8 May 2007

Al Qaeda's Luton Emir a.k.a The Boss

I would like to start this post by thanking the Police, British Security services and any International agencies that helped bring the biggest terror plot aimed against the innocent people of Britain to light and saving untold lives in the process. I know that, that thank you comes from everyone who reads this blog bar the deranged Moslem followers seeking our destruction. The work that these people do goes unnoticed behind the scene’s until we see the culmination of their work with the terrorists caught and imprisoned with many lives saved. We should in no way criticise the security services for any failings in missing the bombers of 7/7, we should look at this as a warning to the danger we face, these people have multiple plots of terror aimed against us as acts of War at any one time, it only takes one to go unnoticed and reach the dispatch stage like on 7/7 and we the people are on the receiving end. Take a read of this MI5 statement from the end of last year: MI5 - Threat posed to Britain

My mind was jogged in Church on Sunday and God reminded me about a time when I prayed without ceasing for God to open the eyes and lead to the ‘truth’ the Security services who are employed to protect us, Mossad and the CIA. We must all pray that God will illuminate similar plots of mass murder against us so that those looking will see what they need to see in order to protect the British people and the peaceful people of the free world.

Great Britain is now an international hub for global terror so all countries around the world are here because of the threat that those Moslems holding a British passport pose to our friends and allies of the free world.

I have been writing about the Civil war being conducted against my community and country by the Islamic Kingdom of Luton where I live for many months now. This week has seen the imprisonment of 5 suicidal psychopathic Moslem bombers who planned and plotted mass murder and horror against the innocent people of Britain. One of these bombers was from Luton and worked as a taxi driver in Dunstable where I live and proves beyond doubt everything I have stated in my writings.

It has now also come to light that the Emir or the Boss of this atrocity and also the 7/7 attack is a Pakistani Moslem living and working in Luton.

Now, after all of this evidence of Moslem Civil War against Britain I hope that people somewhere will listen to what I am saying and help me personally and my community.

The Moslem Kingdom of Luton have been pumping Heroin & Crack cocaine out into my community for many years now, using it as a weapon of war against the Infidel. It is common knowledge around here where I live that this business of destruction is owned and controlled by the Khan Mafia – this is the leading family throughout Luton who control the criminality war effort and it is through the mass wealth earned at our total degradation that they are building their Kingdom. You will see that Al Qaeda’s Emir in Luton who was the controller/fixer of the first open declaration of War against Britain was a Khan and living in Luton – What more proof do people need?

These Moslem’s from the Khan mafia of Luton control the entire Heroin trade on the streets of Luton and beyond. We now know that the Khan mafia of Luton has links right into Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the question must be – How much Heroin do they exchange with the Taliban for foreign fighters which they then use to destroy and kill my community and make themselves extremely rich in the process which then goes back into Jihad against us in other areas? The funding and finance of the 7/7 bombings and Diren Barot’s planned atrocities had to come from somewhere!

Heroin which grows in the back garden of our Moslem enemies in Afghanistan is an ideal commodity, it makes them millions of black market money, kills the enemy and costs them nothing – How can they lose using Heroin against us? They cant and where I live it is living proof, especially now the truth of what has been happening behind the scenes has come to light. I was right when I wrote my article Declaration of War – Luton the frontline. These people from the community where I live are dealing with the people at the top of the Taliban and Al Qaeda and they are walking the streets of Luton & Dunstable with a paramilitary army of street jihad fighters built up of young Moslem men from Luton behind them. This is the threat I and my community is facing and the reason why my community has been forced into Dhimmitude.

We are surrounded by a community of young Moslem men who hate our British way of life and are at war with us seeking to enforce Islam upon our Nation. Many of these young men have travelled to the Al Qaeda training fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan and are now walking our streets controlling the lucrative illegal criminal business’ which finances their war against my community and country. These are the people we have driving our women and children around our communities in their taxi’s and feeding our communities with their halal fast food feeding centres, just like we see with Al Qaeda’s Luton Emir and one of his suicidal psychopathic Moslem bombers. These Al Qaeda Moslem taxi drivers and delivery boys drive hard drugs around our town freely and act as a highly organised, well connected surveillance unit, watching our community and protecting their drug runners.

I now personally have these people wanting to kill me, wanting to be the appropriate word because that is reciprocal. It started with threats from their Moslem street Jihadi foot-soldiers and has gone way beyond that now because I have not rolled over and fell into line and become a subservient Dhimmi like everyone else in my community. I have stood up and exposed their war against my community and country with its continual degradation against our Christian society, my community and my friend’s lives.

What now is the question?

Is there now going to be anyone out there who is going to listen to what I am saying and help me personally and then my community, or am I to leave, shut up and allow things to go back to normal – Moslem dominance and non-Moslem subservience (dhimmitude), with the continual destruction of my community and young lives by Moslem masters and their highly addictive street drugs – Heroin & Crack cocaine? I have written a message to the Queen because this is her country, and the community where I live has a wealth of Royal history. In my opinion based on the facts of living and growing up around here on the ground in Luton & Dunstable the only explanation I have of what the Islamic Kingdom is doing is civil war. Their religion commands it through Jihad so this is not pie in the sky, it is civil war aimed at the destruction of my community and it is now the responsibility of the Sovereign Ruler of our Nation - the Queen - to act in defence of her people. If she does not then my advice to everyone with children is move away as soon as you can before your children get to an age where they could be affected by the Moslem Kingdom and its Jihad against you and your children.

