24 May 2007

Prayer for Madeleine

Father, I humble myself before you and bring this situation before you as so many people have already and so many will continue too.

There is nothing upon this Earth that escapes your sight, you know exactly where this little girl is and you know who is holding her. I believe she is still alive and that your Angels are by her side as she sits in her prison surrounded by her captors.

I pray that your light will shine upon her beastly savage kidnappers and break through into their darkness, that your guilt and conviction about what they have done will fall upon them and that somehow someone will come forward with the lead the police need to track these predators who have preyed on this beautiful innocent young child.

I pray your spirit into every area of this situation, that there will be nothing hidden from the police's sight, that they will be led into all truth, that your peace and strength will be with the family and that your Angels will comfort Madeleine in her time of fear.

Father I pray that you will keep her safe in the times that lay ahead and that you will move swiftly bringing Madeleine back to safety soon.

Father I pray open the eyes of the blind who cannot see, open the ears of those who cannot hear so that what needs to be known will be known.

I pray that you will set light to this dark world and show the peoples of the Earth that there is humanity left and that this young girl will be that beacon of light for all mankind.

I commit every area of this tragic horrendous situation into your hands and pray that you will intervene.

In Jesus name - Amen

info here - Madeleine McCann


Anonymous said...

There are reports she may be in North Africe. Just praying she hasn't fallen into the hands of a Muslim pedophile ring like Charlene Downes:


Always On Watch said...

As more and more time goes by, I have the feeling that Madeleine has been captured by a Muslim, white-slave ring.

May God deliver her!

Always On Watch said...

The story of Madeleine's disappearance has all but vanished from American news networks.

Anonymous said...

God bless and help Madeleine...also God bless and help all missing and suffering children.

If I could have only one wish it would be that all children were blessed with a loving, happy childhood....a sad child is a heartbreaking sight.

Anonymous said...

The Great White Spirit knows all. The people who took Maddy will suffer for their actions.
I pray for her safe return to a normal life.
I also pray for peace in the world.