17 May 2007

Al Qaeda’s silent mobile Luton army – ‘The Luton Moslem Taxi cartel’

Please take a read of my article: A Warning to the Luton & Dunstable community

The Luton & Dunstable Al Qaeda Taxi cartel

More proof in Black & White of what I have been saying about the threat that the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable face from the Moslem kingdom of Bury Park Luton, and Allah’s militia of Moslem Jihadi gangsters and their Taxi cartel who go out from their Islamic community on a daily basis conducting Jihad for Islam against innocent people and British society.

If you ever drive around Luton & Dunstable you will see that everywhere you go there are Moslem taxis. When I say ‘everywhere’ believe me that is not an understatement, there are hundreds (300 – 400 +) of Moslem taxis driving around the streets of Luton & Dunstable every day, you cannot go anywhere without there being Moslem taxis wherever you go. Many of these taxi drivers are involved in the highly lucrative drugs trade and either work as delivery drivers supplying Heroin & Crack cocaine to drug addicted Moslem slaves or they act as highly organised surveillance units watching our community and keeping watch protecting other Pakistani Moslem drug and gun runners. This is a direct threat and act of war against my community which must make it a threat to the National Security of the whole country because this scenario is happening up and down the Nation with innocent British Christian communities and vulnerable non-Moslem people being on the receiving end of this Al Qaeda inspired Moslem aggression, dominance and Jihad (Holy war).

I predicate that every Pakistani Moslem taxi company in and around Luton & Dunstable is ultimately owned and controlled by Al Qaeda’s Luton Khan mafia because the taxi business is a cash business so one of the best ways to wash their illegal Heroin & Crack cocaine money through which is their ultimate weapon – Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad. They cannot lose owning and controlling these businesses and there is ‘no one’ in their Moslem community who could stop them ultimately owning all companies throughout the area because this Moslem mafia driven by Al Qaeda runs things on the ground and is in control of a large paramilitary army of Pakistani Moslem street foot-soldiers who are ready and willing to carry out their Luton Al Qaeda leaders commands.

They cannot lose controlling the taxi business on the streets because they can wash their illegal money through it, drive their Al Qaeda drugs around unhindered in their taxi cars, watch the community without being noticed and have a large paramilitary army mobile and on the streets every day that are all in communication ready for any trouble that may come their way. The community is completely oblivious and ignorant to this daily threat they face, “it is just a peaceful Moslem taxi driver is peoples attitude and view”.

One word of warning: if you have a problem with anyone of these taxi drivers then rest assured you will see the truth to my words.

The situation my community faces just does not get any worse!!!

So, driving our women and children around on a daily basis we have convicted Pakistani Moslem Heroin dealers, convicted Pakistani Moslem violent offenders, convicted Pakistani Moslem sex offenders and Pakistani Moslem Al Qaeda trained terrorists.

You tell me if the situation can get any worse???

The biggest bombing campaign ever in British history that was a continuation of Al Qaeda’s war against the non-Moslem world which was thankfully prevented by the security services was organised and arranged by Pakistani Al Qaeda terrorists living and working in Luton & Dunstable.

Have a guess what they worked as? Yes you guessed it - Taxi drivers

Please take a read of these two articles from my local paper as proof:

Al Qaeda’s Luton Emir a.k.a The Boss

A Warning to the Dunstable community – The proof

more proof to confirm my words were this week on the front page of my local Herald & Post and can be read by clicking the image below.

Al Qaeda’s Moslem taxi cartel of Luton think that they are above the British justice system, which they normally are but thankfully in this instance a judge with some backbone, Judge Michael Kaye QC has imprisoned several of these Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers for thinking and acting above British justice. One of the Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers convicted and sent to prison has previous convictions for robbery and supplying Al Qaeda’s Heroin in which he received a 6 year prison sentence.

In the article it states that there are over 100 taxis who have committed criminal offences and shows by the numbers that they think they are above the law.

