1 May 2007

Jihad (Holy War) against Our Children & Labour's complicity

Please take a read of this article for an understanding of Jihad - Allah's Militia

Our children are the future of 'Our' Nation and 'We' are the descendants of Our Forefathers.

The United Kingdom is Our Homeland, a place of safety and a sanctuary for us and Our children to grow into civilized people in the civilized world.

Great Britain was once called Great because it was a Christian Nation, where society was underpinned by the ethics of the Judeo/Christian world. The every day British man on the street can no longer call his Nation Great because it is not, we now have the Islamic Kingdom building itself upon Our land and we the people are forced to accept this abomination under the guise of political correctness.

The people in power who are controlling Our Nation have destroyed Great Britain and are continuing that destruction of Our homeland at an alarming rate. Helping Islam into the uncontrollable force which it is now, is by far the worst act of betrayal towards the British people by the greedy power hungry traitors at the top of the British food chain.

These treacherous traitors should be stamping out Moslem interference with British life and culture but instead are aiding the Islamic Kingdom's destruction of Our society and future inheritance of Our children, which is a homeland free from oppression under the living God, the God of the Jews.

So that those in power stay in power they appease the Moslem community by giving into their demands so that they receive their vote, thus obtaining a large block vote that will help them clinch power over the British power structure.

Please take a read of this important article (
Labour & British Moslems) to see what the Labour government used in their last election campaign to receive the Moslem block vote. They even sold out Our friends and allies the Jewish people to the Moslems in Britain so they could play politics with Our country.

This time around though the lengths they will go too is by far way to much for the British people to stomach because it involves the manipulation of Our children's minds and the creation of a false reality, an Islamic reality for Our children to grow into.

Please read my article -
A step way to far by the MCB

The Moslem Kingdom knows it is voting day on May 3rd so they sent out a memorandum of demands several months back to the Labour government which was aimed at British schooling and Our education system so that it would fall in line with Islam.

Our schools are the environment across Our land, for Our children to grow into British citizens, training and educating the next generation of British people and leaders to run Our country. This sanctity of British life should be protected at all costs, but this Labour government does not think so, so is more than willing to hand Our education system over to Islam and indoctrinate Our children to Islams world view.

Labour have sold Our children out to the Moslem kingdom in Britain and is the final act of betrayal against the people of Britain.

The first installment of Labours gifts to the Islamic Kingdom for their vote is the abolition of the Holocaust and the crusades from the school curriculum because Islam hates the Jews and wants them all dead just like Hitler during the Holocaust. Please take a read of this article to see for yourself -
Teachers drop Holocaust

How much further into the Abyss of Islam is Our country going to allow Our treasanous leaders to take us before the common man sees sense and defends his homeland for the sake of his children and the future generations that are to come.

Labour shows by its actions that it has no place being in power over the British people, their children and the country in which they pay their taxes too.

Islam has no place forcing Our children to adopt its ways because this is Our country and society, one that has developed over many years under the shadow of Almighty God and we the people are happy with the job Our forefathers did in handing down the country we have been living in to us their children.

If foreign people with foreign Gods want to live their way then they must leave Our land and find a country suitable for them. It is a bloody cheek for them to come into Our country and force us to give Our way of life up and indoctrinate Our children to their way of thinking.

One of the most recognisable acts of betrayal that every adult will be able to relate to is the abolition of Christmas from schools. When we grew up Christmas was a beautiful time in school with all the special qualities that come with Christmas, but now because of Islam Our children will miss enjoying Christmas like we did because Islam wants it banned because it is a Christian holiday and the Labour government is happy to allow this to happen. REVOLTING!!! please take a read of this article - Oldham council bans Christmas

How can any sane person agree with Labour and what they have done to Our country.

Roll on May 3rd so we can see the public's reaction to several years of Labour abuse.

Voting BNP is not racism it is solidarity with your people.

God bless you



Anonymous said...

Here's a nice video but it doesn't really do much in the opening 80 seconds until you get to the first human sacrifice to Allah. Enjoy and celebrate diversity!


The Green Arrow said...


All your articles are good but this was truly excellent and sums the situation up perfectly.

If people who read this cannot see the truth then truly they are blind.

Well done. Come on, one more post like that before the 3rd - please.

Anonymous said...

I came across an interesting article on the irrational violence that permeates Islam, not just as practiced the stereotypical Bradford/Leeds/Luton jihadis, but violence as justified by the highest theological authorities of the 'religion'.

It has often been remarked that there is no 'Golden Rule' in Islam (Do not do to another what would be hurtful to you) . Islamic ethics only apply between 'brother' Muslims - the Kafirs are subhumans to be killed, raped and plundered as and when required.

So how do Muslims override their consciences and kill and hold mass celebrations of the killing of innocent Kaffirs? Quite easily really, their theologians have shown the way....

'It is impossible for Allah to know an act as good or evil, what he commands is purely arbitrary without any reference to justice, compassion or morality.'

Conscience and reason have no place in Islam, and Allah's laws can only be known by Sharia (barbaric practices 'revealed' in the koran)

Because there are no objective standards of good or evil with Allah, the only resort to maintain ethics is shari'a; and there is no role at all for rationality in ethics.

Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328), the terrorists' favorite theologian, showed that there was no role or ability for man to understand Allah; man's sole response was to obey shari'a, making any use of rational faculties irrelevant.

This is why the reinstitution of shari'a is so critical for Muslims. Their 'religion' compels them to override human decency with this loathsome, sadistic dark-age barbarism from Mohammed's hate-manual, e.g. "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them"

The article also explains why Islamic societies have never made any progress in science. The Muslim concept of Allah is a hands-on god who micro-manages the entire universe, moment by moment, rather than one who sets up laws that govern such things as the motion of the planets. Thus both Newton's laws of motion and Einstein's theory of relativity are deeply heretical to Muslims (What else do you expect from a Christian monkey and a Jooooish pig?)

Read it all at: