31 May 2007

Luton & Dunstable - The Pakistani Moslem threat

My apologise if this post sounds a bit repetitive to any readers who have been reading my posts over the past few months. It seems that no one is listening to what is happening within my community and the longer this goes on then the worst the situation is getting, as can be seen by the evidence regarding Luton & Dunstable where I live that is now in the public domain. To be honest the situation just could not get any worse than what it is now, and as more truth is revealed it adds even more to the picture of reality of ‘Moslem terror’ that the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable face from the Islamic Kingdom of Luton.

If after reading this post, the information of what is happening in Luton, England interests you then please click on the links embedded on the post to read the supportive evidence.

My only question is which I hope is yours too: What are those who are responsible to protect the innocent in society going to do about this Islamic terror that is growing upon our streets?

We must thank the police and security services for their tireless efforts in protecting us from Moslem terror like what we now see from the Fertiliser plot but in reality this is like a snowball compared to the avalanche of daily Moslem terror being inflicted upon our society.

This Islamic terror in Luton & Dunstable cannot be ignored anymore because the facts to the situation we face are now in Black & White.

Al Qaeda’s UK army – Luton’s British born Pakistani Moslem’s

The Emir or the Boss, which ever you want to call him, of the largest bomb plot ever in British history, aimed against the innocent people of Britain is a Mr Q Khan who lives and works in Luton. He was the middle man between Al Qaeda’s leaders in Pakistan/Afghanistan and his British based Moslem co-conspirators in their plot to blow up targets in Britain killing untold innocent British citizens and causing mass chaos and destruction.

Diren Barot who was said to be Al Qaeda’s British General was also involved in this same plot with Luton’s Mr Q Khan. The plot is now famously known around the world as the ‘fertiliser bomb plot’.

The actual bomb maker of this plot was another Pakistani Moslem from Luton who lived and worked in the town.

Those involved in this plot also talked about purchasing a nuclear bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium so shows the intent these people had towards Britain and its innocent population.

The Emir Mr Q Khan from Luton is said to have been the one who recruited Mohamed Sidique Khan the leader of the 7/7 suicide bombings that killed 52 innocent civilians and wounded over 700. Luton you will recall was also the set off point of this, the first ever Al Qaeda led suicide bombing upon British streets.

Mr Q Khan is still walking the streets of Luton with his Al Qaeda brothers and is a ‘present danger’ and threat to the ‘National Security’ of Britain.

Luton has a large Pakistani Moslem community which has forced the whole non-Moslem community into submission through fear and intimidation. The whole community lives in fear of our Pakistani Moslem neighbours because those living around here know exactly what they are capable of and the financial resources that these people have available to them through the highly lucrative and extremely destructive trade in Class A drugs and all other high value criminal activity.

There is an army of Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack dealers on the streets of Luton pumping their Al Qaeda Heroin & Crack cocaine out into our communities 24/7 on a daily basis. These are all connected to one another through family, friends and Islam.

The Pakistani Moslem community also own almost all taxi business’ which are used as a front to drive their drugs around and keep watch for other Pakistani Moslem drug dealers.

Every day there are hundreds of Al Qaeda inspired Pakistani Moslem’s who are mobile, driving around our communities and all in communication. They are without doubt a paramilitary force who have a free reign to do what they want within our communities unhindered.

The number one financier of this Pakistani Moslem guerrilla army on the streets of Luton is Afghani Heroin. This business in Heroin is owned and controlled by the Khan Mafia of which Mr Q Khan is a part. Mr Q Khan deals directly with the top people in Pakistan/Afghanistan which is home to 90% of the Heroin on the streets of the U.K. This highly addictive Heroin then ends up in our communities being sold by Pakistani Moslems to our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters.

Al Qaeda are using Afghani Heroin as a weapon of war to destroy our youth, break down our society and make themselves vast sums of money in the process which they then use to buy up local business’ to wash their ever increasing profits from the drugs trade through, and to finance their continual Islamic Jihad (Holy War) against our British Judeo/Christian society and way of life.

The Al Qaeda inspired Pakistani Moslem community of Luton have been building their paramilitary army with Heroin for the past 20 years and have made themselves visibly stronger, physically stronger and financially stronger than the local non-Moslem population throughout these years. We are now at the point where we have mass murder aimed at towards the innocent British people being planned, plotted and facilitated here and acts of War against Britain actually being facilitated and perpetrated from here as we see from the actions of the 7/7 suicidal Moslem maniacs.

As you are reading this, on the streets of Luton we have a Pakistani Moslem guerrilla army which is highly organised, heavily armed, influential through corrupt police officers and extremely wealthy. In comparison the British people have an under funded, under manned, over worked police force which is laughably small compared to the size of the Pakistani Moslem criminal community of Luton, with bad apples within the crate that destroys the hard work of good police officers who are employed to protect the innocent and vulnerable in society from Moslem violence and criminal activity.

Submission is the English word for the point we are at now and is the exact word Islam means. Submission is Islam’s goal set out in the Koran for all Moslems to adhere to and to force the infidel (non-Moslem) into.

I would rather die than submit to Islam – My God is real and alive so that makes me and Him a majority on the streets of Luton & Dunstable in the face of Islam’s physical army.

