18 May 2007

War to the End - Armageddon - WW3

This Islamic War is WW3

“World War III” - 4th Generation Style

War is a battle for survival and a battle for conquest being played out by two sides.

Death murder and destruction is the aim of the game until your opponent surrenders or you wipe them out (Genocide), either the one out for conquest wins and takes over, or the one fighting for survival breaths a sigh of relief and then sets out trying to better the world that they live in, so that their children never have to experience what they had to endure.

In my mind writing those words I feel that that probably best describes the aftermath of the Second World War our most recent relatives faced.

That same scenario is now knocking on the door of this generation, or should I say has knocked and the door is now wide open. I think of Ayman Alzwahiri’s words when he said that the whole world is now open for Jihad. So the threat posed by Islam with Osama Bin Laden on the throne of a global army of suicidal psychopathic Moslems under the banner Al Qaeda is now an openly declared Global jihad (war) so every country in the world is poised to be attacked by Moslems.

The war is here as we see from the actions of Moslems on a daily basis and the acts of war already committed against us in their quest for global Islamic domination, like with 9/11 and 7/7.

The view of the future is bleak but we must never give in for the sake of those who have gone before us and for those who will go after us. This is our time in our generation to stand up to the threat that seeks to kill and enslave us all.
Our enemy wants to die when we want to live, two opposing ends which show us that we are right and they are wrong.

Our Living God gave us this Earth to enjoy, and to live long lives upon, not to murder each other and ‘want’ to kill ourselves in the process.

What is the point in having creation on Earth if you have the perception that Moslems do? This shows that we are a civilized and progressive people and society seeking for long life and happiness on Earth and that they are backward un-enlightened savages still living in the dark ages.

It’s a long shot but our forefathers set out on the admirable quest of creating a better world a long time ago and as the civilized world we have progressed to the point in creation we are at now.

The answer lies in the simple and true fact that we of the civilized world abide under the shadow of Almighty God, who is the King of the Jews, and is as real, and alive today, as He was yesterday, and Islam’s presumed god Allah is nothing more than an idol created by the devil to lead people away from the truth.

If God is real then so is the devil and he is in control of Islam because he created it. The devil is the counterfeit and had to copy God so as to try and defeat Him and created Islam for this purpose. The war has been set in motion but as Christians our hope and faith lies in the truth that Jesus will come back to rule and rein His people and Kingdom on Earth.

We know how this story ends and the devil will be defeated. What this world will go through before that time comes we can only presume, speculate or foresee. One thing is certain though, is that the devil has arisen, is marching across the Earth and is pushing forward for the destruction of Gods people and kingdom in this generation.

This we can see being played out before our eyes in the embodiment of Islam which is being driven by murderous suicidal psychopathic Moslems. A true civilized mind looking at the truth about Islam could not come up with any other interpretation than that Islam is fundamentally a murderous sick perverse religion thus being a force driven by demons and the devil, a true demonic force seeking for the complete destruction of Gods people and Gods kingdom on Earth.

Israel as a nation represents Gods kingdom on Earth so we all must unite and stand with her at this most critical time in human history. We have had to do it in the past and now have to do it again in this generation. Let us not make the same mistakes of our forefathers and allow another Holocaust before we act though. This modern onslaught by the Moslems against the Jewish world shows us that this is the devils work because the Jewish people are Gods chosen people and carry the blood line of Jesus the Messiah. They have to be target number one by the devil and then the rest of the civilized Judeo/Christian world will fall in behind.

This is exactly the same as in the Second World War as Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish race. Hitler is classed as an Antichrist because of his actions. Those exact same actions are now being played out by Osama Bin Laden and are an extension of that Nazi War that was driven by Hitler and controlled by the devil.

The time was not right for Jesus to return because as the human race at that point in time we did not have the capability to destroy the whole of creation. Then came the birth of the A bomb, everyone stood back in amazement at this new phenomenon, the War ended and the Nuclear age had dawned and there was peace in that generation.

Now as we face the same continued devil driven conflict in our generation, the only difference is, is that because of the birth of the Nuclear age we now have the capability to destroy the whole of creation or cause mass global devastation on an unimaginable scale because of this modern day discovery.

We the civilized world cannot give in to Islam and must defend ourselves from the onslaught that is upon us. There is no other choice, Islam through Osama Bin Laden has set things in motion and President Bush’s words ring true when at the beginning of this war he said ‘you are either with us or the terrorists’ (politically correct name for Moslems). There is no middle ground anymore, the side of Islam or the side of the civilized world. Make your choice now because if you do not then your children will.

