25 May 2007

UK Government - Terror Threat a National Emergency

Excerpt taken directly from The Daily Mail - full article can be read here - Daily Mail

"Downing Street indicated that tougher restrictions could include '24-hour surveillance', such as virtual house arrest.

Mr Reid would be allowed to set aside Britain's obligations only by officially declaring an
'emergency threatening the life of the nation'.

He suggested yesterday the terror threat was already grave enough. He told MPs it is 'at the level of a national emergency'.

Tony Blair also admitted control orders were not a strong method for protecting the public - but insisted they were the best option available under existing legislation.

'If we are going to tackle this terror threat with the seriousness it needs, we need the tough measures necessary to protect this country fully. Control orders are very much a second best option,' he said yesterday".

These are the words from our Home Secretary Mr John Reid, whose responsibility it is to manage the domestic security of our Nation.

I have been praying recently because it seems that I am the only one within my circle of friends and family who sees the level and nature of the threat that the innocent people of Britain face. I at the moment am the outcast who is labelled as paranoid, racist, an extremist or crazy - by pretty much everyone.

Does this now mean then that John Reid our Home Secretary and Tony Blair our former Prime Minister are all of those things too?

These two British leaders have now both publicly stated their opinion of the domestic terror threat that we face.

I for the past several months have been stating the facts surrounding the situation I and my community face personally from the Al Qaeda inspired terror we face on a daily basis.

The question is: What is the country going to do about this growing murderous Islamic threat that is out for the complete destruction of our way of life?

British Law & Human rights makes our battle against an in-humane enemy ineffective which then leaves the whole country at the mercy of these foreign Islamic invaders.

Either we are past the point of no return, so get out of this country as soon as possible or move to a secluded spot to live out your days and leave the problem to your children, or we must take emergency measures and rid our land of these suicidal psychopathic Moslem murderous.

The last outpost of Eurabia is crying out for help and support against the cancer spreading throughout the land.

The most recent fiasco that leaves the British public at the mercy of Islamic Terrorists is the absconding of 3 known terrorists with serious links to international terror including one of them being the brother of one of the main leaders of Britain's biggest ever planned bombing campaign ( The fertiliser plot ).

Up and down the country we have Islamic Terrorists walking the streets preaching hate and murder, recruiting for their war, and our government and police are powerless to stop this continual civil war. We the public are the ones on the receiving end of this madness, with the 7/7 bombings a prime example and also the daily degradation of our country with their Afghani Heroin.


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Watch this excellent but shocking video of what we in Britain face if our government does not act NOW in defence of our country before it is too late for the innocent people of Britain.

Please click link to watch video through the computer - Islamic conquest of Europe


Anonymous said...


Here in the USA there is much talk of how the government is using this "Terrorist" situation to destroy our Constitution and turn us into a Dictatorship. It seems like this is the same situation you are having in the UK. The government is "using" the situation to take from its citizens everything that makes freedom worth anything. However even under this situation we must still defeat the Radicals for it is our lives that are at stake and secondly our country. God save his people...

Always On Watch said...

The UK and the United States, too!

Indeed, all of the Western world is in deep trouble with these hordes of Muslims in our midst.

What's now happening is a crisis-management situation, and that's never a good position to be in.