If the Queen will not help those in the frontline of Islam’s war against Britain, because Luton & Dunstable has arisen as the frontline, then kiss goodbye to England and pray that America will eventually cut ties with our country for their own people’s preservation. We are the final outpost of Eurabia and the stepping stone into America where the final battle lye’s so if the Queen will not support and protect her people then what hope have ‘we’ the people and this part of the Western world?

I continue waiting for the help that I need which I have been doing for many months now with a Moslem army wanting me dead.

The 'Lions of England' smell the scent of blood and await their gatekeeper with the keys to their Kingdom.

In service of the King


Please click on image to read about Al Qaeda’s Luton Emir.

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Anonymous said...

It seems to have become a knee-jerk reaction among Muslims, Marxists and their colleagues in academia and the MSM to dismiss any rational examination of Islam as 'Islamophobia'.

ISLAMOPHOBIA is a very confusing term because a 'phobia' is an irrational fear, whereas the civilised person's increasing apprehension about Islam is very definitely founded upon real threats to freedom, the rule of law and the rights of women and children to be free from sexual molestation.

ISLAMIC AWARENESS is a far more useful concept than Islamophobia. The eight components of Islamic awareness are:

1) Islam is monolithic, static and unresponsive to change. Islam is based on the Koran, a hate-filled rant written by a psychopathic pedophile which claims to be the 'Eternal Word of God'. If you are a Muslim you must accept the Koran without question, as the unchangeable and unchallengeable word of God. If you do not accept ALL of the koran (including the passages that incite murder, maiming and rape) then you are an apostate and other Muslims have a duty to kill you. Islam is monolithic, petrified and fossilized, and can never separate itself or progress from this barbaric 7th century text. Modernization (Bid'ah) is strictly forbidden "Every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire."

2) Islam does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them in any positive way. Islam is totally different from any other religion. There is no Golden Rule. There is no 'Thou Shalt not Kill', no requirement for truth. In fact killing (Jihad) and lying (Taqiyya) to further the expansion of Islam are regarded as virtues.

Those aspects of the cult which appear to imitate Judeo-Christianity are in fact a thin veneer covering vicious and evil barbarism. The pivot of islamic existence is an implacable hatred of the non-believer, which is taught from infancy. All the rest of the 'religion' revolves around this divinely decreed requirement to kill, maim, rape, subjugate, plunder and humiliate the infidel. Jews and Christians are pigs and apes. Islam has produced nothing of use or interest to other cultures for the last 500 years. Islam is a theocratic, pre-rational phase of social development which Europe left behind in the sixteenth century.

3) Islamic culture continues to be in all respects inferior to the West. It produces no art or scientific output of any significance. Islamic society is barbaric, irrational, primitive, tribal and sexist. Stonings, honor killings, use of women as possessions, institutionalised pedophilia, polygamy and illiteracy abound.

4) Islam is violent, and aggressive to its very core. The Koran advocates terrorism and Allah rewards those who kill infidels. Islam is engaged in a 1400 year old 'clash of civilisations' where all other cultures are regarded as 'Jahiliya' to be destroyed, censored and suppressed. The world is divided into Dar al-Harb and Dar-al-Islam. Dar al-Islam has bloody borders and is permanently at war with Dar al-Harb. This war does not just apply to the West. Anarchic failed states such Pakistan and Afghistan were once peaceful and prosperous Buddhist countries, but all traces of their Buddhist history have been eliminated. Pacifism is no protection against Islamic predation.

5) Islam is a political ideology as well as being an irrationalist cult ,and is used for political advantage, often by cynical rulers who live as playboys in the fleshpots of Dar al-Harb. Although utterly irrational and oscurantist, Islam survives because it provides the justification for a medieval power structure where the priests are at the top, the Muslim male in the middle, and women and kaffirs at the bottom.

6) Muslims are continually criticising the West - moaning, whingeing, whining and complaining, even when they have chosen to come and live here. They are perpetually pleading for special treatment with alternating temper tantrums and threats of riots and terrorism interspersed with sulky infantile displays of victim status. They especially resent westerners applying modern standards of analysis to their protected 'victim culture'.

7) Uniquely among immigrants, Muslims refuse to fit in with the host society. Instead they expect the hosts to fit in with them. This causes real problems in employability as the employer can expect far greater numbers of lawsuits alleging discrimination etc from Muslim employees than from less 'victimised' groups.

Muslims also are a major security risk in sensitive occupations such as police, armed forces, airports etc. Their first loyalty is to the Ummah, not to their country (whose institutions and culture they hate).

8) Wariness about Muslims is natural and normal. These people really do want to kill us, plunder our property and rape and subjugate our children. The Koran tells them to do it and their role-model Mohammed set an example of divinely justified criminality which every Muslim endevors to follow.

So phobia my ass! Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!! You have good reason to be. The Koran is a psychopath's charter.

More islamic awareness at http://www.globalpolitician.com/articleshow.asp?ID=2794&cid=2 ,
and http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2006/11/20-things-you-should-know-about-islam.html