9 August 2007

Dhimmi appeasement - Undercover Mosque on trial

If you are concerned about the future of your homeland and want to know the truth about how those within the mosques in Great Britian view me and you then you must watch this film - Undercover mosque. I would advise that you forward this on to as many concerned friends and family that you have because this is one of the most important films you will ever see in this modern age. It is no wonder the 'powers that be' are now trying to silence it under the banner 'community cohesion'.

Watch the video here: Undercover Mosque

The British government and leaders of the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain are using the Queens Crown prosecution service and Birmingham police force as ‘cultural weapons’ in their arsenal against our civilized free democratic way of life, to silence the truth being told to the British people about the Islamic Kingdom that is now living and thriving within our midst, and its alien way of life and culture that is at complete enmity with the innocent people of Britain and their civilized way of life.

Treason to Queen and country and treachery to the British people is the only interpretation of this white wash of the exposure of this, the biggest threat facing Great Britain in history, which ultimately threatens the very future existence of our Nation.

The documentary showed Moslem preachers within Mosques in Birmingham preaching murder and intolerance towards non-Moslems, and also treason towards ‘The British Crown’ and government. Treason at one time was the only crime within British law that still carried the death penalty. Yet these dangerous violent subversive enemies of the State who were exposed have somehow wriggled themselves out of their predicament manipulating the government and police under the banner ‘community cohesion’ and turned the tables upon the film makers, and ultimately the British people.

The Crown prosecution service and Birmingham police have said that the documentary makers fabricated and misrepresented the programme giving a false representation of what was said and the context in which it was said.

Appeasement, Dhimmitude and Treason are the only names that can be used to label those at the top of this report which they are using as propaganda against the innocent people of Britain.

If you watch the video for yourself you will see and hear what was spoken within Mosques in England to their British Moslem audience from their own mouths which will show you exactly what they think about you and me.

No wonder the government and police have had to try to damp down what was captured on film because if the majority of the public was to view this documentary they would then see the truth about our ‘peaceful neighbours’. This has been damped down at our expense with not one of those filmed being arrested – What message does this send to the British people who watched it?


The Moslem preachers highlighted in the video are teaching their British Moslem audience how they should live and conduct themselves within an Islamic State (their British Moslem communities) and how they should view the kaffir (you and me the un-believers).

This is nothing less than an in-depth thorough exposure to the British people of how those within the alien Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain view us, our way of life and what their ultimate intended goal is – Islamic dominance and rule of Great Britain.

One of the preachers filmed told his audience that the time approaches when Moslems will be upper most in strength and when that happens people will not be killed unjustly. The people he talks about being killed to his British Moslem audience is me and you the kaffir (un-believer) for not accepting and embracing Islam. He also told his British Moslem audience that they must start preparing for Jihad within Great Britain and that it is the highest honour and that Osama Bin Laden is better than 1,000 Tony Blair’s and 1,000,000 George Bush’s.

There is so much more filth that is aimed towards us and our way of life on this video that it is unbelievable that they can say that channel 4 has distorted what was spoken. The words they speak out of their Moslem mouths speak for themselves.

You can only imagine the amount of pressure along with subversive threats of violence in the local community that the Islamic Kingdom in Birmingham must have placed upon our government after this programme was aired. What ever the pressure placed it worked and our leaders buckled to Islamic dominance and listened to what they were told by their ‘Moslem leaders’ like the good Dhimmi’s that they are.

The Islamic Kingdom is using the governments ‘community cohesion’ strategy to defend itself against the channel 4 producers of this documentary saying that they are breaching the governments stance towards ‘community cohesion’.

Not one of the Moslems caught on video has been arrested for their ‘hatred, treason and intolerance’ and have instead attacked channel 4 seeking for the film makers to now be arrested instead for causing damage to ‘community cohesion’.

This is the type of lunacy that we face in our modern ‘asylum’ that is Great Britain.

This is nothing less than the political and legal Jihad in action that the Islamic Kingdom conducts against our government at every opportunity when the truth is told about the evil at the core of the ideology within their Kingdom. They have attacked Channel 4 using the governments stance on ‘community cohesion’ and no one had the backbone to stand their ground that we know of except one, the Labour MP for Birmingham who stood by the channel 4 documentary film and its makers.

Dispatches have provided the British people with an excellent documentary about our savage Moslem neighbours and are being forced into silence through legal threats from ever attempting the same again. It is funny that it is the Religious regime of Saudi Arabia behind the Mosques and preachers shown in the programme.

Forced into silence and Dhimmitude - tut tut tut

Beware everyone else who seeks to tell the British public the truth about the Islamic Kingdom that is built and growing upon our land.

Dispatches 6th August 2008 - Britain Under-Attack


"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"

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Anonymous said...


Freddy Thielemans has banned the demo "Stop the Islamisation of Europe" for fear of upsetting the muslims!

Point proved!

Anonymous said...

Our politicians are dhimmis and worse. Not only do they use the language of dhimmis, but actually assist in the destruction of Western culture and society. In effect they are Quislings.

But this idiot of a mayor does not realise, that banning the peaceful demostration by SIOE, will only make SIOE’s case stronger, and anger a great many Europeans, who are at the moment neutral.

And again, from Wikipedia

“Quisling” - is synonymous with “traitor”, and particularly applied to politicians who appear to favour the interests of other nations or cultures over their own.


Not a day passes when our politicians do not show their true colours - yellow and black(Islam)


Anonymous said...

This worries me or do you think it will have the affect that dp111 sugests? do you think it will awke more anger or brush things under the carpet?

Lionheart said...

It will brush things under the carpet because the people who knew about it and would have attened are those who are fully aware of the Islamification of their Nations.

This has stopped a voice from speaking out.

The question is; when are the European people going to revolt against their leaders who are enforcing this conquest of their Nations upon them.

Why do the police and military enforce thier leaders will's when their wives and children are in the firing line too, it makes no sense.