10 July 2009

Women living under Sharia law

Further reading: 85 Sharia courts in Britain

Further reading: Inside a Sharia court in Britain

They have no problem stating their aims of implementing the dark age practices of stonings, and cutting peoples limbs off within our enlightened society.

Unless stopped, Moslems living within Great Britain will eventually achieve their aim.

English & Welsh Defence League presents: Anti-Sharia law protest August 8th Birmingham


Anonymous said...

were ya meetin at ? blackburn boyz will attend

Joanne said...

That is one of the most compelling videos I've seen in awhile....probably because I am a woman and because I realize that although there are those die-hard extremist Muslim women, they are more than likely the exception than the rule. Fear is a great motivator, as I myself know too well, so it is very important that men stand with their mothers, daughters, sisters, etc. to protect them from this vile religion. It is unbelievable that 85 Sharia Law Courts are operating, and that there is such an extremely low conviction rate of rapists in Britain. This is more than just the introduction of Islam into Britain, but a total breakdown of society where men protected and respected their female population.

Well, I am proud of all those who participate in the protests, and hopefully, the Muslim women in Britain will feel a little hope for change in their dire situations.

I know that Muslim men tried to get Sharia courts operating in Canada, but it was the Muslim women who protested against these courts and helped stop their implementation. They said they moved to Canada to be protected from Sharia Laws, not to be governed by them.

Mr Angry said...

Bloody hell! This is bad!

Anonymous said...

See also links under 'WOMEN' at 'A WICKED, VICIOUS FAITH'

Anonymous said...

Even in Israel, there are Arab/Moslem women who have told me how much they 'hate Arab men', meaning in every case MOSLEM Arab men, not Christian Arab men.

I have even heard that from a Saudi girl during one of my vacations in London.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

anon at 11 jul 08.56.
Thanks for the link to one of the most comprehensive lists of information taken directly from the source, and many comparitive examples that show how Islamics behave to justify the unjustifiable.
Would mAdnam Chewdbury allow a middle aged man to have sex with his under-age daughter, if he said something like this,
"Bukhari:V9B87N139-40 "Allah's Apostle told Aisha, 'You were shown to me twice in my dreams. I beheld a man or angel carrying you in a silken cloth. He said to me, "She is yours, so uncover her." And behold, it was you. I would then say to myself, "If this is from Allah, then it must happen."'"

pestos, malaga, spain

Anonymous said...

Joane, you are mistaken. Perhaps, you have never live (as a disadvantage person) in a predominantly islamic countries long enough to see or experience their real nasty, discriminative, manipulative face of islam or in other words, the ugly face of islam. It is not the exception. It is very common to see those asian misbehaviour in predominantly islamic countries, ie. malaysia. I have come across too many islamic women(or even those rich nonbelievers who mixed too much with their kind and who got influenced by their extreme, unsavoury islamic culture)in malaysia, who are known to be subtlely as well as blatantly hostile, vile, extreme exploitive tyrants. Those biased islamic women bullies are as badly behaved as their islamic men. Those islamic women/men showed a socalled gentle face but showed their extreme contempt when they were given abit of power or the upper hand. Those islamic women should not expect nonbelievers like myself to support their extremely selfish and evil political cause when they have treated us, poor nonbelievers so badly and so shabbily. WLIL

Anonymous said...

Islamic people never fight for our nonbelievers freedom. Why should we, nonbelievers, fight for their freedom, given the fact that those islamic people are trying to suppress our western freedom and the fact that the more we fight for their freedom (eg, giving them too much power to lord over us,nonbelievers), the more we lose our western freedom. Their islamic religion never allowed them the freedom of thought and now those islamic people are trying to deny us the freedom of opinion by various manipulation and corruption. Those islamic people seems to be more interested in imposing their backward islamic totalitarian ideology/lifestyle/tradition, and misusing our labour, our western freedom, which is one of our hardearned wealth, etc to oppress us, nonbelievers, whenever it suits them. Those islamic people are enslaved by their own dictatorial, authoritarian rigid way of life/mentality which they keep on regurgitating from, centuries ago. We are losing our freedom as a result of pandering too much to their islamic/asian/eastern culture. Loss of freedom can be very demotivating and disabling to a highly motivated freedom loving person who wish to get ahead in life via fair means. We can do better, without their divisive religious dogma creeping in to every aspects of our nonbelievers life. We have to fight for our own freedom before we lose more of it. I will never support their islamic people (be they white or black people) or proislamic people, whatever their policies or social/political agenda are, for the simple reason that is, I can never trust them with my freedom. Our western freedom is one of our most important wealth. It enabled us and motivate us to advance, to innovate, to create a better life for ourselves. May our freedom and freedom for our western societies last forever and ever. WLIL