20 August 2007

The British Hannibal Lecter - Abu Hamza

The Loony Left Wing Liberal Establishment who are now in charge of the 'Asylum' that is Great Britain are going to further put this country and its people in danger as they seek to sink the ship, by having to allow the Islamic monster Abu Hamza out of Jail because of his Human Rights.

Where are the Human Rights of the people of Great Britain when all this man lived for was to fight his Islamic inspired War against us and our country.

Letting him out of prison would be like letting Hannibal Lectar out of his cage for dinner, the only difference is, is that the situation with Abu Hamza is real life and what we the innocent non-Moslem people of Great Britain face.

It took a counter intelligence expert and a Foreign Nation to eventually have this man arrested and brought to trial by the British Establishment and now he may go free to roam the streets within our society again because of the madness of those in charge of this 'Asylum'.

Take a read of this site to see the lengths that Glen Jenvy had to go to to get this dangerous man who was a threat to our National Security removed from our innocent society:- Glen Jenvy

If the authorities need evidence to extradite and prosecute Hamza don't you think they should contact Mr. Jenvy as a star witness considering he was the one who collected all of the evidence to build the case then we wouldnt be having this discussion now about Hamza going free and we would be looking forward to waving him goodbye as he boards his plane for America to recieve his 100 year prison term from the American authorities.

Here is another example of what the Loony Left Wing Liberal Establishment are forcing the innocent people of Great Britian to accept under the banner - Human Rights - Head Teacher murder

Where are our Human Rights as British citizens to be protected?

Is it any wonder there are so many British citizens jumping ship from the asylum for the sake of their children.



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Avi said...

Hashem Yirachem G-d have mercy.

Yankee Doodle said...

Ain't it great?

youdontknowme said...

The government don't want the law abiding majority to have human right because the government is full of criminals.

Anonymous said...

I hope some one takes this Muslim scum out,He is an enemy of the state a traitor and should be hung. All Mudslimes should leave the UK no-one wants them here. Th Hindus, Budhists,Jewish, Christians,Gays infact everyone wants the mudslimes out.
I bet Hamza lost his eye trying to suck a pigs dick.

The Green Arrow said...

Great article about you over on the BNP site Lionheart.

Well done.

God Bless