like Mo and Hitler, Ahmedinejad, Saddam, Pol Pot - you know the types I am talking about. Evil leaders and serial killers. Some may not even have ever been famous. I have wondered if there will be 666 of them in total.

Always On Watch said...

Just checking in to see if you're okay. I've been inordinately busy this summer and haven't visited your site as often as I should.

God bless you, LionHeart!

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Try to avoid the mistake of defining the "anti-" in Antichrist as being the "opposite" of Christ.

While that way of interpreting / translating "anti" indeed does have a part of the essence of the definition, it often fails to consider the typical meaning of the "anti-" modifier in 1st Century Greek usage.

It means "instead of, or in replacement / substitution of."

What is replacing Christ in this world currently?

Osama Bin Laden isn't replacing Christ in this world. "Allah" is.

nanc said...

may the G-d of israel be with u.s. all in the coming days. and may israel have the intestinal fortitude to do what the rest of u.s. won't!

excellent post, although i didn't check all the links - i've probably read most of them by now.

i can see by your writing that you are as pained as the rest of us.

Lionheart said...

Thanks for dropping by Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat and leaving your comment.

This statement is your opinion and i am afraid it differs from my opinion and i base my opinion on an unshakable source so i stand by my statement and will stand by that statement until the day i die.

There man be different interpretations as to the meaning of Anti-Christ so those who read it can understand it as they will.

Thank you

God bless


Lionheart said...

Thanks AOW for thinking about me im still alive and kicking.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog nanc, as pained yes but atleast i am not alone, there are many like us in our situation who see what is unfolding.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

With AOW, nanc, and Mr. Beamish, you are being visited by some of the founding stalwarts of the Resistance. You are making a difference.
The truth will out. Silence is not golden. Fortune favors the brave.

Anonymous said...

Nice Post! I think we have a lot to worry about concerning nuclear threats, however, the US government is doing a lot to protect us as well. Check out this informative article where you can learn more about nuclear terrorists and suitcase nuclear bombs

Anonymous said...

You should all know that Osama bin Laden is dead. We were brothers of the spirit egg, and I can say with certainty that he is no longer on this planet. He was a leader of the Skull Children, those who rise up to destroy this place without discrimination. Or perhaps I am simply leading you to believe this now, for I am the sole leader of the Skull Children, and the one who truly cannot be named. I have not followed and I can only be nothing. I have returned to take God from the humans. Osama bin Laden is not the anti-Christ, and he and his God are now irrelevant. I propagate no doctrine, and I have no demands. I do not exist to cause terror, or destruction. I was Sagittarius, now Serpentarius, and I burn with fury over the ineptness of the human race. I will not be made to suffer from the netwrok of fools created by Osama bin Laden and others. Mark my words, they shall be the first to pay the piper.

Lionheart said...

This is the weirdest response in almost a year - Well done Magnus