25 May 2007

Moslem Monsters

First published February 07

UPDATE 25/05/07
- Court Case in progress - read it here: Daily Mail

I wrote an article about Halal meat being sacraficially butchered to the devil titled:
British Fast-Food sacrificed to the devil.

I then read an article on Drakes drum's blog about a young 14 year old girl being forced into a child sex ring, murdered, then butchered by two Moslem men and chopped up and sold as kebab and curry meat through their fast food outlet.

This is a horrendous evil perpertrated by two Moslem men who have destroyed a family, murdered a young girl then sold her flesh to an unsuspecting non-Muslim population. Moslem's are 'Barbaric Savages' as this situation shows and the British people need to be shown the truth about these people living amongst us.

Not only did they kill this young girl they were sexually abusing her with other men in the community. She was part of a child sex ring with some girls as young as 12 being abused by these two Moslem men and their friends. This type of situation is happening all across Britain where ever there is a large Moslem encampment.

Street drugs is their weapon of choice to enslave these the most vulnerable children in Our Christian society.

The non-Moslem population need to know about this modern time horror on British streets. We heard about Fred & Rose West, We heard about the Yorkshire Ripper, why have we not heard about this modern time Sweeny Todd horror story? (thankfully the main stream media are reporting on this now)

Moslem's have such a low regard for human life and they have infected Our food chain. God only knows what their community is getting up to in Our country.

Let's hope that this horror story is publicised for the good of the British people and the infection into Our food chain exposed.

Let's pray that God shines His light on this situation and reveals the truth for the sake of the dead girl's family and the British people who eat in Moslem outlets up and down the country everyday.

Check this link for a picture of the dead girl and some links.


The British people who know about this story wait in anticipation for the truth to be made know.



Yankee Doodle said...

It's a terrible story. I keep wishing I'll find something to prove it's not true.

I do disagree with this, though: Muslim's are 'Barbaric Savages'.

Savagery is being preached in mosques and schools, so many of which have become incredibly radicalized. Savages are calling the shots in much of the Islamic World.

There are good people in the Muslim world, too. I don't like their religion. But, there are good people who are Muslims, and don't follow the evil teachings of the increasingly radicalized mosques.

It's important to remember that, because you can get away from the barbarity. Many people in the Islamic World can't; they're trapped, and they're victims of the evil much more than you or I. We at least have our freedom, to some extent. Many people in the Islamic World are just completely enslaved and abused.

I did a post about someone who seems to be a good person in the UK's Islamic community, and who is speaking out against the evil. The story you tell us about here is terrible, but we must not let it provoke us into driving people like her away: Friends in the Muslim Community.

Take care, my friend, and don't worry -- they may escape justice in this world, but they won't escape it in the next.

Anonymous said...


From http://news.uk.msn.com/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=3220027

"Raja Ibrer Faisel, 19, from Small Heath, Birmingham, admitted causing the death of Sarah Hunt, 28, and her son Kieran by dangerous driving on the A45 in the Hay Mills area of Birmingham.
The court heard how Mrs Hunt had been seven months pregnant with a child she planned to call Connor when the accident happened.

He said: "As a family we are disgusted at the sentence which only amounts to 18 months per life. No remorse has been shown by the other family for the stupidity of one man." (WELL OF COURSE THEY WOULDN'T SHOW REMORSE - HE'S A GOOD MUZZIE OBEYING ALLAH'S COMMAND TO KILL KAFIRS)

The mother-of-four was with Kieran and his seven-year-old brother Ryan - who suffered multiple injuries - as they crossed the A45 on October 2 last year when they were struck by Faisel's Nissan Micra.

The trio were holding hands as they walked across a pedestrian crossing to meet the boys' father, who was waiting on the opposite side of the dual carriageway, prosecutor Ailsa Davis said.

Mrs Davis said the traffic lights were on red when Faisel drove through the crossing at about 50mph and struck the victims, "catapulting them through the air". He then drove off with Mrs Hunt wedged under the car for about 367 metres, Mrs Davis said."

Anonymous said...


From http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-13569050,00.html

"A father murdered his wife and four daughters when he torched the family home as they slept in their beds, an inquest has heard.
Caneze Riaz, 39, and her daughters Sayrah, 16, Sophia, 15, Alicia, 10, and three-year-old Hannah were trapped as the fire raged through their end-of-terrace home in Accrington, Lancashire in the early hours of November 1.

Mohammed Riaz, 49, had locked and bolted the doors, poured fuel around the house and lit several fires while his family were asleep.
The inquest heard that Mohammed had poured petrol and accelerant along the first floor landing and splashed more fuel down the stairs into the living rooms.

There was evidence that Mrs Riaz woke as the blaze took hold and spent a few horrifying moments aware that her daughters were about to die before she was overcome by fumes.

Her DNA was found on a petrol can at the back of her bedroom, over the DNA of her husband, suggesting she stumbled out of bed and made a desperate attempt to move it away from where he had left it in the path of the flames.

Mr Riaz had wanted arranged marriages for his daughters, but his wife had refused and he had destroyed Western-style clothes bought for his children