2 August 2007

Islamic extremism free to reign in Luton

Thank you anonymous for posting this link in my comments section.

Taken directly from The Centre For Social Cohesion

Salafi groups out to convert shoppers

A Salafi group calling for the establishment of a Sharia based Islamic state in England is being left free to recruit and openly discuss its ideologies in a busy town market.

Followers of Call of the Salaf, a Luton based group, were seen openly handing out flyers advertising their ideologies while calling on shoppers to attend a talk on ‘Sharia & Khilafa: Every Muslims Duty’.

Names such as Al Muhajiroon, the Saved Sect and al-Ghuraba had Salafi ideologies and the latter two were band under the Terrorism Act 2006.

Some members of both the Saved Sect and Al Ghuraba have since been sent to prison for their part in the controversial protest at the height of Prophet Muhammad cartoons row, in which one was seen wearing a suicide belt.

One could imagine this sort of thing happening all over the UK in Asian communities.

Such groups only serve to breakdown harmonies between communities and undermine the Muslim majority.

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