7 August 2007

Excuse me Doctor: Who is in charge of this asylum?

The Human rights of the ‘infidel’s’ within their 21st Century British Society

The brave men and women of our Armed services are fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq against Islamic extremists from around the world who threaten us within the civilized world. Whilst back home on the ground across our Nation in their very own communities and country where their families and children are living we are under attack from within by Islamic extremists who we have living here amongst us. We have no one who can really protect us from this modern threat because the law of our land that is supposed to protect us and uphold our civilized society is against us and on the side of our warmongering Islamic enemy that is seeking to conquer our land.

The police have lost control of the streets in relation to the army of Moslem foot soldiers from the Islamic Kingdom because there is so many of them who are well organised, well connected, extremely wealthy and conducting a military campaign of Jihad against us, this is beyond the level of the police and has been for some time now.

Our security services that are limited in number are forced by our political leaders to sit back watching Al Qaeda terrorist’s and their network of terror cells that are plotting and planning mass murder and carnage against us, instead of arresting and interning them because of their ‘human rights’. Unless they actually ‘watch’ them go into dispatch stage to attack us, then they can arrest them. We know after recent events in London and Glasgow that the threat is so big for the security services to deal with that they cannot be every where all of the time to protect us.

We the innocent people of Britain who see and have experienced this Jihad against us by British born Moslems and their fellow international Islamic Jihadi’s that we have living here along side of us are forced into having to just sit back and watch as this modern horror unfolds around us and our children because of the Islamic terrorist’s human rights. The Islamic terrorists attack us potentially killing and maiming untold numbers of innocent British citizens with us then left to pick up the pieces and clear up the mess of another one of their atrocities in their Islamic war against us, against our innocent British homeland and against our Judeo/Christian society in which we live.

Where are the British people’s ‘human rights like those who died and were seriously injured and maimed on 7/7, to be protected from these blood thirsty Islamic monsters that we have living here upon our land, feeding from our civilized Judeo/Christian generosity?

We even have Al Qaeda trained terrorists and sympathisers working within the police force with the ‘powers that be’ unable to arrest or sack them for the security of our Nation because of their ‘human rights’, so they are left working within one of our most sensitive institutions that was established in our country to protect the public – The police force.

Again we the innocent people of Great Britain have to give up our human rights to be protected as civilized people living in a free democratic secular society, over and above Moslem’s from within the Islamic Kingdom’s human rights. These monsters hate and despise us and our way of life, and are at war with us; aiming to destroy everything that makes us who we are, yet their human rights mean more to the politicians and judges ruling this country than the human rights of the British people – Who is in charge of this asylum?

The failed car bombings in London and Glasgow are a prime example of Moslem terrorists from around the world infiltrating into our society and then carrying out acts of war against us for Islam. There are untold amounts of Al Qaeda trained and inspired terrorists still working in our NHS system but because of their ‘human rights’ we the innocent people of Britain can do nothing about it but sit back inept and allow them to administer deadly medication to us, conduct life threatening operations on us and deliver our infidel babies that they despise with complete and utter Islamic hatred – This is the madness within the asylum of 21st Century Britain that has to change for the preservation of the future of our society and Western civilisation.

When the police and security services do arrest Moslem terrorists who are intent on harming life within Great Britain the government does not send many of these potential mass murderers off to prison. Instead they stick electronic tags on their ankles, leave them at home and tell them not to leave the house like the good boys that they are. Lunacy, of course after boredom sets in upon these Moslem terrorists and they want to go and associate with their fellow Islamic extremists to talk about beheading infidels, they cut off their tags, open their front doors and then walk back out into our innocent society and abscond. We now have many known Al Qaeda psychopathic terrorists who want to harm the life of our Nation on the run within Great Britain and all because of their ‘human rights’.

