5 May 2007

A Message to the Queen

”The Chess Game”

The Islamic Kingdom & Your Royal community

I am from a small Market Town called Dunstable that has a wealth of Royal History and is located 35 minutes North of Central London and is adjoined to Luton Town which you will recall was the starting point of the July 7th London bombers.

Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda army declared War on Our country on that day by sending 4 of his delusional suicidal psychopathic Moslem followers to their deaths along with 52 innocent British citizens, men, women and children and injuring over 700. I have written about Luton and Islam’s declaration of War against Our country here: Declaration of War – Luton the frontline.

Al Qaeda has publicly called on their British born Moslem followers that are living within the United Kingdom to murder you because you are Head of the Church of England and Sovereign Ruler of Our Nation. You Your Majesty and what you stand for is an affront to Islam which they want to remove in their quest to conquer your country and the Western World. You are the one at this moment in time who is in the firing line, so you understand personally the threat posed by the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers within your country.

I too have Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain wanting to kill me, so I am certain that you will understand me when I speak of the real ‘danger and threat’ posed by Islam and its Moslem followers towards myself and my community.

Dunstable where I live has 900 years of Christian and Royal History dating back to the time of the Crusades. In 1290, the funeral cortege of Queen Eleanor, wife of Edward I, was housed overnight at the Priory and in 1533, the annulment of the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon took place in the Priory Lady Chapel. This community was founded on Christianity with The Priory Church of St. Peter, this was a monastery that was founded by Augustinian Canons (monks), under the patronage of Henry I, in 1132.

In modern times, Dunstable at one time was a thriving vibrant market Town, with, of course, the History and culture of the British people at the core of the community and community life. Over the years that has slowly but surely been destroyed for one reason or another to the point where we now have Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom of Luton taking over major sections of Our Town with the one aim in mind ‘Islamic dominance’. This advancement is having a two fold effect on the community and unless stopped dead, and soon, then the future is going to be very bleak for the future generations of Dunstablians whose community this is. What is happening is already very dark and very bleak but the Light of Christ is shining upon this community and God is now placing part of the responsibility for it upon your doorstep.

The major financier of the Islamic Kingdom’s building and advancement into my community is through the sale of street drugs, Crack cocaine & Heroin. The Heroin sold on Our streets by Pakistani Moslem’s originates from the poppy fields of Afghanistan of which Osama bin laden and his Al Qaeda army is in control. This weapon in Al Qaeda’s arsenal is destroying and killing many young lives and families, breaking down Our society and community and making the Islamic Kingdom vast amounts of money in the process which is then turned back against us through Jihad (Holy War). This is making Islam and its Moslem followers physically stronger, visibly stronger and an uncontrollable force for the Police and British Justice to deal with. I have written about Islam’s Heroin Jihad here: Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad and also here: Luton – UK Afghani Heroin base camp

The situation my community faces is nothing less than Civil War, aimed at the destruction of my community and its way of life and the building of Islam in its place. I wrote an article about this recently which can be read here: 21st Century English Civil War God then confirmed that which I wrote and can be read here: God confirms my Words.

We have a paramilitary army of Moslem soldiers coming out from the Islamic Kingdom of Luton who are conducting Jihad against Our Christian society. The English translation of their actions is called Guerrilla War and due to their continual intimidation and violent actions towards non-Moslem society it has forced my whole community into Dhimmitude - through fear. I have written about this here: Allah’s Luton Militia – Civil War

I will never be a Dhimmi because I was bought with Christ’s blood shed upon the Cross for me the sinner that I am. This is the reason for my actions and my writings.

As a prime example that no one can ignore of how bad the situation is that my community is having to endure, one of the Al Qaeda operatives who was a part of the planning and preparation of the biggest bombing campaign ever against the people of Britain and your country was from Luton and he studied in Dunstable and worked as a taxi driver in the town. My short article on this can be read here: A Warning to the Dunstable community – The proof. This Al Qaeda operatives Moslem colleagues from Luton are still driving around the town as a part of a large Pakistani Moslem taxi cartel, all in communication, all with satellite navigation, many of them delivering drugs and all intimidating the community with their presence. I have written about this situation here: A Warning to the Dunstable community.

If the situation was not bad enough with Islam and its Moslem followers destroying the community and taking over, you also have Police corruption and collusion with their Kingdom which is a threat to the National Security of your country and is an immediate threat to my community and to me personally. I have written about this here: Police corruption.

My personal situation, as to how I have ended up in the position I am now in, can be read here: Dunstable – Death threat & The Al Qaeda connection

If all of this factual proof does not state the case for Civil War against your people and country by the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers then I dread to think of what has to occur before you and your people decide that it is Civil War and act in Defence of the Realm and start protecting the innocent citizens who live side by side to the Moslem Kingdom, having to endure their continual degradation, intimidation and violence.

Please take a read of this article to see the severity of what is happening on the ground here where I live: Ivinghoe Beacon is Alight

The Chess Game - The Game has now started

God spoke to me and showed me how the situation we are in with the Moslem Kingdom is like a Chess Game, a Chess game in which we the people of Dunstable & Luton are in Check from Islam, forced into Dhimmitude by Moslem Jihad (Holy War) through drugs, intimidation, fear, political infiltration and Police corruption. Please take a read of this article here: Islam’s ‘Great British’ infiltration

Not check mate, just check, the next move is yours Your Majesty.

The Queen can move anywhere on the Chess board and in any direction and is the most powerful piece on the board. At this moment in time there is one Royal Knight who is still in the Game and confronting the Moslem enemy, seeking to force the Game out of Check and into a fair playing field. I am that lone Royal Knight and I claim that title and the mantle because I serve the King of Heaven and He chose me for this purpose, for it to be this way. Knights always come in two’s so I await the second Knight to arise in support and help level the playing field.

The only way of taking Our communities out of Check is for the Queen to make her move and release the pieces from the standing position. I have already been released by the King - Jesus; it is now the Queens responsibility to make a move for her people.

If the Queen decides not to make any moves then the Game is forfeited and the Moslem Kingdom has won so the community will have to stay under Moslem dominance through Dhimmitude. It will then be the people’s responsibility to live as second class citizens or move away for the sake of their children because if the Queen will not help her people then nobody will. You will all then be like lambs to the Halal meat slaughter house, throats cut and drained of the British life blood that makes your community British. Please take a read of my article on Halal here: Moslem contempt for the food they feed the dirty Kuffar

This lone Royal Knight is still in the Game, but I am now almost completely penniless and homeless, even to the point of having to sleep in a car, but I am still here still standing and have not left. If no one helps me then I have no other option but to leave the Game, the consequences of that happening I do not want to think about because I do not want to leave. Everyone is forced to keep their mouths shut through fear and to roll over and give in to Moslem intimidation and threats; I will not roll over and give in to their threats because I am a ‘Knight of Christ’ with a mandate and message from Heaven. At this moment in time I stand completely alone in the face of a Moslem army of hundreds, but God says to me, Fear not for I am with you and I give my Angels charge over thee.

There comes a time though when enough is enough for my own safety and sanity. The Moslem Kingdom declares that they enjoy dieing as much as we enjoy living, that being the case I enjoy living the life God has given me, so there comes a point when I can do no more and have to leave – EXILE.

What happens next and the fate of this Royal community is in the Queen, and her people’s hands and I look forward to knowing one way or another how they feel towards my community. I have held the fort, stood my ground and awoken parts of the community but cannot stand alone anymore.

I wait with anticipation for Our Queen the most powerful piece on the board to make her move, the emergence of the next Royal Knight sent from God with a mandate from Heaven, the re-supplies and resources needed to start bringing change to the community and repelling the Islamic beast from Our midst, to start taking my community out of Check and forced Dhimmitude for the sake of the future generations who are to come and grow here in this community, and to help clear up the mess of years of Moslem Jihad within this Royal pasture.

In His service


Essential reading – SHOCKING!!! A Plea to the Queen – London Mega Mosque

Father I pray that you will make provision of all that is now needed for the task that is ahead and I ask that you will also provide a messenger who will take this fact based case for Civil War and leave it on the Queens doorstep for her and her people to decide where they stand on the serious issue’s covered in this blog post, and that you will move them to act in defence of the innocent and vulnerable who are suffering at the hands of the Moslem army of Luton.

I ask this in Jesus name Amen.


Anonymous said...

To anyone who has studied the Religion of Peace™, it will come as no surprise that the widow of one of the providers of the 7/7 multicultural enrichment experience was also a member of the conspiracy: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6637917.stm

Moonloons believe that a 'Shaheed' (one who has died while killing infidels) will be able to interecede with Allah to take 70 of his closest relatives to paradise.

Given the loathsome inbreeding practices of these retards, his wife is probably also his cousin/neice/sister/daughter etc, so she's doubly certain to get to Allah's brothel in the sky.

There was a similar case a few years ago where Omar Sharif was encouraged by his sister Parveen to blow himself up in an Israeli bar:


And there's a story based on these events at


Anonymous said...


thats for you lionheart rad it and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi there

I'm just wondering if you have read the gospels in the New Testament?

The figure of Jesus I read their I am sure would find your religion totally bizzare and repellant.

Muslims are not your enemy. Your enemy lies within you: hate, ignorance and self-righteousness.

Just look at Jesus and his teaching for once.


Lionheart said...

You know absolutely nothing about me Paul, and I am not Jesus.

I will not sit back and turn the other cheek so that Moslems can kill me and destroy my community. You might allow this in your warped world but i will not.

the title of your blog says it all.

Moslem & Christian - Bridging the divide.

You should know that the divide could never be bridged unless moslems reject Islam and accept the truch of Christianity.

Your a delusional left wing fool and it is because of the likes of you that our Christian countries are being Islamified and conquered by Islam.

Look at the French Moslem riots.

God bless you


Anonymous said...


I too hate Islam for what it has done in the rest of the world, and is now doing to us in the UK. Look around the world. Even as I write, Hindus are being killed in their native India by Muslims, Buddhist priests are being beheaded in historic Buddhist nation of Thailand. And so on in Kashmir, Nigeria, Phillipines and all over the world. And it is not just in the present. The history of Islam is a butchers yard of corpses. Before you go making equivalence of Christianity and Islam, let me tell you that Islam actually revels in slaughter. I do use the word 'slaughter', for that is what is used in the koran, as Mohammed advises his followers( as told him by allah), to make slaughter of the Infidel. So the Hindus, Buddhists are also hateful, when they observe what Islam has done to their country and people. Then there are the peaceful Parsis, the few that remain of that ancient faith of Zoroastianism of Persia. There native land is not theirs anymore, they are scattered around the word. They too hate Islam and Muslims. Meanwhile, Hindus and Sikhs in Britain phone me with great concern, fearful for their future in Britain, because of the increasing powers of Muslims, as they rampage on our streets. Should we term them as hateful as well?

This is what will happen to us if we do not expel the Muslim invader from the UK. Our tolerant society will be destroyed, replaced with a culture that has no tolerance of the other, just because we tolerated the intolerant.

There is no other way. We can do it peacefully by deportation and repatriation, with financial assistance when necessary, or we have a civil war with countless dead. I would like to preserve this unique culture whose contributons to western civilisation are second to none.

I view Islam as an evil, just as Hindus, Sikhs do. Islam is quite unlike any other faith such Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism or Buddhism. As a Christian one cannot stand and watch evil take root in Britain.

I hope you will see that Islam in Britain is death to a tolerant Britain, and join us in removing it from our nation.


Lionheart said...

As a civilized Nation based on our Judeo/Christian society we must protect innocent people no matter who they are or what they believe. It is an abomination for other ethnic minorities to be fearful of their lives within our country because of our GUESTS, those within the newly established Islamic Kingdom.

There are many examples of young Sikh and Hindu women being targetted for conversions by Moslems. More baby incubators for the greatest Jihad in history.

The time has well and truly come to expel this blood thirsty Islamic invader that seeks the destruction of our way of life and the take over of our Nation.

What will our children and grandchildren face if we do not act now in defence of their innocence?

I too want to preserve this unique culture, my homeland and honour the memory of those who have gone before me so that i could live in safety in a civilized society.

If you have read my blog you will know that i too have not stood back and watched even though i have stood soley alone in the face of hundreds of savage Moslems.

You should know that i see very clearly the death that is aimed at Britian and that i want nothing more than to have it removed.

I am awaiting the 'gatekeeper', i have my own keys to the Kingdom.

Are you the 'gatekeeper'?

I will join anyone who seeks the removal of Islam from Britain because it is what i too seek.

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah


Anonymous said...

People have to realist thst Our govt is involved with this, The Communists and Socialists have always wanted an EUSoviet Superstate...

And have Been Subverting our Cultures for at least 40 yrs...

Frankfurt Subversion is a technique of Subverting a country, in order that it may be made to collapse and then be taken over.
It is a strategy largely based on the tactic of divide and conquer.
It was Employed during the Cold war against the Free Western democracies.. The aim was to unify Europe with the USSR, when the Soviet Union was 'brought down, they simply carried on,
Frankfurt subversion attacks a country's strengths, its menfolk, its police, its armed services, its religion to create a spiritual vaccuum, and its family.
The promotion of Feminism, Homosexuality in society ( even in our schools ), the demonisation of the church,repeated accusations of Paedophilia, divisive issues like women clergy, and homosexual glergy. all to cause divisions to divide and conquer.
( Presumably so something else can replace it, Islam for example ).
The nuclear family is attacked by promoting Ferminism, seperating children from their fathers, prohibiting parents and teachers from disciplining children then later on, promoting 24 hr drinking.
Diluting of National Identity by flooding the country with Mass Immigration.

Deliberately Withdrawing the Police from our streets,Allow so law and order will break down presumably to grab more state Power

Divide and Conquer the church of England ?.

The demonisation of the country's culture through the State Media....Shaming and demonising the Host nation in to believing only it as Murderers, Padeophiles, and Rascists, whilst distortng and hiding crime figures on ethnicity.

Think about it for a moment, what Crimes have made the headlines over the years ,
Ian Huntley, Fred West, Beverly Allet, the Dunblane Massacre, the Black Panther Murders, the Stephen Lawrence Murder, Dr Shipman
Peter Sutcliffe, Damiola Taylor, Chris Langham, MichaelBarrymore, the Guy in Portugal Maddelaine case...All Shown month after month after month,after month..Brainwashing the british...
One could be forgiven for beliving that only Indigenous AnglSaxons commited these crimes.Is this Psychological Warfare.

Placing us under Sharia Law is simply to be the final Nail in our coffin...Unless of course we decide otherwise....
Unfortunately, they control the Media and can switch off Telecoms to different regions of the country at will....so it's a difficult problem to try to solve...