17 May 2007

The Khan mafia up to their old tricks

The Pakistani Moslem Khan mafia of Luton control all aspects of the criminal underworld and are using the vast financial resources earned from these businesses to finance Islam’s kingdom building and advancement in my country, along with financing their Al Qaeda inspired Islamic war against the UK and America.

The Emir who set up the 7/7 bombings along with the failed fertiliser bomb plot that was the biggest plot ever in British history was a Pakistani Khan from Bury Park Luton.

These Moslem’s who hate me, my countries ways and every non-Moslem British citizen whose country this is, have access to vast sums of money from the black market economy in crime to finance their war against us.

On the front page of my local Sunday newspaper that can be viewed below, it has emerged that credit card cloning is again back on the Moslem agenda in Luton.

Credit card cloning is where criminals copy the details from your credit card and then make an exact copy of it. They then send their people out on spending spree’s stealing vast sums of money from innocent people’s bank accounts.

I had my credit card cloned myself several years ago with about £500 taken before my card was stopped, a police friend of mine from church also had his card cloned and money stolen at the same time and shows how wide spread this was at that time. The banks then brought out a different system called chip and pin to stop this fraud but it seems that the Khan Moslem mafia are back to their old tricks, have found their way round this system and have found stupid gullible Moslems working in local petrol stations to help them obtain peoples credit card details again. Finding stupid gullible Moslems to help them is not hard considering almost all petrol stations in Luton & Dunstable are being run by Moslems and is another threat to the security of our community as this instance shows.

The Texaco garage where my card was copied was closed just after this and then bulldozed, with flats now built in its place. We can only hope the same fate for this petrol station or for a Tesco to arise in its place to serve the local community properly.

A little while after my card had been cloned there was a T.V programme on card cloning and the police operation to catch the main culprits involved in it. Funny enough the programme followed the police in Luton and when they finally caught up with the main man involved in all the credit card cloning in this area of the country it was found out that he was a Pakistani Moslem from the Bury Park community of Luton called Tariq Khan, he was arrested and I believe received 2 years in which he would have served 1 year for a multi million pound operation. This Pakistani Moslem from the Khan mafia also wears the crescent moon tattoo as mentioned in my article:
Allah’s Luton militia.

More proof of Moslem criminality earning the Islamic kingdom vast profits to conduct Jihad (Holy war) against Britain and my community.

If anyone has a copy of the TV programme where the police caught Tariq Khan, please can you put a link up on my comments section at the bottom of this post.

Please click the image to read the newspaper article.

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