8 July 2009

Main Stream Media Hypocrisy

A planned protest against Anjem Choudary's roadshow in Wood Green co-ordinated by the English & Welsh Defence League resulted in one of the London protestors present being jumped by up to 6 of Choudary's henchmen with his head repeatedly being stamped on, and then being run over by a London bus.

Choudary is the most hated man in our country because of his views and the Islamic ideology he carries which he is spreading throughout our Nation, so members of the British public organised a protest against him which resulted in Moslems committing acts of serious violence and not a peep about it from the newspapers apart from the very small side piece in the Sun newspaper.

If Choudary says that all homosexuals should be stoned to death, or that Moslems should have more babies so they can take over our country it is across all of the main newspapers.

His people physically attack someone in the street at his Islamic roadshow and NOTHING!!!

It seems Choudary really is a protected species within Great Britain, even by the media. Probably because he helps fill up space in their newspapers and sell them with his racist rants against the British people, just like Hamza and Bakri before him.

(The Sun newspaper article - Please click to read it)


Philip said...

Islam isn't a race and the Sun knows this fact.

Anonymous said...

I could show this twat some young Muslims who use stupid white street-girls like animals.
Every kind of perversion and return them abag of crack cocaine for the favour.

Anonymous said...

If they are lucky, if not, a smack in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

Back in Pakistan the police would have rounded this burk and his mates up and thrown them in a stinking jail.

Christopher Logan said...

Keep up the good work mate!