We also have known Islamic terrorists from around the world who have fled their home countries because of their extreme murderous Islamic activities descending upon the United Kingdom because once here we cannot deport them home because of their ‘human rights’. They are then left living in our country, feeding from our benefits system that the good hardworking people pay their taxes towards, to plot and plan mass murder and carnage against us within Great Britain and against our way of life in the Western world.

Islamic extremists are protected within British society from the ‘powers that be’ who should be here to protect the innocent British people in society, by the human rights laws that “someone somewhere” is forcing upon the British people against our will.

The savage Moslem terrorists from within the Islamic Kingdom who have infiltrated our country in their war of conquest for Islam, hide behind these preposterous human rights laws that threaten the National Security of the United Kingdom. This then gives the Islamic terrorists an unchallenged reign ‘within’ our society to plot and plan mass murder and carnage against us, with there being nothing we can do about it but sit back and watch helplessly as this all unfolds upon us and our children.

Funny how the treasonous traitor Tony Blair’s wife is a human rights lawyer screwing this country and the British people for ‘money’ at the complete expense of us and our children’s futures just like her Dhimmi husband – insider trading I think they call it.

We are also not allowed to call Moslem terrorists who are conducting their war against us for global Islamic dominance – Moslem - or say that they are part of the Islamic faith through fear of offending and alienating the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain; this is in how high esteem Islam is held above British citizens. This is complete and utter appeasement to ‘Islam’ by our modern leaders who are serving the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain from a position of Dhimmitude (subservience). Our leaders are pandering to the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers, allowing them a free reign to kill and maim innocent British citizens in their Jihad for Islam, with our mainstream media propaganda machine not allowed to look at the picture we the innocent people face in relation to Islam’s war against us and tell those who do not understand what is going on the truth about this horror unfolding in their midst. They must tell the ignorant British sheep people a disgraceful appeasing lie because our modern leaders are ‘appeasers’, scared of telling the British people the truth about their murderous Moslem neighbours.

We did not call the IRA criminals when they were bombing London, we called them terrorists so why can the mainstream media not tell the truth and call Moslems who murder for Islam, Moslem terrorists and part of the Islamic faith?

Gordon Brown is in a very special unique position being the first Scott leading Great Britain so a lot is expected of him from many quarters not least from within himself and his family. He wants to be remembered in modern history as a true leader of the British people with Churchillian qualities, this type of action at this moment in time towards us and our country leaves him in the Neville Chamberlain category at this stage of his premiership.

Look at what Sir Winston Churchill said about Moslems:- Stop Islamic Conquest

With what is unfolding around us now in modern times he has the right ‘conditions’ to go down in history as a Great leader like Sir Winston Churchill, but the decisions and actions he takes will be what determines how history judges him. At this moment he and the small band of democratically elected British leaders surrounding him that he is a part of, are selling us and our country out for their own agenda’s, forgetting that there are 60 million of us in this country! We might not all agree at this moment in time but as soon as a very serious Islamic attack like a dirty bomb or chemical attack occurs whether here or abroad the whole of the British people’s psyche will change with a large number of patriots in the millions uniting across this land – Are they prepared for this event? It will come and certain people will then be held accountable for their treason against our homeland and the treachery against us and our children.

There are millions of British patriots throughout this land whose anger is bubbling and boiling under the surface of everyday life because of what is being forced upon them against their will including the lies about Islam’s global war against us and these psychotic human rights laws. This righteous anger is being successfully contained at this moment in time by our government who have been passing laws to protect themselves and their treason against us, against our children and against our homeland with many within their state funded police force silencing their critics and protecting the warmongering Islamic Kingdom that is intent on conquering Great Britain in their modern global Jihad.

Mark my words; once the anger of the innocent people of Great Britain is united and unleashed against our internal enemies there will be nothing and nobody able to quench their righteousness that will be spread throughout this land. In what era this happens is anyone’s guess, but believe me the time approaches when it will happen, it is a certainty that the future holds for this Nation that we cannot escape from, just like our families in the First and Second World Wars.

