6 July 2009

Possible chemical attack in Birmingham

Info courtesy of Wayne King

Foreword: It was common knowledge amongst the Islamic community in Birmingham that there was going to be a protest against the militants from amongst them on 4th July in the city centre, and on that same day in the exact location where the crowds were gathered, several police officers were taken seriously ill under an emergency situation with a mystery illness.

Quote: Among theories under investigation are the possibility of a chemical leak or food poisoning.

It was that serious a situation that dozens of police, firemen, and ambulance staff rushed to the scene, and shut down the train station and removed shoppers and staff for almost an hour.

Several police officers in the same location, suddenly, all, being struck down with an unknown mystery illness that needed hospital treatment, at the scene of an anti-Islamic extremist protest.

Thankfully, whatever it was, was not lethal enough to kill anyone, but what happens when something more serious does happen, and not just against the security services but against the general population? The threat against us by Al Qaeda is very real, and imminent. Who knows whether or not this was a dry run, or a test by local militant Moslems of some of the chemicals they have at their disposal and dispersal?

What better time to try them out than on 4th July against their infidel enemies who were lined up against them on the streets of Birmingham.

If this had happened on any other day, then questions would not be asked, but because it happened on the day that British citizens were protesting against Islamic extremists (Al qaeda), there, in that exact location, alarm bells start to ring.

It might be nothing, or it might be something, would the government tell the public if they knew it was something? Or would they not want to worry the public and make the situation worse on the ground in Birmingham than it already is and stay silent?

All we can do is keep an open mind and look at the facts.

There is enough evidence in the public domain about Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda networks desire to obtain chemical and biological capabilities to be used against the West as they wage their war to destroy our nations and way of life on behalf of their religion.

The Ministry of Defence have said that Birmingham is a major recruitment centre for Al Qaeda in England, and that it has a network of terror cells there, along with in Luton and London.

Al Qaeda is waging war against Great Britain, and here, the Ministry of Defence have said, they are operating in Birmingham, England. Think about that reality for a moment when putting things into perspective here. An Al Qaeda stronghold in Birmingham.

In January of this year, there were 40 Islamic terrorists found dead in a terror training camp in Algeria, who it was discovered had died from the plague. It is said that they were developing the disease in their camp to be used as a biological weapon against Western cities. (Please read link: The plague)

Quote: "Contagious diseases, like ebola and anthrax, occur in northern Africa. It makes sense that people are trying to use them against Western governments."

Dr Khrupinov, who was once a weapons adviser to the Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, added: "Instead of using bombs, people with infectious diseases could be walking through cities.

" It was reported last year that up to 100 potential terrorists had attempted to become postgraduate students in Britain in an attempt to use laboratories.

In 2005 a Special Branch officer was stabbed to death by an Algerian Al Qaeda terrorist who was living in our country as an asylum seeker whilst plotting a chemical attack against us using ricin. The plan was to smear the ricin on the door handles of cars and buildings in the Holloway Road area of north london.

MI5 are that concerned about the threat of a chemical or biological attack against the population by Al Qaeda that they recently targetted laboratories in Britain that house some of the most deadly diseases known to man, for any breaches of security by Moslem sleeper agents.

Let's face it, every area of British society has been infiltrated by Moslems, with us having absolutely no national security any more, because Moslems work in all areas of our country, which even includes Al Qaeda spies working for the police!!!

How many Moslems do we now have living amongst us who have been trained in chemistry and biology within our universities? All it takes is one clean skin to offer him/her self up to Al Qaeda's cause and then there is an unknown chemical attack in place. There has already been a case where known Islamic terrorists have been banned by the government from studying chemistry and biology.

Look at the threat that Great Britain now faces from within by Islamic militants, and their Left Wing facilitators.

What does the future now hold for us?

Make your own mind up about what happened in Birmingham, and realise the threat our country now faces from a chemical or biological attack.

It is not 'if' Al Qaeda are going to attack Britain again, it is a matter of 'when?' and 'how big?'.

(Birmingham Mail article on security alert below)

Birmingham Mail

A FULL-SCALE security alert was sparked at Birmingham’s New Street Station yesterday after several police officers were struck down by mystery illness.

Passengers, shoppers and staff were evacuated from the station amid fears of a serious incident just after 5pm.

Dozens of fireman, police and ambulance staff rushed to the scene after reports that nine on-duty West Midlands police officers at the station were suddenly taken ill, all within a short space of time.