Who are the ones who are suffering at the hands of this Pakistani Moslem army and their continual degradation of our communities with their Heroin, violence and crime?

”The innocent and most vulnerable”.

The money earned through the local trade in Afghani Heroin & their Crack cocaine is what funds plots like the fertiliser bomb plot and the acts of war against us like was seen on 7/7.

These are facts that we face on a daily basis with the local community helpless in the face of this murderous aggressive Pakistani Moslem army. We the people on the ground living in these communities can do absolutely nothing about the continual destruction of our friends and families lives because the Pakistani Moslem army of Luton have taken over the streets, placing the whole community into Dhimmitude through their intimidation, violence and vast wealth. This guerrilla army is more than capable of kidnapping and murder which has happened many times now and is the reason why the whole community lives in complete fear of them.

The Pakistani Moslem Mafia has aggressively targeted our communities with their highly addictive Heroin & Crack and because of this fact has destroyed several generations of young local people’s lives including their families’ lives because Class A drugs effects everyone. This business is a day in, day out business with our community lining the silver pockets of the Pakistani Moslem community on a daily basis through the plight of addiction to Pakistani Moslem Class A drugs. These unfortunate local people are now Moslem slaves paying their Moslem masters hundreds of pounds a day for their addiction to their street drugs. This is a multi million pound business owned and controlled by the Khan Pakistani Moslem Mafia and the extended Moslem community; at the complete expense of the innocent non-Moslem population.

Things just could not be any worse on the streets of Luton & Dunstable and all across Britain as the Moslem kingdom uses street drugs as a weapon against our country. Our prison system is at bursting point over flowing with drug addicts and our communities are filling up with drug crazed youth who will kill for their next fix of Moslem Heroin or Crack.

The police have absolutely no hope of ever stopping this guerrilla army so ‘we’ the people are faced with either living as Dhimmi’s and accepting the Moslem guerrilla war against us and their dominance, or moving away to somewhere less populated with Moslems. I hope that the failed fertiliser bomb plot hatched in Luton, the desire to buy a nuclear bomb by a Luton Pakistani Moslem, the 7/7 suicide bombings linked to Luton and the continual daily pumping of our communities with Al Qaeda Heroin is proof enough for those who are employed to protect us from the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton’s intentions towards us their innocent neighbours.

We also have many Pakistani Moslems walking the streets of Luton who are Al Qaeda trained terrorists from the training fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Come on what can the average unarmed innocent non-Moslem British man on the street do against these Al Qaeda trained, wealthy, murderous, suicidal psychopaths? This is no joke and a reality that I face personally and the reality that everyone who lives where I live faces.

If ever there was an ‘emergency’ on the streets of Britain then this is it.

To seal the case for the Pakistani Moslem war in Luton against British society we must not forget that the two most radical preachers who have ever walked the streets of Britain preaching hate murder and Holy war, Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri both used Luton for over 10 years as a preaching and recruiting ground for their Al Qaeda controlled war against the West and Israel. Omar Bakri’s group which has been banned in Britain which was the countries most radical group Al Majaharon had its headquarters in Luton.

There are several generations of Pakistani Moslem men from within the Bury Park area of Luton who are conducting Jihad (Holy War) against our society and way of life. The British people can do and say nothing because if they do they will be potentially murdered by the army of Pakistani Moslems on the streets of Luton which I myself face, or arrested by the authorities if they retaliate in defence of themselves.

We are just left to watch and turn a blind eye to the destructive Moslem activity through fear, or if we do retaliate against this war against our friends and families then the British justice system will punish us for protecting ourselves. We just cannot win and are fighting a losing battle because our leaders are not on our side.

I personally would rather die than sit back and watch what these Moslems are doing to my country, community and my friend’s lives and is the reason for me speaking out through my blog.

’Enough is Enough’ of their war and murderous intentions towards the innocent and vulnerable people of Britain and my community.

Being someone who lives in and around Luton it is no wonder the Moslem kingdom within Britain declared war on our country from here knowing what the situation is like on the ground.

This is civil war and there is no response from the British people because they are cowards forced into Dhimmitude and the police are powerless to act against a highly organised Moslem paramilitary force.

Life on the streets of Britain in the 21st Century…

Goodbye England – Welcome in the new era of Islamic - Sharia Law

Please take a read: A Message to Our Queen


Take a read of what is happening back home in their native Pakistan - Drakes drum


Anonymous said...

For Luton read Bradford, Dewsbury, Halifax etc. etc....do doubt there's more.

Anonymous said...

one thing,when it matters the british will rise up and wipe the faeces from the streets of our great nation will take mass murder but be sure it will come cant wait for full on jihad muslim blood will wash down my street

Anonymous said...

Blog's are your individual views I agree.

However, a misrepresentation of a community in Luton, should not be allowed to exist in the public domain.

I am from Luton, if you have not realised.

Lionheart is a BNP active with a nationalist agenda and for that matter is anti, muslim, jew, hindu, black and polish.

Lionheart is posting "UNSUBSTANTIATED" and "NOT REPRESENTATIVE" events of Luton as a whole. by singling and focus on one single community the disillusioned reader makes an inaccurate assumption.