Do you think that the heavily protected politicians and Elite care about your human rights? Do you think that those within the Islamic Kingdom care about your human rights? Do you think that the Moslem terrorists who blow themselves up or plant bombs are thinking about your human rights when they are carrying out their heinous actions?

Who is going to protect you and your children’s human rights because those who created the laws to hold over you do not care about you and your human rights?

The British people whose forefathers fought and died for them and their homeland no longer have any human rights as British citizens within their own country. We and our children have finally been legally pushed out of our homeland by our modern leaders and are now looked upon as second class citizens, where our safety, security and way of life within our Nation now comes secondary to the Islamic Kingdom, its way of life and its Moslem residents. In Islamic teaching this is the aim of Jihad – Dhimmitude - to force the infidel into a position of submission to Islamic dominance, where the infidel takes second class citizen status, becoming what they call a Dhimmi.

The Islamic Kingdom has achieved its aims using terror, politics, infiltration and our legal system against us. The situation can only get worse from here as the Islamic Kingdom grows upon our land and asserts more authority over the new Nation that it has subdued into a position of Dhimmitude.

I personally am not going to go down without a fight why should I when I have innocent children who are a part of the future of this Nation growing up in this country, what about you?

I personally know of many cowards out there and you know who you are.

I am a Christian and would rather die a Christian man as I stand before Almighty God than as a Moslem Dhimmi (second class citizen) like 85% of the British population.

(You’re a Dhimmi if you sit back and say and do nothing, ignoring what is going on around you. If you read my blog which you are if you have read to this point then you cannot say you did not know)

If the government and authorities are not going to protect me and my human rights then what alternative do I have but to protect myself and my rights as a human being to "live and survive" on planet Earth in my British homeland within its 21st Century society?

Islamic militants want to Kill me, read my blog and see the threats against my life, they are not the first and they will not be the last.

Where are my human rights to be protected from this as an innocent British citizen when faced with Moslems within my homeland who want to kill me?

Am I to roll over, give in, give up, run away and go into deep hiding never to surface again because of the murderous threats and intimidation against my life from the Moslems who are working towards taking mine and your country over?

It would be easy to do that, but that is not going to make the situation of forced Dhimmitude through threats of violence and murder that the innocent people of Great Britain face from the Islamic Kingdom go away. That is just a continuation of covering over and ignoring the problem on the ground that our modern British society faces from Moslems, until it surfaces again for someone else to have to deal with.

Why when living in my own country should I have to put up with my British human rights being completely trashed by an invading warmongering Islamic army with threats of murder and male rape aimed at me?

I should not, it is a barbaric and savage disgrace against my human rights as a British citizen and I will not put up with it. I ask every sane British patriot who cares about their children’s future to stand with me in condemnation of this Barbaric Moslem Savagery that is actively at work ‘under the surface’ of our once innocent British society that has hideously threatened my life.

I never asked for this to happen to me, but one thing is certain, is that I am not going to turn my back on it and walk away – Why should I?

Today it is me but tomorrow it could well be you or someone you love within your family like on the dreadful day of 7/7, or someone you love becoming a living drug addicted zombie because of Al Qaeda’s Heroin that is being pumped into our society as a weapon of war against us – These are facts that you cannot escape from.

The Islamists murderous aims towards me personally are very clear and their aims towards our civilized British society are blatantly clear too, yet everyone stands back watching choosing to ignore what is unfolding around them through their weakness and cowardice. I always thought that the British people were made of something special that is what I learned as a child.

You as an individual reading this; what are you made of?

I hope something stirs deep within your British soul when you think inside yourself for an answer to that question because what I face, your or your children could face in the not too distant future.

We also have other sections within our society who are actively helping the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain as it seeks to conquer our land through the Islamification of our Judeo/Christian society, destroying our civilized free democratic British way of life in the process, with the ultimate consequence being the murder of your children and grandchildren in 20 years from now if they do not accept Islamic ‘rule and dominance’ and become Dhimmi’s (second class citizens) paying the jizya tax for their safety – This is the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain’s End Game quest.

If that is what you want for your children and grandchildren then carry on your weak and pathetic path to oblivion, leaving your children and grandchildren to pick up the pieces of your disgrace and shame.

Whether you like it or not, which none of us do, the war of our times has been declared against us with the Islamic world seeking the total destruction of the Western world and sink lose or swim there can only be one winner in war, that is just a basic fundamental truth to the nature of war, along with the death and destruction that occurs along the way before the final victory – Them or us, no middle ground.

Either the open declaration’s of war that have been aimed at our Judeo/Christian civilisation and the daily acts of Jihad are a figment of my over active imagination or there is something unfolding in the ‘real world’ outside of your false bubble of ‘peace and security’ that many people are yet to grasp the nature of – 4th Generation Warfare

Wake up and start educating yourself to the nature of this ‘modern war’ that has been declared upon each of us and against our civilized Judeo/Christian way of life by the Islamic world, and what you and your children now face because of it before it is too late for all of us.

No one wanted the Second World War it was thrust upon our forefathers who were living in that generation by Hitler.

No one wants this modern war which will unfold and become World War III; it has been thrust upon our generation by Osama Bin Laden – The commander in chief of Islam’s global army or suicidal psychopaths ‘Al Qaeda’

You may question yourself and ask what can you do, the answer to that is to pass the truth on to others who are still living in darkness. Each of us has a responsibility to our country, our children’s futures and the civilized world in which we live. If you look down the right handside of my blog there is an email subscription link, if you type in your email you will recieve my posts into your email account once I have listed them onto my blog which you can then email to friends and family on your email lists.

”Evil prevails when good men/women do nothing”

Watch the news, read the newspapers and surf the internet because the truth is here staring you in the face.

God bless you

In service of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the Tribe of Judah



Anonymous said...


Its sad that it has all come to this. Its sad that we have been so terrorised, that even in our country, we are unable to use our real name, for fear of being murdered by any passing muslim with an edict from the local mosque. And if this happened, you can bet on it, that our dhimmified government and its propaganda lackey, the BBC, will blame it on us for being hateful etc.

Our Christian heritage is trashed by the ignorant BBC, little realising that the entire body of Western civilisation rests on the civilising faith of Christianity. Now that this nation has lost its faith, so has it lost its way in the miasma of 'multiculteralism' and 'diversity', and consequently cowers in fear of the Islam and Muslims.

I have just read a book - The Great Siege - by Ernle Bradford, on the siege if Malta in 1565. I now see the mettle that is required to get rid of this pestilential invading religion of Islam.

I'm sure you can get the book from your local library.

Be of good cheer Lionheart - we will see this through, and with grace.


Anonymous said...


Do read this book. It is rivetting and was written by a naval office who was in the last great siege of malata in 1941.


Anonymous said...

ultimate sanction.

Lionheart said...

Yes DP111 it is very sad that within what should be the safety and security of our homeland we are terrorised by those who we extended our hand of generosity towards.

And as you say, due to the modern psychosis inflicted upon us by our leaders we are the ones blamed for our own murders.

Truth & Justice will preval.

It is our responsibility to turn the tables, just like Jesus with his righteous anger when faced injustice.

i will definately read the book you have mentioned. Malta has a wealth of unique and glorious history.

I saw recently on the news that they will not accept the boats of Moslem immigrants boarding their shores. A leader of Malta said on TV that when Moslem immigrants arive they do not integrate they seek to take over and implement their Islamic way of life.

Good actions and no truer words said to the innocent public.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Mobile Text Msg Received Keep the Snowball rolling.

Stop Islamification of Britain Demo
London 26th Oct 2007. Be there. Forward on to 2 Close Friends.