The officers underwent medical tests. Six were discharged and sent home, while another three were undergoing further hospital tests last night.

Symptoms included vomiting and diarrhoea.

Inspector Mark Ridge from the British Transport Police said the illness remained unexplained.

“A number of police officers from the West Midlands force were taken ill in a very short space of time and on the advice of health agencies we had to treat it as a potentially serious and unknown incident,” he said.

“Emergency services were brought together to deal with the incident at its most serious.”

The station was closed for around 50 minutes and re-opened just after 6pm.

Among theories under investigation are the possibility of a chemical leak or food poisoning.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Sounds almost like the "chemical incident" reported at the Bullring shopping centre in May of this year.

Anonymous said...

Please remember the upcoming anniversary of the greatest gift of Islam to Britain,
The London transport-bombings of 7th. July 2005.

Four years on, after this terrible attack on Britain by Islamic Facists, so-called British Pakisatni-Muslims, we are still in the dark about what new threats this evil doctrine has lined up for the British public.
What fools we are to forget, to put it from our minds, what stupid human frailty!

That date was the day on which, the full force of authority should have kicked down the doors of all the families and associates involved, taken away their passports and all their assets and kick them out of the country back to where they would be happier, in the land of Taliban and Sharia law.

Our disgusting, weak and stupid politicians instead allowed the further development of the anti-British forces, whilst the maggots in the Home Office and the Church of England even reached out to help the vermin swim back to align themselves ever more with their wicked fellow-travellers who are right now hatching and developing more evil against Britain, and the Queen's Realm.

It is said the families of some of those damned hell-fire residents who blew themselves apart, killing over fifty people on trains and buses, actully had martyr-parties to celebrate those heinous deeds.

May they all rot in the Hell they so desrve., tormented by all those previous followers of the words of Satan.

Anonymous said...

I too picked up immediately on the Bullring incident.
Birmingham Post.net reported:

Managers of the Birmingham shopping centre said that an investigation into the leak had now been completed.

But they chose not to reveal the cause of the incident, despite seeking to give reassurances to the public that there was no evidence of “malicious intent”.

But a well-placed source said suspicions were pointing towards sabotage.

They claim that a quantity of diesel was poured into the Bullring’s ventilation system.

Something very dodgy going on here I think !

Anonymous said...

It is high time a serious documentary account of all these events is put together for a future film.
It would be documentary dynamite.
A picture tells a thousands words!
People are equipped to watch video and make the connections.
If there are those out there who know how to save Flash video off You Tube, then please do.
That way, no matter what, the footage will survive.

Watching Them, Watching Us said...

Why are you spreading chemical and biological weapons fear and panic, thereby literally doing the work of terrorists for them ?

There was no ricin only a few harmless raw castor beans.


The Porton Down experts could not find even minute traces of ricin.

The stabbing incident was in Manchester, and was a separate crime apart from the alleged, non-existent ricin plot which was meant to have been based in Wood Green in London.

Ricin on car door handles and apparently on the straps and handles of the Heathrow Express train to Paddington station, is an insanely impractical delivery method for a toxin which is not absorbed through the skin.

Similarly, there was no outbreak of plague in Algeria in January 2009 either.

See the Promed email list, an actual medical infectious disease monitoring alert list,used by doctors and the World Health Organization, rather than dodgy reports in The Sun or other newspapers which did not bother to try to check any facts.

There is no evidence of an Al Quaeda biological weapons lab experiment gone wrong, despite the wishful thinking and hype by those who should know better.

The Russian you quote is a former Soviet diplomat and arms treaty negotiator, based in the USA and is not a scientist or medical person, and he does not seem to have any personal knowledge of Algeria.

Anonymous said...

Strange i passed through new st shortly before 5pm on saturday and have had a bad stomach for the past few days !

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Watching Them - Watching Us,

Prior to 7/7 would you have stated that to warn of the possibility of a suicide bombing on British soil was spreading fear and panic?

To keep the British people ignorant of the possibility only adds to the psychological shock if such an event occurs and would only serve to enhance the terror.

Civil defense is yet another concept that has been reduced to a leaflet and hotline in UK.

Now where did I put those government issue iodine tablets?

Philip said...


yes you are right, Nick Griffin was actually arrested for predicting a 7/7 style attack.