This is very wrong, I think it is illegal and it does nothing "for" Luton other than "incite" narrowminded individuals in whatever community from Luton Town.

There is no Religous, racial tension in Luton and there has never been of the sort.

If asian's have delinquets so does the white community.

You paint a wholly unrealistic picture of Luton and for this I am very ungrateful to those who allow such internet diaries to sit in the public domain.

It is unfortunate people buy in to this kind of incitement.
Yes! this is nothing more than incitement, a rally cry against a particular community.

A typical tactic of the far right in Europe, in the UNited Kingdom they are commonly knowns as the BNP, the NF and whatever happened to Combat 18.

What you read is not uncommon of these groups in what they right about migrant communities up and down the U.K.

What is worrying and saddens me is that people actually buy into this fanntasia of misrepresentation.

God Bless England; without the help of such inciteful groups.


Lionheart said...

I wont go into detail defending my claims on this blog because there are enough acts for anyone to read for themselves.

To say that i dislike people from other communities is your baseless opinion.

Would someone who dislikes Jews put his life on the line for the sake of Jewish people?


Your BNP, NF, Combat18 claims are pathetic.

All i can say is that because of the military wing of Islam in Britain blowing up trains and buses, pumping our communities with heroin, then thank God there is a line of defence against this civil nemy intent on the destruction of the British homeland.

Anonymous said...

What a sweeping statement from an ill founded sensationalist.

"Military wing of Islam"

The cogs of the whole issue is Global Politics festering dis chords within communities "everywhere" because The Media and people like Lionheart do not have the balls to tackle the central issues but instead focus on how to SCAPE GOAT global political and economic issues on a certain community.

There is no destruction of the British Homeland going on?

I believe if people view world events in the terms of CAUSE and CONSEQUENCE - you will realise why there is this element of mistrust, disinterest for one another.

Take the whole Isreal case, Israel was legitimised by the Balfour treaty for 6% of the land but today holds over 80% of the land through an act of displacement.

There is no active engagement of the security council to enforce "ALL" resolutions made against it.

The displacement of Palastinians over a period of 50 plus years has created a an almost venomous poison of millitantcy which is the CONSEQUENCE.

So people should not look at the CONSEQUENCE and treat it as the CAUSE.

To stop the circle of violence, we should say well really the CAUSE lies elsewhere and let us address it with vigour and determination.

The reality is there has never been any determination to address this issue which is central to the global stereotyping of muslims that has existed since WW2. In fact it is a conscious reality existing from the time of the crusades which was an offensive on muslims lands.

But, the sad thing is our nations will never engage in resolving such key issues.

Why? because it is not in our "self interest" or agenda to do so. Therefore we allow a status quo to exist.

Every action has a re-action and then we see it dispersing into our communities.


Becuase we have created this negative stereotype?

We do not actively do anything as a nation to stop the CUASES of such conflicts.

We are actively invovled in supporting the CUASES.

Central to all of this is a struggle to remain economically superior by controlling the worlds resources and certain strategic reasons.

For centuries civilisations who controlled the Sea Links, Land Links, Spice Routes, Silk Routes, Regions where Gold was to be found etc etc were the Richest and Strongest and did everything to maintain those channels open.

It happens today!!! globalisation makes the world a smaller place therefore the competition for survivial and accumulation of wealth is at it's greatest.

Who ever controls energy commodities is safeguarding their economic security and rightfully so BUT ot at the expense of the world's poorest and deprived. Where nations can not access or tap into these natural reserves WE orchestrate wars, civil strife, and communicate a totally different story on the media.

So that you and I do not question their role in the whole affair and lay the blame with;

un civilised communities
lesser progressed social justice systems
Corrupt rulers ( who we put in to power ).

People like Lionheart contribute to the blindness and dumbing of people stopping their natural curiosity to learn the truth.

As humans we are cautious of each other, change is never accepted but is adopted as a natural order.

History of Great Britain and anywhere else in the world is about change diversification.

If you do not accept change and diversification you limit yourself. This is part of the evolutionary process, man is a nomad and will walk the earth for a better quality life, it happened before it will happen always.

Why do you create divides.

Stop your Lies.

Anonymous said...

How is it for a bloke currently in U.S you get to post and reply in real British time.?

Do you have friends who reply for you to keep the blogs going.

Is Lionheart a "Group of People"

A group of people who Lie about their own town and make it unattractive to the outside world.


Lionheart said...

The crusades were a direct response to Moslem aggression, not the other way round which the multi culti elites and Moslems like to promote, to give a poor oppressed Moslem image.

Islam teaches Jihad against the infidel to conquer non-Moslem lands for their religion so that is at the heart of the issue not the surface issues the above poster has written.

The above issues are the response to Jihad - Moslem aggression.

And the Israel issue is a fulfilment of biblical prophecy, so the Arab world can grovel all they want it is not going to change anything.

It is how it is and nothing is going to change that fact as President Bush clearly pointed out when he addressed the Knesset.

Anonymous said...

You once again misrepresent the meaning of Jihad.

Jihad means struggle not "agression" and certainly NOT "holy war".

You mistake it for The meaning of "crusade".

There was non agression against Christian and Jewish Communities in Jerusalem, who lived side by side with the muslims and were slaughtered in the same way as the muslims.

The first crusade was pretty much like G.W.Bush attack on Iraq a pre - emptive strike without fore warning.

Secondly their is no Islamic Law or right for muslims to INVADE non muslim lands unless it is in self defence.

When you describe a zone of Islam you describe a semitic word.

In Arabic it means Dar Ul Salaam or Dar Ul Islam which translates the zone of peace or zone of Islam.

This refers to the Hijaz region of Arabia by the way.

Now let's re visit this word in Hebrew.

It is Yar Ul Shalom, now let's visit this again in modern english, translates Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was the first zone of peace for the believers ( sons of Ibrahim our brethren the Israelites ). But the abandonment of God's Law and the following of man made law saw this being crushed and turned into a zone of war Dar ul Gharb.

This is also written in the old and first testament.

Thus Jerusalem was ransacked and laid to the ground by the brutal evil IMPERIALISTIC Romans.

To Be Continued....

Anonymous said...

At first the Romans forbid all monotheist practice and worship but over the years due to the Jewish "Mujahadeen" movements ( jewish freedom fighters ) the Romans had no option to give in.

Romans as occupiers were very brutal to the Jews similarly to the modern day Occupation of Palestinian land.

The Jews continued to rebel against the occupier.

Jerusalem was only cleared a free city under Umar ibn Khataab (RA) the friend of our beleoved prophet Muhammad (SAW). When the muslim armies defeated the agressive Roman armies (Byzantine).

Jerusalem was declared a free city for Jews, Christians and Muslims - this was not the case during the "Western" Christian era.

So you presented a misconception of the term Jihad - a widely misrepresented word in the media.

Muslims do not wish to CONQUER the world by force but like Christianity would like everyone to be muslim - a clear distinction. Muslims are missionaries likes christians and invite people to Islam through dialogue and discussion on a higher plain - the term is called Dawah (invitation).

The Qu'ran commands muslim " There should be no compulsion in religion" .."as truth stands firmly on it's own".

ALso your misrepresentation of the term Dar Ul Salaam ir Dar Ul Islam not knowing it means the same as Jerusalem.

For thise inquisitive people read about why muslims stop facing Jerusalem in our prayers and we now face the Kaab'ah.

Also the Kaab'ah is not a black stone but the house of the One God as in the BIble built by Abraham in Arabic Ibrahim (AS) May Allah be pleased with him and I send him peace and blessings.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Israel being the home of the Jews base don "biblical" rights.

YOU therefore agree Israel has no Political argument or moral legitimacy.

Remember the only thing legitimising Israel is the Balfour treaty.

Don't get me wrong I think it should be a home for jews, Arabs and Christina but not in the sense of a Zionist state.

If we take the Biblical argument, God banished them from these lands and said you will set foot in it on his say so.

Therefore a forced diaspora is not a biblical diaspora but a illegitimate diaspora.

Also, many will argue this was the land of the Jews. Quite right, but do you not understand that many beleiving jews followed Jesus (pbuh) and later Muhammad (SAW) and their offspring continue to live in that region over SUCCESSIVE generation i.e. look up land disputes and legitimacy based on birthright.

Diaspora from Europe have lesser rights.

Incidentally you mention Biblical, why do you people do not understand the Christian Arabs too are resentful of the Occupation and do not "buy" your biblical prophecy story either.

Now do not equate me to a fanatic please as given the situation in Israel there should be Arab, Jew and Christian living side by side in the City of Peace Jerusalem.

I believe in the rights of all men to be equal despite racial, cultural, language and religous divide.

So let us pray for PEACE, SHALOM, SALAAM.

Anonymous said...

I am sure LIONHEART will also lead us to beleive muslims persecuted Jews and Christians in SPAIN to for 800 years.

While creating among the greatest multicultural civilisations in the history of man.

A place of beauty, decadence, science, medicine, literature, institutions, infrastructure, a welfare system.

The graves dug up from that region show caucasian and non caucasian graves, muslim, christian and jewish graves side by side.

Before you say Spain wa sinvaded by muslim you will be wrong again the man who lead the campaign was Tarek, Jabbar Al Tarek afer him it was named Gibraltar - Gibr AL Tar.
He had only 7,000 men and he did not face Christians but faced goths and visigiths who wer plundering and burning and raping Spain.

The word Andalus means Vandal in english. Yes you get english words from Arabic too :). Vandalus - Andalus. It was called the place of the Vandals as it was a haven for bandits, goths burning the landscapes, looting and plundering.

I think there needs to be corrective History writing in history. So the ignorant are no longer blinded by the positive contributions to modern civilisation made by the Islamic era and civilisations.

The British historian and philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, (d. 1881) in his "Lectures on Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History," (1841) has this to say about Muhammad p.b.u.h., "The word of such a man is a voice direct from nature's own heart. Men do and must listen to that or nothing else; all else is wind in comparison . . . They called him prophet, you say? Why, he stood there face to face with them, bare, not enshrined in any mystery; visibly sewing his own cloak; cobbling his own shoes, fighting, counselling; ordering in the midst of them, they must have seen what kind of man he was. Let him be called what you like! No emperor with his dignity was obeyed as this man in a cloak of his own making. During three and twenty years of tough actual trial, I find something of a veritable hero necessary for that of itself."