I claim that there are hundreds of Moslem taxis driving around our communities, if there are over 100 as the paper states who have committed offences then there are several hundred more that have not. This is an overwhelming Moslem force with known factual links to Al Qaeda, a Moslem force that even the police cannot truly deal with, a Moslem force that controls Al Qaeda’s trade in Heroin & Crack cocaine and a Moslem force which intimidates the whole community because that is how Islam teaches its followers to act towards the Kuffarr (non-Moslem).

You have trouble with one of these Al Qaeda inspired Moslems, then you potentially have trouble with all of them and are the exact reasons why practically my WHOLE community bar one or two is petrified of them and living under Dhimmitude as Dhimmi’s, just not paying the jiza tax yet.

Al Qaeda’s British born Pakistani Moslem army of Luton and around the Nation are openly at war with my country, the British people are forced to just accept this open warfare against them, their friends, their families and their children. We the people, the common man and woman are on the frontlines in this civil war aimed at the destruction of our way of life and it seems that those who are in the top echelons of power of my country are choosing to ignore the destruction and degradation being caused, selling us people who are at the bottom, out, as cannon fodder to keep things quiet on the Western front and keep them in power. Things are not quiet though and even the police and security agencies that enforce those at the tops ‘will’ must see the truth to what is happening to their country on the ground, the country where their children are living and growing. We are all in this together and there can only be one winner in war and it is them or us, our British way of life or their Islamic one for our children and children’s, children’s futures.

The Moslem kingdom in Britain knows exactly what it is doing because Jihad (Holy war) is obligatory to every Moslem as a divine command laid down in the koran. The non-Moslem population of Britain are completely oblivious to this fact that their Moslem neighbours live by and is the reason why they are sleep walking through ignorance their children into the abyss of Islam. These facts are inescapable!!!

Civil war 4th generation style is here in our generation, imagine what it will be like in 15 – 20 years when our children whose country this is are grown up and being overwhelmed by a Pakistani Moslem majority forcing their way upon us violently. Islam teaches that all must submit to Islam either peacefully or by the sword, Islam means submission, this is every Moslems ultimate agenda and they believe there is no other way of life other than Allah’s – Sharia law, so we all must submit to it.

Those American readers out there who read my blog and care about your country must listen to my words because the Americans seem to care about their country and the War on Terror, and like I have mentioned before, the United Kingdom is the final out-post in so-called Eurabia and is Islam’s stepping stone to the last great battlefield – America.

The United Kingdom is now one of the biggest threats to the United States because of how many Pakistani Al Qaeda inspired Moslems own British passports and can travel freely between the U.S, U.K and Pakistan/Afghanistan.

The Al Qaeda inspired Moslem’s in my community have all the resources needed to plan any attack they like which was proved recently with the fertiliser plot with Diren Barot being planned here and the 7/7 London bombings being set up here and the bombers setting off from here. There is no reason why an attack on America cannot or will not be planned from here. They are swimming in Al Qaeda’s Heroin money, they have been indoctrinated to Holy war by Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri and they are more than willing to further Islam’s aims of global conquest by killing themselves and planning and plotting mass murder on unimaginable scale against others.

I live with this Al Qaeda inspired Moslem army who are conducting civil war (jihad) against my community and I have had the Pakistani Khan mafia, Moslem taxi cartel hunting me wanting me dead for my actions. Do I accept this Moslem dominance and intimidation like everyone else, give up, give in and roll over and become a Dhimmi or do I continue standing my ground in defence of the weak, innocent and vulnerable who are on the receiving end of this Moslem civil war?

Proof -The taxi cartel in Black & White – click image


Anonymous said...

With the number of Luton first year school entrants NOT having English as
their first language, the future seems disastrously plain, considering their 2:1 birthrate.
The heroin situation in Luton, that you describe, has been growing for more than 20 years.
How much wealth have they gained?
The heroin and creditcard-scams connection is known by police for years. Soon they must act.

Geoff said...

A "LAUNDERER" behind an £80,000 "dirty money" plot has been jailed for 12 months whilst two accomplices have both been spared immediate prison.

Sajid Khan, 29, was caught red-handed with more than £50,000 cash, which was contaminated with heroin and cannabis, in a rear footwell of the Subaru he was driving when stopped by police in Operation Fearsome in July 2005.

Khan paid "dirty" money into the bank of Bradford cabbie Bahadur Khan, 41, and got clean money back after it was "washed," through his account.

Bahadur Khan, who knew the money was from the proceeds of crime, withdrew cash from his account and stashed it under his bed before handing it over to Sajid Khan, Burnley Crown Court heard.

The court was told how four months after the car was stopped as it travelled south on the M6 at Leyland, Javaad Daar, 29, turned up at a proceeds of crime application hearing at Chorley Magistrates Court and "pulled a stunt," giving evidence and lying on oath, claiming the cash, which he said amounted to about £56,000 was his.

He and Sajid Khan had taken part in an "impudent and brazen," scam to try and get the cash back.

When Daar's home in Nelson was later searched, police officers found a "production line" for counterfeit DVDs.

Sajid Khan, of Saxon Street, Burnley, and Bahadur Khan, of Harlow Road, Bradford, both admitted conspiracy to launder criminal property.

Sajid Khan and Daar pleaded guilty to conspiring to pervert the course of justice and Darr, of Caleb Street, Nelson, also admitted two counts of unauthorised use of trade marks and one of making illicit recordings.

Sentencing, Judge Brian Carter, QC, said Sajid Khan took advantage of both his co-defendants.

The judge told Sajid Khan, who had 25 previous convictions and has used two aliases, he had to go to jail immediately for 12 months.

Bahadur Khan got a nine month jail term, suspended for 18 months, with 150 hours unpaid work and 18 months supervision.

Daar received nine months in prison, suspended for 18 months, with 200 hours unpaid work.

Both Bahadur Khan and Daar were of previous good character.

Take Care!
Drake's Drum.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows what's going on, there's just nothing anyone can do about it. The politicians who run the country are totally out of touch with reality and have no comprehension of what the regular Briton has to face each day. They see the whole country through rose-tinted glasses, and they still think that extremists are the minority of the muslim religion.

Civil war is coming, but by the time the politicians realize it, it'll be too late.

Anonymous said...


I think this is illegal, what Nazi's used to do "of" the jews.

Disgraceful that people are engaged in this site.

Ta ra,

Not poppin here again, thought it would be about Luton.

Disturbing Rubbish no better than the extremists.

Extremist muslim or on muslim your all the blinkin same.

It is the sane rest of us caught up in the middle including the muslims.

This absolute crap I read about Luton on here by the way.

Anonymous said...

what nonsense.
Go back into your little hole and turn on the tv. Believe everything you are told and live in blissful ignorance.
You know nothing about what is happening beneath the covers in our town.

Lionheart said...

Your Town???

Dont you mean your ethnic community that lives in Luton?

Or is Luton Town your Town now?

I know what i need to know thats enough for me. My blog points it all out, for those who dont know what is actually going on under the cover of your community.

You turned up here for some reason?

The light is now shining down on you so just remember that, Islamic lands are still on other shores.

I am either right or wrong in what i say!

Anonymous said...

Hate Mongers....

Activists for the BNP, NF and any of the other "british" Nazi organisation.

For you ignorant American these are organisations like the Ku Klux Klan only a little bit more organised.

"Mind you only a little though".

They are the "ONE" "AGENDA" party. An agenda to divide the country based on ethnic and religous grounds.

Lionheart is neither an intellectual and nor an academic.

He someone sitting in the u.S able to respond to posts in UK and U.S time. A little strange isn't this for one man.

Reality Lionheart is not just "one" person but part of a larger group seeking to destabilise "Our" Luton like they have done so well in the North of England.

