29 May 2007

Video - The Luton links to Terror

Thank you JonQuixote World for this video link.

Please watch this excellent video on the 'network' of Moslem suicide bombers and their links to Al Muhajiroun.

Please click link to watch the short video: Al Muhajiroun

Omar Bakri who is the leader of Al Muhajiroun which was the military wing of Islam in Britain, used Luton as one of his recruiting and preaching grounds for Al Qaeda's War against the non-moslem world.

Luton was also home to his Al Muhajiroun headquarters.

Abu Hamza the hook handed preacher lived in Luton for over 10 years and also used the Pakistani Moslem community as fertile recruiting and preaching ground for his war against the non-Moslem world.

The Crawley bombers involved in the largest ever bombing campaign in British history, the fertiliser plot was facilitated here in Luton by the Emir, a Mr Q Khan who still walks our streets. He is said to have also been the one responsible for recruiting Mohamed sidique Khan, leader of the 7/7 bombings.

Salahuddin Amin who was responsible for building the fertiliser bomb who was also seeking to buy a nuclear weapon from the Russian mafia in Belgium also lived and worked in Luton.

Decleration of War - Luton the Frontline

Wake up Luton...


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