I bid you farewell.

PEACE and blessings of the Lord God who is one be on all of you.

Anonymous said...

The second last paragraph above should read;

>>>>think there needs to be corrective History writing. So the ignorant are no longer blinded and are AWARE of the positive contributions to modern civilisation made by the Islamic era and civilisations<<<<<

Islam stop being a political force in the world only a mere 100 years ago.

Islam was a force for peace, progression, human brotherhood and pursuit of knoweldge and education.

Islamic lands are NOT relfective of Islamic religion due to a century of Imperialist rules, hegemony, corrupt regimes.

Islamic worlds wants to "change", we are peace loving people who have NO ALTERIOR motive as some may believe.

The voices for change are everywhere in the Islamic world but supressed through totalitarian puppet regimes.

I live in Great Britain, uphold it's values, laws and principles which are Islamic moral Values. I do not require a separate law as I live within the guidelines of God's law in a free and just society.

Yes there are extremists but similarly to an earlier post are NOT THE CAUSE but are the CONSEQUENCE of political and economic failings.

However, some of these political and economic failings have been "deliberate" so that certain nations of influence remain influencial and continue their hegemony.

May the power of reason and human kindness prosper and ignorance for one another disappears.


Anonymous said...

To the last anonymouses.

You try to dress up the wretched status of Islam around the world.
A religion that espouses alms-giving and yet your Ramadan collections go almost entirely to fund Chechen rebels, african warlords and despots the world over.
You are either living in denial or a fool's paradise.
Take a look at the world and observe who is doing the killing the rapimg and starving populations.
It is not America or Britain or the Jews.
It is Islamic countries that are at the forefront.
By the way, ancient Israel was crushed and Jerusalem burned to the ground by the Roman Empire.
Al Aqsa mosque, means the "furthest mosque" and at that time no mosque existed in Jerusalem. It was built by a Sultan long after.
The al Aqsa mosque lay in dirt and ruins during the 19th Century because it was of no political interest to Islam.
There are no true Palestinians, only the descendants of Bedouin's and the flotsam put there by Egypt and others.
Islam does not have such a glorious history in Israel.
It is clearly stated in Old Testament, that the tribes of the Jews would return, and never be removed before the last judgement.
The vandals or Visigoths ruled Spain for Centuries, and were fighting against the existing Romano/Iberians existing there already.
The Arabs only copied from Ancient Greek and Eastern sources.
All attempts and wars against European forces by Turks and Moors etc, have eventually been defeated, or were routed by superior bravery and skilled forces of the Europeans,
Gates of Vienna.
Roland. Tours, all were defeated and sent packing.
Glad to post you some history if you like.
Jihad does mean WAR against the Infidel (that's us folks) and if you doubt it , read the abrogated verses of your Koran.
Your prophet advised the killing of the Jews and other followers of the "book" unless they converted willingly.
The Arab rule in Spain was a deviant form of Islam.
All Jews had to wear Stars of David round their necks.All Christians had to carry Blue crosses.
All none Muslims had to pay Jizzya poll-tax and were treated as the legal equivalent of women in Islam. IE: only taken as half the value of the word of a MALE Islamic. (Sharia)
So much for your "equality".
Do yourselves a favour and read some actual history and not just the Wikipedia entries.
Study of Winston Churchill's words on Islam may inform you better.
You are living in cloud cuckoo land.
I take the words of Sheik Osama bin Ladin as a higher authority than yours.
He has spelt out our fate (and yours).
You cannot resist the "radical" brothers of Islam.
You are a Jew appeaser, and therefore an enemy of al Quaeda, and just as much a danger as a radical, because you live in denial.
You cannot pull the wool over the eyes of the anti-jidhadist movement.
There are tens of thousands of fully aware people across the world.
We are the warners at the gates of the citadel.
Islam shall not triumph here.

Anonymous said...

The above post exposes this site for what it is incitement.

Inaccurate information:

Qu'ran forbids war unless in the form of self defence.

Qu'ran commands transgressors are not muslims.

You refer to the ayat's taken OUT OF CONTEXT, referring to when UNARMED pilgrims going to Makkah kept getting robbed by largely jews and "some" pagans.

The Qu'ranic revelation gave rights to muslims to hunt the "perpetrators" and only those "responsible" find them wherever you may and smite their neck.

Note: Only to PUNISH those who broke the treaty with the muslims.

Islamic Spain was never a perversion but a glorious chapter in man's history which is hardly ever acknowledged in the West.

Last Ramadan we raised money for the orphans of the Pakistan Earthquake?, we raised chairty to ouse and cloth them. We have in te past raised money for the "DISPLACED" Palestinians living in make shift tin pot refugee camps.

It is NOT CHARITY if you raise money for an act of WAR. This is against Islam. Islam has STRICT rules on charity and WHO TO GIVE and WHO NOT TO GIVE.

CRUSADE means a holy war, a war between religions. Islam has NO similar word. Jihad means struggle, there are different levels of jihad/struggles and one such struggle is to fight to protect your self, your family, your lands, your religion.

But it does NOT mean to go out and CONQUER or INVADE a non muslim land.

This is not what it means.

Women in Islam 1400 years ago;

were allowed to divorce
were allowed to choose who to marry
had a right to be educated
had a right to own property
had a right to vote
had inheritance rights
had a right to work

A woman's status was lifted in the East through Islam.

Women enjoyed such rights in the West in the 19th century.

A Jew is a son of our prophet Abraham (pbuh) is a brother of an Arab.

A distinction muslims make but get called anti semites, but a distinction exists between ZIONISM and JUDAISM.

Remember Arabs are semitic people too!!

Zionism is an ideology that is NOT from Judaism.

Muslims freely gave 6% of their land in Palestine to accommodate Jews after WW2.

They now have over 80% because of a movement called ZIONISM.

Every conflict in the world has a CAUSE, understand it.

Because this is the only way to deminish Consequence.

Churchill was an imperialist and NOT an ACADEMIC.

You may wish to read about Sir Thomas Carlyle's description of prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Islam.

Perhaps read Sir George Bernard Shaw's testimony to prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Churchill was an Imperialist leader with alternative views.

Muslims DO NOT see you as enemies but you use muslims as scape goats for the economic and political prediaments of the world.

You however follow Nazi style scape goating to create incitement and scaremongering amongst the good people of Great Britain.

on July 7th muslims too were affected by the bombings?

on Sept 11th muslims too died.

in Afghan and Iraq 100.000's muslims - innocent paid with their lives.

I still believe in the conspiracies theory regarding 9/11.

you tube: loose change

Islam does NOT advocate unprovoked attack, Islam does NOT trangress.

You and many in the media and governments have misused Qu'ranic quotes, misused Islamic history, demonised an entire people, culture, religion. You blacklisted 1/4 of the worlds population to pursue your campaign of hate.

USA needed resources in the Middle East to re-vitalise a crumbling economy in the face of growing economies in the East ;

1) an Oil Pipe in Afghanistan linking to Caspian Sea.

2) Saddam had 2 years remaining for SANCTIONS to be lifted, he had signed contracts with Russia, Germany, France to explore for oil, oil production.

More importantly Saddam has already SWITCHED oil trade from DOLLAR to EURO.

If oil stopped trading on the dollar this would be catastrophic for U.S economy.

I believe the war is a farce, the war on terror is a farce.

Paul Wolfowitz wrote in the late 1990's that for America to "RE-ASSERT" itself in the world and be recognised as a world power again to make economic and political decisions ( That would benefit U.S economy ) it needed a new Pearl Harbour to unite the American people.

He also said with the global threat of communism gone they needed a global threat to allow America to be seen as the world's only superpower able to deal with the threat.

Well he got his;

1) president
2) Pearl harbour - 9/11
3) Global threat - War on terror

Lionheart wishes to continue the hate by continuing to scaremonger and demonise muslims to pursue his BNP politics - right wing extremist politics.

Anonymous said...


a very important quote in the Qu'ran regarding invitation to Islam is;

"There is no COMPULSION in religion, as truth stands firmly on it's own"

Qu'ran and the prophet Muhammad (SAW) similar to Christianity request all muslims to invite people to your Lord God Who is One.

Muslims must invite through;

"through harmony"
"intelligent discussion"

Those muslims who are incapable of this SHOULD NOT engage in dawah (invitation).

Yes Islam like Christianity is a missionary religion but NO there is NO command that tells the believer to invite non muslims by FORCE.

As i said before;

the Qu'ranic command is clear on this and the TRANGRESSOR will be punished and not a muslim.

Now this is the part where you will provide distorted history and inaccuracies if Islam spread by the sword;

Islam spread to Yemen ( christian country );

Without a stone thrown.

Romans attacked muslims and were thus pushed back to Greece.

Persians attacked the muslim armies and were pushed back to Persia.

Muslims did NOT invade Spain.
Spain was over ridden with Vikings / Visigoths who were burning and ravaging the land.

The term Al Andalus comes from the Arabic word The Vandals.

Only 7,000 muslim fighters went to Spain to face them - hardly an invading army.

Spain was a multicultural, centre of learning / academia / arts.

Muslims had saved the language of the Greeks and re translated into Arabic and into European languages.

You owe the Arabic language for so much, as it introduces so many words into the English, French, Spanish, Italien languages.

It was Arabic ships and sailors that accompanied Columbus to find USA.

Arabic gave you;

Medicine - Avicenna who was he?
Re-education of the Greek Language and philosophy

Remember the modern world was reshaped in th last 100 years. Prior to this it was the East and Islam was a voice of modernism, liberlism and change.

The state of the muslim lands is the result of Imperial European rule and puppet regimes.

Independence came under 50 years ago.

Arab countries must do so much to change and be modern by free, democratic elections.

But Arab countries had their fair share of;

Puppet Regimes..
Regime Changes ( supported by USA )
Hegemonic rule
Despots - supported by USA

The reality if a democracy emerges not in the interest of the USA and it's interests in the region. It will face economic, trading, political constraints.

Read the Bible:
Read the Qu'ran

You will see similarities, do not quote out of context.