You peddle filth.

By the way before you make your ill informed assumption.

I am white, English and Lutonian.

I am 28 years of age and have many asian, black freinds some of which are muslim.

What you portray on this sight is nothing more than LIES.

This therefore makes you an evil person.

Your an inciter.
A coward who needs to get a job and stop sponging of my hard earned money.

Before you say it... All my asian friends ( muslim inc. ) are "Educated" in well paid jobs paying taxes and contributing to this great countries economy.

While people like you sponge the social welfare system.

Get a job and shut up.

If you do reply me with " I have a job" nope I don't buy it.

Your a sad, pretentious little man, upset at the state of your life, wishing you had a better life.
Resentful of people driving nice cars and doing well.

Therefore in your twisted little head you feel your life is what it is because ethnic communities are stealing your jobs.

LoL Jobs that you are not prepared to get up your ass to do.

Bring back the post war Britain's.
When being British meant;

Moral values
Christian Values ( Xtian Values are not to disimilar to muslim, hindu and jewish values matey )
Good solid family structures.
No Alcohol and Drug Abuse. ( Remember Islam bans and forbids intoxication ).
Being British meant something, noit like today.

Lionheart you have NO British values.

Long live Britain and British values, the real problem is a growing underclass like you.

With limited education, no job prospectives, no interest in working and supporting a family.

Stop your lies man.
Stop your crap we have had enough of these lies and misconceptions of Luton.

Anonymous said...


Lionheart get a job.

Do you have a free meal ticket in the United States.

How does someone with no finances get to live in the States.

Are you being financed.

Lionheart your a Nazi.

Lionheart said...

"Lionheart is neither an intellectual and nor an academic."

Well worked out Einstein, youll be winning the nobel peace prize next.

Everyone who knows me knows i am a lone individual, somone who has spoken the message about you and your War loud and clear.

I have support from people in America because many over there are clued up to what our World now faces from the likes of you.

And to say your a white blah blah blah is utter nonsense, it is quite clear that this is your uneducated attempt to discredit me and this blog.

Funny how you wrote this comment on Al Qaeda's silent mobile Luton army isnt it.

Why not write your comments on new posts not ones many months old.

It is because this post is now doing the rounds around Bury Park.

I have more British Values than all of you put together, British Values learnt from sitting on my Grandads knee listening about his story during World War II and then living my life with him and my Nan, who were both survivors.

Islam has no place in Great Britain any more, you have outstayed your welcome.

Read this newspaper article for yourself if you dont believe anything i say.

Or are they all Nazi's too just because they go against you.


Your time is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

To the last anon. To speak in your own kind of words, "pathetic little tosser."
You have no friends, the Muslims just see you as a potential revert.
Soon you will be carrying their bombs strapped to your chest, into a cafe or shopping centre, just like the poor fool in Exeter recently.
You are such a dickhead you believe that Lionheart is some kind of activist BNP supporter. Durrgh!
You obviously don't know anything about nowt.
Learn to spell, before you write your illiterate garbage here.
Or learn what a "spellchecker" is.
NO it isn't some thing from a Harry potter book.
Actually from your writing and spelling style, you are only partially educated and spend most of you're time texting.
A bit like former comments of hate towards L.H.
In fact, you write just like a young Lutonian Muslim You Tube jihad supporter, so there is no need for you to revert/convert as you are already beyond hope.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, what views have the BNP got on asians born in britian and consider themselves british asian ie. british born hindus and muslims? lets face it they are not all al qeda or taliban or mujahedeens and u really cant tell the difference between the two (hindus n muslims)!!!

If the BNP are looking to divide the country then they are the war mongers looking for civil war because im sure the british born ethnics will fight and die for the land they was born and raised on especially when attacked by there neighbours which would be very un-christian like!!

Another point is, i think the BNP have no records on history or refuse to beleive that the british people we're the first to enter, settle and exploit india and to divide the country into two, one being pakistan.

