4 August 2007

Islamic Education for all in Great Britain

"A Voice crying in the wilderness"

I wrote a post the other day titled: The David & Saul Generation and then I read this article over at Atlas shrugs: UK - Islamic Education for All

It seems that there is a Christian leadership within Great Britian with David's qualities who will not shrink back when faced with this 21st Century Islamic Goliath that is living in our society like most of our modern Christian and secular leaders - The Barnabus trust

The Moslem brotherhood has set out a plan for the Moslem ummah (Global Islamic community) to take over our societies and lands with the 'Islamification' of our civilized Judeo/Christian way of life.

This take over of our educational institutions is another major foothold into our society and the ultimate Islamification of the future of our British homeland and way of life.

Indoctrinating our 'young innocent minds' who are the future of our Nation to Islam and its way of life.

Article can be read here: Islamic education for all

When the British revolution happens each of those who have personally helped the Islamic Kingdom and sought the eradication of the British way of life for their own personal gain will be held personally responsible for their treasonous acts towards us and our children. There are millions of British patriots who are boiling with rage under the surface or mainstream Britain at this generations leaderships actions towards us and our children, and all it will take is one tiny spark to set that rage free and on fire to engulf this land and consume all of those who have sought the destruction of this ancient civilization - Beware of your treason

Who is going to stand up and protect the British homeland from the insidious evil that is living and thriving throughout our Nation threatening the future of our ancient civilization?

Jihad (Holy War) against Our Children & Labour's complicity

I hope and pray that Gordon Brown is on the side of the good innocent people of Great Britain unlike his predecessor the Dhimmi traitor Tony Blair.

History is unfolding around each of us with the clock ticking on each of those treacherous leaders who are out to destroy the Great British homeland.

"The innocent children slept in their beds while their parents allowed their leaders to destroy their future"

God bless you 'The Barnabus trust' and may He elevate you into the beacon of light that this Nation needs through these dark stormy clouds that are now upon us.


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