18 July 2009

Choudary preaching Islamic hate and war funded by the British tax payer

Further reading: If the British government will not clamp down on the voice of militant Islam within Great Britain who is recruiting and raising funds for a Holy War against us within our country, then we the people have no alternative but to put a stop to him for the sake of our childrens futures.

Further redaing: 2 fronts opened up in one day

Video: Choudary talking about an Islamic coup

Is this Islamic terrorist who is a threat to the peace and security of Britain going to just be allowed to contiune his path until there is all out war upon our shores? Or will the government remove him to prevent that scenario happening?

He already has thousands of followers and has stated that there is nothing the government can do to him and his group because there is so many of them, and not enough prison places for them all.

Daily Mail

On a hot summer afternoon, a man with a microphone stands on a busy London street. He is a tubby figure and sports a black, bushy beard, flecked with grey. He is shrieking at passing shoppers, insisting they follow him - and save their souls.

Teams of young, tough-looking men - all clearly devoted to their leader - dart through the crowds, handing out leaflets and haranguing anyone who questions their message.

From the other side of the street, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a harmless, if colourful, example of citizens making full use of Britain's ancient tradition of free speech.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Britian must be the first nation in history to have willfuly financed and promoted its own destruction through muslim charities and government funded islamic quangos.

Take the case of The Scottish Government that has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Scottish Islamic Foundation (SIF), a charity run by Osama Saeed, a former aide to Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond.

Joanne said...

It's time for Christians to pack their Bibles and brochures and head down to Luton and preach the gospel, baptize, and convert people to Christianity. They can be flanked on all sides by tough looking men who will protect their backs. Gee, the Muslims seem to think that they can recruit the useful white idiots who will be able to move about in the British population without arousing suspicion, without the white British being able to do the same. The arrogance of these people is over the top, but then they believe they have favour from their God, Allah, AKA as Satan to the rest of us.

Why hasn't this Choudary character been slapped into solitary confinement, so he has no influence on anyone.

When I see those young British soldiers carrying the casket of another less fortunate soldier, it angers me to no end. Those soldiers need to come home to clean up their own land of these scum-bags who promote hatred and are training British Asian and British useful idiots to kill the British troops. It defies logic.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you are fighting a good fight but you are not the right person to lead it.
We need an Ali Sina(www.faithfreedom.org)or Douglas Murray. It's time to stop trying to find compromise with the devil. You will not change the hard liners but we may be able to shame the moderates out of Islam. The Truth needs o be exposed about Islam.
You need Celebrity backing as it seems that's all our young stupid generation listen to now.
We need to know when choudary next event is and pelt him with eggs & YELLOW Paint.

Above all, you NEED the Left to wake up to this lot. Islam runs parralell with Nazism and the Left would say this too if the majority of people preaching Islam in this country were white! The Left also needs to be shamed into their moral obligations. You need to think smarter or we will lose.

Please keep up the good work though. England will answer when words will no longer settle the argument!

Lionheart said...

Ali Sina and Douglas Murray will talk us into an Islamic State Mr. Anonymous.

There are many fronts in this defensive war against Islams Jihad.

I am living my life and doing my thing, and not leading anything.

Nelson said...

Murray maybe, but Sina no way. Have you read his book?
Have you read his debates?
I can't see how you've come to that conclusion.
You will never ever gain the public support needed for this as long as it's seen to be White shaven headed tattooed guys with piercings everywhere. We both know this.
I think this is the right way to go and I applaud you for it. You also made Faithfreedoms website with the protests at birmingham so you seem to have an allie there.

I apologise if I come across confrontational but I share the same passion as you about this.
What I think you should be focusing on is getting Gert Wilders & Ali Sina as much public exposure as possible. Ali is Vital for this to survive as he knows exactly every deception the Moslems use as per the Quran & Hadith's.
I also posted the last comment so but should have tagged, sorry.