Stop your inaccuracies from infecting people with good sound judgement.

Always look at CAUSE and CONSEQUENCE.. the cause to any current conflict wil show you the way to STOP the consequence.

Islam does not preach hate.
Qu'ran doe snot preach hate.

If preachers preach hate and incitement get rid of them like we sould get rid of the likes of Lionheart.

I think we need more home grown muslim preachers and the ones that come from outside must sit an acid test to see if they are suitable.

good day.

Anonymous said...

Crusaders were not a response to muslim aggression?

You may wish to pick up a history book or speak to a historians.

Muslims, Christians and Jews lived freely and openly in Jerusalem which was an OPEN system.

Crusaders not only slaughtered Muslims but Jews and Arab Christians, they plundered the lands, they looted.

Now there is another story;

The Templars rallied the kings of Europe after showing them great treasures they had looted from the holy land.

That treasure was supposeldy buried under the Temple Mount?.

The Dead Sea Scrolls also talk of infinite treasure under the temple mount.

Regardless of what the actual story is it was;

GREED that brought Western Christendom to Jerusalem, that greed was responsible for the slaughter of men, women and children both Arab Christian, Arab Jews and Arab Muslims.

They said the blood in Jerusalem was rivers of bloods up to the knees in some parts.

It was an unannounced, unprovoked attack.

The muslims did not suspect a thing until it was to late.

I am not here to re write history but have some perspective please.

The best way for people to find the truth, will not be from my debating or discussing with this right wing extremist LIONHEART But for you to go and find out yourself.

Don't rest on one account, have numerous accounts and then decide on where the actual truth lies.

To be subjective you need to be objective.

Anonymous said...

hmmm i have been reading these blogs with interest , all i can say is that im a white male living in the suburbs of Dunstable and have family living in Luton , i have NEVER seen any threat from moslem people of Luton or Dunstable. I agree with previous posts that lionheart is somewhat sounding more like the BNP or NF , his words are utter nonsense and untrue.

Lionheart said...

Seems you cannot even spell your name right Keith.

Just because you have not seen anything i talk about does not mean it is not true, its just means you cannot see it or have not seen it.

Just like i dont know what colour the seat is on your toilet, because i have never seen it.

You say my words are utter nonsense and unture, well here are a couple of links that form the core of this blog.





Your either a Liberal labour supporter in complete denial to the point of mental illness or your a Moslem.

Which are you?

Anonymous said...


Many thanks for your support.

These people have been doing this in the northern towns for years - and if you should Shout Propaganda long and hard enough sooner or later the voices of reason abandon.

What is left is LIE which then is accepted as the truth by the masses. Such is what Hitler did with the Jews and the Neo Cons in the White House did with the War on Terror. Slit my wrist and I bleed the same blood as a white man, black man. If I gave you an english Qu'ran to read and you read it back to back and then I asked you what did you just read.

You will say I have read a new version of the Bible. Anyone who says it is anything other than a book of knowledge, A book of LAws from God, a Book for us to reflect on everything around us, a book asking you to recognise you creator - The Lord God is ONe has either NOT read the Qu'ran or is a LIAR

Walaikum Assalam - Arabic
Waleykom Ashalom - Hebrew
Waleykom Asalam - Aramiac the language of Christ Jesus.


take care

Anonymous said...

"an English Quran?"
Same as Bible? Get outa here!
What you mean is, Mahammed was married first to business woman! who was involved with caravan trades across Arabia.
She had close connections through family with Christians and Jews.
Mo. just re-worked what he had picked up from Jewish and Christian sources.
Every Muslim historian agrees that Quaran was "assembled" from various and often erroneous sources over first two hundred years after Mo.
It was not complete and authentic word of God, as Mo was illiterate and had to have everything written down by others. It is claimed Quaran was transcribed verbatim from Mahahmmed's vision of the Angel Gabriel who visited his cave to give him revelations.
It was others who had to write down his words, which were not settled as one body of work for best part of two hundred years.
This did not stop Islam conquering Persia, most of Arabia and half the Mediterranean, by the sword, in warfare, in the same time.
Caves have been significant in every religious messengers life, it seems, from Saint Bernadette right back to the Bible Prophets.
It has a lot to do with isolation and food and sleep deprivation and the ensuing hallucinogenic states this causes.
As you know, things change over time and that is why Islamic scholars are always re-examining Quaran's meaning.
This book is full of inaccuracies and chronological impossibilities and assumptions.
The Muslims have the cheek to say that the Christian Gospels are wrong and were fabricated.
All this talk is called "taquiya" and is dissimilitude to create confusion in the kafir "dirty unbeliever."
Islam's project is to first negate all other beliefs and then assimilate.
At the end of times (day of judgement) Islamists believe that Jesus (Isa) returns to declare the Muslims inheritors of the Earth, and then destroy the evil one "Daijal"
Sounds like Mike Myers yet?
The sacred texts "Sunnah" record that at this time the "Jizzyah" the poll-tax on every enslaved non-Muslim will cease. This is because they must then convert to Islam, no more second chances, guys!
his watered down "peaceful Islam," European Islam stuff is nonsense and will be wiped away by the Islamic scholars when Islam achieves numerical dominance through higher birth-rate in Europe.
This is the plan of conquest of Islam.
The immams preach it, but us dummies don't want to believe it, so we go for the suckered up version to feel better and carry on living our materialist lives.
The Quaran is written in ancient Arabic, because God supposedly thinks in Arabic.
Arabic is notoriously complex for Anglo-Saxons to penetrate.
We end up believing what we are told.
Christians are especially susceptible to this propaganda machine.
They just want to see the best in everything. Poor silly twerps.
They will be permitted to live in second-class citizenship, as they were in Muslim ruled Spain (People of the Book) as long as they pay the poll tax and weasr the religious identification tag (Cross or blue turban in Moorish Spain), and accept that their words are worth the same as a woman in Arab society.
ie: half of what a muslim man's word is worth.
And that includes in plalces such as the Law.
The West is digging it's own mass-grave.
You should have listened to that rather unpleasant but pragmatic Serbian President, Milosovitch, before he was bumped-off at the Hague during his war-crimes trial.
He tried to show pictures of the Serbian farmers massacred by the Mudjhadeen that went to Bosnia from the Soviet-Russian Afghan war.
He told us plainly just how many they were, and what fools we were to allow this "advanced guard" of trained guerilla war experts with an Islamicist intention, to take up residence in Europe.
WE will reap the grapes of wrath, for our stupid acceptance of the taquiya lies and propaganda.
This anon before, tries to implicate the BNP without mentioning them (up North) but what is the BNP's crime?
(I have little interest in them)
Calling themselves "British?"
Bloody cheek.
To actually stand up for being a white Anglo-Saxon British is a crime, in our own Country.?
God Save Our Gracious Queen.
NO Sharia in UK or Europe.

Anonymous said...

do those fools think we are all stupid dhimmis.I ask you, is the servile state of dhimmitude and infidel tax paying condition of non muslims in islam occupied jerusalem at the time of the crusades the model for how those apologists and oath breaking liars who say all is sweetness and light in luton want us to live in the caliphate uk they have planned.Come on tell us another one do

Anonymous said...

exacttly what great gifts scientific has islam given the world what great works of art.I SEEM TO RECALL SOMEONE ORDEING A BONFIRE WITH ALL THE BOOKS CONTAINED IN THE GREAT LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA.Not to mention the talibans great love and sponsoership of science and technology during their occupation of afghanistan.of how the arts and sciences did flourish in that fertile enviroment of learning they made possible inspiration and invention eran rampant did it not? JUST AS IT DOES AND WOULD ANYWHERE THEY TAKE OVER

Anonymous said...

wHATS YOUR REAL NAME KIETH your spelling is it Ali or COULD IT BE ABDUL.

Anonymous said...

To the wonderful gifts the moor gave to spain add the right to stand in the dirtiest place to wait in humiliation to pay the infidel tax a nice blue cross to carry not to mention that highly fashionable lead medalion hanging on a peice of rope with the word dhimmi stamped on it to be worn at all times.Dont forget the bells on your womens toes to mark them out as dhimmi in the public baths.The playful prescribed grab of the the dhimmis beard and the punch on his jaw as you take his infidel tax.Oh yes the stabling of the moslems horses in the churches and synagouges as well as the homes of the the dhimmi.The dhimmi could not wear shoes outside of his home area, his door must be open to all muslims at all times who want board and food for free of course i could go on quoting from the text of the muslim on the wonderful life of the dhimmi in moorish spain what a wonderland,in fact I will sometime soon go into more detail.However for anyone who wants to know how we the christian brits are thought of by pakistani moslems for example,google THE DHIMMI IN PRESENT DAY PAKISTAN and take your pick to learn more of the wonders an islamic state has in store.Oh and I wonder which national group has it in mind to take on the role of a saudi type religous police in their dreamed of islamic emirate of England, no prizes fopr guessing which "COMMUNITY", HAS PENCILED IN THAT ROLE FOR ITSELF

Anonymous said...

Am I going way off track here but does not islam have a double in the world of television,namely the BORG from star trek.They are always going round saying",You will be assimilated or you will die,we are the BORG".Does that not remind anyone even slightly of the "religion of peese"

Anonymous said...

i live in luton, and I think your comments are rather hollywood. I completely diasagree with you as Luton is very multicultural, there is alot of mix which is healthy in society, this includes many muslims integrating with other people in a positive way. I think you have been watching to many movies or are just stirring up hatred which is very dangerous. Sort it out geezer!

Anonymous said...

i have read the comments and i'm still amazed at the stupid comments that are left by Lionheart and other BNP supporters. To use the actions of a few idiots in the Muslim community and then to say this represents the whole community or the whole of Islam is pathetic, stupid and dumb. Do the actions of the KKK represent the views of the majority of Christians? Of course not...then why take a few comments from youngsters in the Asian community and then to label the whole community as such. Where is the justice and fairness in that? I hope that most of people will see that the comments here are just crazy, and that hopefully people like Lionheart will just fade away, because honestly mate, you're a joke !!

Lionheart said...

Here are a couple of links in response to the comment above.

Video 1: Undercover Mosque

Video 2: What the West needs to know