What about the british economy?? has it not become strong due to the fact that ethnics were the ones willing to pay there way by doing bullshit jobs the english didn't want to do.

And also the fact that education has become poor in england and is being over run by yob culture and binge drinking, that's not the governments fault, it's just the way of life, you could call it british culture. Do the BNP discourage this behaviour? i dont think so!!

I also think that if the BNP and Extremist muslims sat down at a table and had a conversation they would find a common enemy, an enemy that pulles the strings to your petty behaviours and will always profit off both partys...... i dont think a muslim or a christian is in charge of our media, entertainment, banks, diamonds and alot more.

Anonymous said...

Max, you seem to have fallen for the old chestnut that every evil and illness in Britain comes from the BNP.
Your foolhardiness is typical of the uneducated ones who show no interest in their countries future.
I don't support the BNP, but isf you check out their website seriously, you will find they have addressed many of the problems in a positive and innovative manner.
They are not all about race.
They are concerned, it seems, about ythe future of Britain with the Trojan Horse of Al Quaeda terrorism fully integrated within the National Infrastructure.
It spells disaster.
It will be the grandchildren of today's generation that will reap the bitter harvest as they become a minority in their own country.
It is the like of you, who are too lazy to study what is happening, and the truth about the Koran which must be implemented eventually, by all good Muslims. This does not hold a bright future for any other religions and neither for the secular society.
By the way, you may not realise it, but their is deep enmity between British Hindus and Sikhs towards Muslims.
At the moment it is quiet while we all play the money game.
When times become tight or trouble flares in their old Countries, you will see the battle transferring to your own streets.
Get some education on things that you comment about.

Anonymous said...

to anonnymous.

I never said they was evil but i will say they are one sided.

The countries future is in my hands and my childrens hands and so on the trouble im having is understanding what future the BNP wants. (ok i undestand being proud of being british and upholding the british way of life) i understand that fully and i am willing to do that in the best way i know can.

It certainly does spell disaster but not all muslims are alqeda!!! so now it's up to the british police and secret services to root them out and the public to be vigilant and help, that does not mean for the british people to persecute innocent muslims/asians and spread malicious lies that incites borderline hatred to specific helpless communitys. This is one thing i see coming from the BNP, now how will this help stop terrorism?

Well let's have it right, muslims, christians, jews religions of the abrahamic books, not much difference between the three. Both muslims and the bible say kill non-beleivers (Deuteronomy 17
17:2) and im sure u can find it in the koran you seemed to have read it.

And i do relise it, hindus and sikhs have been fighting terrorism longer than the west, not only from muslims but also from christian fudementals. (still no answer to my question...what view the BNP takes on them)

I must point out you didn't answer any of my questions, I also must say,

I am struggling to understand where the ethnic people of all religions yes even muslims, fit into your grand plan if the BNP comes to power?

92% of Britain is white, what % would you see as acceptable?

Will only white people be helped in times of need?

Also let's be honest, USA is isreals pawn, where israel goes america follows and britain follows america.

People have so many questions but no straight or clear answers come back.


Anonymous said...

What a complete waste of space.

And that is just LIONHEART fabricated image of Luton.

Ever lived in London?

or New York.

You sound like the typical on the dole, council flat, weed taking, no hope idiot who hits 30 plus and asks himself;

"What have I acheived"...

Then he looks around and sees all the pakis and blacks and what ever doing well.

He starts blaming the largest visible migrant community who is doing very well through hard graft ( from 1st generation migrants ) and feels he has missed out something.

Yes you have Lionheart,

Your missing a reality check.
Your lacking an education.
Street wise, trust me kid you would not last on the streets.
You need to get up your back side and get a job.
You are connected tot he BNP and you like the idea of causing trouble where there is no trouble.

As a Lutoner, there is no probs in Luton.

You get the odd scuffle, granted but on the scale this pillock is tlaking about.