We cannot escape facts and the facts to this conflict are clear to see, in the Moslem mind the world is split in two, “the house of war” Dar al-Harb and “the house of Islam” Dar al-Islam. In a Moslems view of the world you are either with them and Moslem in the House of Islam or you are the enemy living in the House of War to be killed so that they can turn this world and the respective country into the house of peace.

That is the false prophet Mohamed’s Moslem mindset that he laid down in the Koran by the example he lived and taught. The thing though is that through history Islam has never been able to fulfill this goal of global conquest and Islamic dominance because the world was so expansive. We are now at a point in the future where global travel and world wars are a reality, and there are now, because of this reality, large numbers of murderous suicidal psychopathic Moslems in every country of the world working to their Islamic agenda which is to turn the respective country they are living in, into the house of Islam, but before they do that, they live knowing that they are living in the house of war so they are in a state of perpetual war with non-Moslems until the country becomes Islamic with the people submitting to Islam thus becoming the “house of Islam”.

This is Islam’s agenda and the agenda Osama Bin Laden is working towards in his quest to rule the world through the global Caliphate.

Bin Laden believes he is the Mahdi and he is being driven by the devil himself, that is why he is so successful and is achieving great victories for Islam and the Moslem world. As a Christian I know that Islam is a false religion created by the devil so the Mahdi is nothing more than a fantasy figure, a fantasy created by the devil that can be filled by someone when the time is right.

Osama Bin Laden fits the fantasy figure and is conducting his apocalyptic war against all people of this world who are non-Moslem, seeking to rid the earth of us so that the devil’s idol Allah through Islam can rein supreme across the whole Earth. Osama Bin Laden is being driven by the devil himself; this is the devils ultimate aim towards God and His people as set out in the Holy Bible.

An extremely large amount of the Moslem world believe Bin Laden is the Mahdi, this is why they are fighting Jihad for him on the battlefields around the world with sick human beings actually killing themselves and innocent people for him and his agenda of global Islamic conquest.

Bin Laden declared war on the non-Moslem world and called out with a loud voice to the whole Moslem world to support him and fight Jihad against the infidel (non-believer).

The devil through Osama Bin Laden is using every tool at his disposal to achieve his aims of complete and total destruction of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Osama Bin Laden is the devil’s willing accomplice in this end time apocalyptic war.

Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad has been extremely successful with him uniting many around the Moslem world to the plans set out by the idol Allah and the false prophet Mohamed that are laid down in the Koran, which is Moslem global domination through Holy War (Jihad). He has an army of suicidal psychopathic Moslems who want to die killing innocent people in every country of the world. These spiritually sick human beings are willing to carry out mass murder for him on their warped hell sent mission of death murder and destruction as we see on a daily basis around our world.

In the evolution of war we are now living in the time of 4th generation warfare. We have gone through the big land and sea wars and learned what was needed to protect ourselves from anything like this in the future and our enemies know this, that is why their warfare has had to change and has changed into and adapted into 4th generation warfare, a “Guerilla war”.

A guerilla war is where your enemy lives amongst you, feeds from your land and could even be your nicest neighbor or work colleague and then attacks you and your country, exactly like we saw from the actions of the suicidal psychopaths on 7/7.

This is exactly what is happening with Islam, in this our generation, by its Moslem followers who are living amongst us, taking from us, raping us, impregnating our daughters, destroying us on a daily basis, attacking us and working towards their eventual take over and the destruction of our Judeo/Christian way of life.

HELLO is anybody listening, why don’t people wake up to this reality that surrounds us all and stop being weak intimidated second class citizens in our own countries at the hands of violent Moslems who are taught to intimidate non-Moslems in their Jihad for the idol Allah. I personally would rather die than give in to Islam and Moslem intimidation and threats for the sake of every innocent child in my country whose brave forefathers fought and died carving out a safe and secure free society and future for them their descendents. I would be failing each and every one of my countries brave forefathers if I sat back and did nothing and allowed Islam’s continual degradation and murder of my country and society.

What about you who is reading this, where do you stand on the issue of our children’s futures? What I have seen and experienced so far is that there is a generation of British men who are complete cowards and a disgrace to their children and children’s children and bring dishonor to their forefather’s bravery. I only hope and pray that God brings change into the hearts and minds of the British men of this generation so that they do not leave the destruction of their society and children’s futures in the hands of their children because by then it will be too late.

