1 August 2007

The illiterate Savage's

After my post yesterday I received this comment on one of my other posts: A Warning to the Dunstable Community

"lion heart ur jus jealous cos asians are takin over dunstable an it ain our fault all u white fucks are crack head. dumb muppet ur full of shit!"

In their own words they confirm mine!

In response to your comment Mr. Pakistani Moslem from Fortress Bury Park: Why would I be jealous of a bunch of drug dealing murderous illiterate Moslem savages? Is there not more to life than living your way of life?

What you sow is what you reap.

Dunstable is the community where I grew up, where all of my friends live so it reviles me to see what you are doing against it in your 'Jihad' and the threat that you pose to the innocence of the future generations who are growing up locally.

There is no place for you in Dunstable because of your barbaric and savage intentions towards our local society so it is just a matter of time now as one by one each of you leave because it is so unsafe for you to stay - You have brought this upon yourselves.

You and your like are nothing but racist devil worshipping savages who should go back to your mud huts in Pakistan because the comfort and security you receive within our civilized Judeo/Christian society is way too good for the likes of you and your families.

"For those who read my blog, I have never used the colour of someones skin against the Islamists because I am not racist."


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