He is on cloud cuckoo land.

Pakis have an atitude why?

1st generation pakis wer epassive then why have 3rd generation pakis have a chip.

Because of sad tosser like you peddling shyte over the years.

Yes there is extremisim in the muslim community equally in the white community.

Muslim extremism is born out of the way muslims were used as scape goats for;

U.S and U.K foreign policy.

Treated like shit, lost jobs, old muslim men got pushed and spat on, women had their head scarves yanked off.

The muslim religion got tossed around the media, tabloids like a yo yo.

Muslims had it tough since 9/11.

Only now when we the wider public are waking up to the WRONG DOINGS of our country in the Iraq War, handling of Afghan War and the Lies that came out of the U.S.

100,000 muslims have paid the price for our countries greed for oil and blind following of a mad man in the white house.

We are waking up; and we know the problems is not Islam or the muslim who wishes to practice his religion in peace.

The problem is "MISTRUST" but ask yourself who sows the seed of mistrust.

People like you Lionheart.


Our governemnts.

If your brave enough question people like these.

These people create terror organisation for their political and economic gains.

When their motives have been served you then need them out of the way.

U.S.A with U.K has been backing this for a very long time during the Cold War and now without the RUSSIAN threat it creates a NEW ONE.


To put fear in us.

To control us.

To misuse our trust for their economic gains.

The sooner intelligent people stop buying in to garbage from people like Lionheart the better it will be.

I agree with an earlier post.


Lionheart is a group, promoting incitement and hatred within the Luton community.

He smells so much right wing.

Why don't the lot of you go to U.S.A where your kind of scare mongering and scapegoating works.

Not in Luton.

Luton Town.


LU 4ever,

One of the best towns in the country.

Let's face it. I don't shop in bury park but wow what a multi colored place it is, a Bazaar of rich colors and spices.

Without it the road leading towards the town centre would be a dump.

All areas have their trouble makers.

There are more thieves in Dunstable and Houghton Regis hiding in concrete flats than in Bury Park.

That is a fact.

But it's all about Lewsey Farm!!!!

Lewsey Farm!!! Rude Bwoiz in a englaand!!.

SO blud shut the cracknup.

Anonymous said...

Lion pillock writes;
>>I have more British Values than all of you put together, British Values learnt from sitting on my Grandads knee listening about his story during World War II and then living my life with him and my Nan, who were both survivors.<<<<<<<

Hats off to your nan and grandad.

They lived WORKED HARD, fought for their country against FASCISTS like YOU.

Why not take a leaf out of their book. Just because they fought for this country doe snot give you the right to be someone of authority.

You would have made them more proud if you stoppped smoking grass, found a job, got married and had kids.

Lived an honest life and not the lie you live.

How many asians rob white pensioners|???????

very little unlike white folks like you caught up on drugs.
Before you say it asians DO NOT ONLY Sell drugs. So do Africans, West Indians, Jamaicans and White folks.

Ever been to Milton Keynes???? who sells smack there.

White people like you and I.

Stop bringing Luton down.

Answer me a question?

Do you smoke drugs?

I think you do?

yes you do?

even if you said no?

Because how else do you know so much and I realy do not think your a street wise.

For all SANE people, we TRUE lutonians invite you to Luton.

Do not come with a suspicous mind filled with pre-conceived ideas from idiots like Lionheart.

TAke care


Lionheart said...

Your words are empty when the facts are very clear!

A few links for anyone interested in the garbage written above.







P.S You would like to think little old me was part of a bigger conspiracy against you but those who know me know the truth.

Me and the Lord God of Israel is a majority in the face of you because greater is He that is in me than he who is in the World.

Anonymous said...

Luton is a good place, maybe the majority of cab drivers are asian but they are also honsest in the fares and pose no danger or hassel to any person coming back from a night out.

Lion whatever is just bored and follows the jewish (zionist) population who beleive in controlling the world and beleive every nation has to pay them some sort of compensation for the holocaust ....
jews are not zionist's and there is a movement amongst jews to stop them, but the ones who are, have and are in position of authoirity and dictate, what you see, hear and read. Especially in England and USA so if ur so pro england pls be pro england.

Anonymous said...

Does Lionheart know how hard it is to do taxi in Luton or for that matter anywhere.

The Risks involved,
Fare dodgers,
cost of taxi insurance - it is not cheap I can tel you that much,
Taxi car MOT,
Annual taxi or maybe it is 2 year renewal,
Adolescents from estates in where lionheart grew up in throwing stones and bricks at taxi drivers for fun,
How many taxi drivers get assaulted a year,
How many taxi drivers have been murdered in the last ten years,
How many violent assaults on taxi drivers in just one year,

All this with the rising fuel costs, taxi drivers still continue to offer a commendable service to the public and have NOT raised their minimum fares.

THINK before you discredit a person's livelihood and THINK of the impact you will have on an HONEST HARD LIVING.

Disgraceful show of purile rubbish from LIONHEART.

I remember I missed my train in Milton Keynes to Birmingham. I had to get to Brum for an appointment meeting and the next train would never have made reach on time.

I asked a nice young asian guy for a lift and he told me it would cost about £120.00, but knowing I was in a desperate fix he would do it for £100.

Thinking I was being ripped off I went to the next cab, a white guy and he quoted me £160.00. I pleaded for a better deal because of my circumstance but he was not interested and his reply was, " I have got to earn an honest living mate".

While the asian was willing to reduce his rate to accommodate my predicament. I am not making a distinction here of white or asian taxi drivers but trying to tell you off how far from the truth this racist, fascist, zealot Lionheart is.

If you were to profile the type of individuals who follow purile rubbish like this, well you will see some true similarities.

This man is a public menace; a disgrace to the good hard working people of Luton Town.

Anonymous said...

It is far easier to look the other way than to search for what happens beneath the surface.
Yes of course the taxis are mostly ok, but their are some that run drugs, everyone including the worst police force in Britain knows that.
If taxiing was so bad, they would give up their licences today. Of course they won't.
You obviously have not seen the damage drugs do to people.
In MK the dealers may be white, but where do the drugs come from? Do some research before defending the indefensible.
Luton has become a shadow of itself in the last twenty years, and whatever dope earlier said that the population of Britain id 92% white, has got to be living in the land of the cuckoo.
Why are white British so afraid of claiming their identity?
Why do you all go round talking rap-chat? And that includes the Asians.

Anonymous said...


Your views are empty statements without any factual evidence.

You create an image in the poor unsuspected ordinary englishman of what is not happening in the country.

OR create an image that everything that is bad in the country is the fault of Black and Asian and other non white people.

Therefore you lie, and create a web of deceit and brain wash the poor unsuspecting ordinary English man / woman into believing a reality that does not exist as you tell it.

These gulable individuals then start singing of your hymn book and accusing the migration of coloured people from different parts of the world for crimes they did not commit.

You are nothing more than a fascist and do exactly what the Nazis did to blame the Jews for Germany's economic misfortune after World War 1.

This is a dangerous game you play as these communities contribute to our economy.

The global economy relies on countries like China, India the Middle East. All people like you do will alienate Great Britain from the rest of the world, and corner this great nation into destitute by creating a Whites Only Island.

Shame on you people.

Shame on you.

Your rhetoric is very right wing fascist like the BNP and the National Front.

Shame on you.

you are THE Disgrace no different to the extremist terrorists.

Where is the middle ground, the people of sense, intelligence to stop this divide that people like LIONHEART are creating.

Shame on you who buy into this Nazi style propaganda.

Lionheart said...

Everything i write is based upon facts!!

Not once have i singled out Black people, this is not a race issue it is a religous issue.

Your comments just try to deny the truth but the facts speak for themselves.