We send our brave British Lions (sons/daughters) off to different places of the world to defend us and the civilized world from this un-enlightened global Islamic threat, so the ignorant common man on the street sees the situation our world faces as somebody else’s problem in somebody else’s country. The things is though, is that this enemy who is seeking all of our destruction if we are not Moslem is no longer restricted to the battlefields around the world, in somebody else’s country. We now have a home grown army of Islamic suicidal psychopathic Moslems who have the same belief system and agenda of global Moslem domination as Osama Bin Laden and have turned on us their innocent neighbors.

Azzam the American and the 7/7 bombers are a reflection of a large section of our civilized societies which goes un-noticed to the eyes of mainstream society and should act as our wake up call to what is happening under the surface. It is funny because they were born in our countries and given the opportunity to be civilized like us yet they chose to turn against that path and ultimately us, and become backward un-enlightened Moslem savages who want to die killing us and are now acting as our warnings and educating us about the future.

We are at war and death and destruction is all a part of war. That death and destruction is now amongst us and a daily reality, it is only a matter of time before another large scale attack that will kill many people will happen. It is not if, it is now when!

This is war and it is being waged against us by Osama Bin Laden and his followers the Moslem world. We cannot escape these facts anymore and it is our responsibility and duty to wake people up to the facts and truth that surround them before it is too late.

We are not fighting with sticks and stones or swords and spears on the battlefield, we are fighting an enemy with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons whose only aim is to kill as many of us as possible and would do it believing that killing so many people would grant him passage to his false paradise with 72 Virgins. It is comical but at the same time unbelievable and scary to think that Moslems think this way, as if God would give someone paradise for killing His creation? It’s the carrot and the stick scenario, one of the oldest tricks in the book. You kill yourself while killing Gods people under the banner “infidel” and you will receive 72 lovely Virgins for your actions. Killing the infidel is one of the only sure ways of being assured entry into the false Islamic paradise. This is the warped murderous belief system that the devil has designed so that he can control Moslems into killing Gods people and destroying His Kingdom on Earth.

Mohamed probably added that piece of lust fulfilling perversion to tempt his backward followers to follow him and to justify having sex with his 9 year old wife that he married and had intercourse with. This is another aspect of the beast, Islam that its Moslem followers adhere to, to fulfill their sick perverted lusts towards innocent children. Yes Mohamed was a pedophile and every modern day Moslem looks to him as their role model to emulate. Sex with children in Moslem communities is accepted and common practice because Mohamed did it. This then spills out into our civilized Christian societies with many of our most vulnerable children succumbing to the lusts and perversions of the male Moslem beasts who are living along side of us.

Moslems are commanded through the Koran to kill all of those who will not submit to Allah and his way – Islam, also those who turn away from Islam as apostates must be murdered for the crime. It is a false divine obligation laid down in the Koran to murder infidels and apostates for the devils idol Allah. Imagine filling your head all day with these types of thoughts and other thoughts you have about the, “us and them” syndrome and then praying religiously as a false divine obligation 5 times a day so that you do not forget about what murderous suppressive ways the Koran teaches its Moslem followers to adhere too.

Craziness but that’s what is happening throughout our countries with backward devil worshipping Moslems seeking to convert our countries from the house of war to the house of peace with this psychotic belief system which they are seeking to enforce upon us and our children.

To summarize the above article on the present War in simple terms lets look at the War being waged by Islam against us and explain it as if its two opposing teams. Two teams out to win because survival is at stake. One team by the rules of the game and the other team with absolutely no regard for any rules and will play anyway they have too, to win. One team is top of the league and the other is at the bottom, one team with the strength to hold the other back and the other looking at all ways to get through and win against all the rules.

How the two teams think. On one side you have a civilized team who enjoy spending time with their family, children and enjoying life, and the other team, the opponent, wants to kill and cause destruction and believes that killing the opponent and causing destruction will grant him sure passage to his false paradise with 72 young sweet Virgins. We are fighting a war in our generation against a global army of suicidal maniacs whose only aim in life is to kill us and die in the process.

I think it is about time the media starts labeling this war what it truly is, “World War III” rather than ‘The War on Terror’ and the people on the street to stop waiting for the big land and sea invasion because its already happened. You only have to visit certain towns and cities across our countries to see this fact, as there are now large Islamic communities with no regard for our Democratic way of life and laws being pumped with foreign Islamic teaching which is teaching the home grown Moslem communities war against the West and the infidel, namely from countries like Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Communities full of young Moslem men who hate our countries ways, who are willing to kill or be killed in their pursuit of fulfilling Islam’s objectives through Bin Laden’s command of global conquest and the destruction of our Western way of life, our civilized way of life. These Moslem communities up and down our countries live completely separate from our way of life and every day they emerge from their living hell and conduct Jihad against non-Moslem civilized society seeking to transform our civilized society and way of life into their living hell.

Everybody reading this is perfectly clear of the acts of war perpetrated against us by Islam through Osama Bin Laden and his Moslem followers.

The facts are the facts, what more needs to be said.

World War III – 4th Generation style.

In service of the King



Anonymous said...

LionHeart, I quite agree with your assessment of the war today, I also think people are starting to listen more and more and in alot of ways are fighting back, but are being beaten back by our own governments and their dedication to being "Politically Correct" and also being paranoid of anyone who does not agree with their methods of fighting the Jihadist. There is so much more to say but not at this time.

Anonymous said...

This is so much rubbish. you are delusional.


Anonymous said...

is it really?have you read this blog?defend your faith ,why should you have too ?it is peaceful afterall...........

JeepThang said...

I cannot wait for the end of islam.. their pedophile profit and god named satan.. I mean "allah."

JeepThang said...

doh... prophet*

Anonymous said...


Yet our Lords and Masters will never admit the failure of multiculturalism, even if it means the destruction of our civilisation - from a comment at http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/015186.php

"Many people do not understand what "multicultural" really means. The first tenet of multiculturalism is cultural relativism; all cultures are equally valid and one is no better than another. Why should an immigrant respect and adapt to the culture of his new country when he can settle in an enclave totally populated by people from his home country? He has his home away from home plus all of the benefits home didn't offer. Who could ask for a better deal? And on top of all that, there's free health care, welfare, and other assorted freebees, no questions asked, no strings aattached. These people come from the worst places on earth but in no time flat, they're so arrogant and emboldened that they're ready to overthrow the government and create a national hellhole just like the one they fled. Who could help but love them and generously contribute to their sustenance? They deserve it! The extant culture and the native population are eventually viewed as repressive, racist, bigoted, prejudiced, even by their own government. The government struggles to appease the demands of minority, special interest groups at the expense of the native citizens. What a complete and utter farce!

Multiculturalism and diversity are two entirely separate and distinct entities. A nation can be diverse without being multicultural, which would describe the United States thirty years ago. Multiculturalism's insidious tentacles have spread and although multiculturalism has not been officially enacted by legislation, it has become an unofficial and widely accepted policy in the U.S. Identity politics have become a divisive and ubiquitous pain in the ass with dozens of special interest minority groups competing and clashing, while the majority scratch their heads and wonder what in the hell went wrong. The government bureaucrats and liberal egalitarians fall all over themselves to ensure that none of these third-world parasites are victims of diabolical "racism", the most heinous of crimes, while ignoring the real crimes, disease, and social upheaval they import and inflict on the general population.

It certainly would be easier to eliminate the intractable, belligerent, parasitic muslims, but that would be an admission of multicultural failure. The success of this inimical but hopeless social experiment is so important to Western elites that they would rather see their nations collapse than to dismantle their failed utopias. They will NEVER ADMIT FAILURE. I think the final stage preceding a revolution will be a semi-police state, a last-ditch effort to maintain the appearance of law and order in the midst of chaos. They have already taken draconian measures to prevent civil unrest between muslims and non-muslims, and there will be more to come."

Anonymous said...

Brilliant piss-take of Islam! Make sure you see it before it's banned!!!


Anonymous said...

jamal- you're a real dickhead.

Always On Watch said...

You have accurately summed up Islam's agenda. Muslims needn't say it isn't so. We are onto taqiyya here.

Death murder and destruction is the aim of the game until your opponent surrenders or you wipe them out (Genocide), either the one out for conquest wins and takes over, or the one fighting for survival breaths a sigh of relief and then sets out trying to better the world that they live in, so that their children never have to experience what they had to endure.

How has the West done with warfare since WWII? Very poorly. For one thing, we don't fight to win and kid ourselves with the idiocy of "a just war." Also, we fail to demonize the enemy and twist ourselves into knots trying to understand the enemy. The West has twisted itself into a knot of folly. And the media are doing the same and hiding the facts from the public.

Well, I understand this enemy very well--as do you.

Stay safe, my friend!

Anonymous said...

This is a thought provoking piece and spot on. We ignore the signs at our peril. Our own authorities are being lulled into a false sense of security by political correctness.
Islam itself is opposed to any kind of compromise and it is a typical ploy to deny and dissemble whilst believing the opposite. So we are "delusional, paranoid," etc. etc.
We need to wake up and like you, Lionheart, say things like they are. We are despised by people we have welcomed into our society and all we can do is make excuses for it.