15 July 2009

Jihad in Europe

1 hour long but one of the most important films stating the current threat to Europe, and what the future holds.

If you do not know anything about Jihad then let these learned people give you their insight.

Afterwards you can ignore it and pretend the reality they speak of, is not real, that is your choice, but will not change the facts of the matter.

Islams Holy War against our Western Civilisation is unfolding!


Anonymous said...

Melanie Philips is a zionist so you have to temper what she says.
However, in between the pro-Israeli propaganda there is much underlying truth in what she says. Especially the last part of this speech where she talks about the left-liberal mindset that has produced the idiotic multicultural dogma and where we are all under threat of Orwellian ant-free-speech'Race Laws' - Paul Ray being a testament to this lunacy.
So yes, thanks for the link. Most interesting.

Surind said...

Thanks, will post this up below my latest post.

Not sure if you have posted this documentary up before. Check it out:

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Anonymous said...
"Melanie Philips is a zionist so you have to temper what she says."

The loose use of the word zionist is obviously used derogatory in this statement. Are we not British zionist in the sense of nationhood - fighting for British territory from a christian foundation.

Just as paganism can not be extrapolated from christianity, judaism and its contibution can not be extrapolated from western civilisation.

The neolibrials and their jihadist allies desire for the destruction of Britian is based on the same hatered of national sovereignty they direct towards Israel.

The anti-jihad front must draw a line in the sand, muttering for the destruction of the state of Israel and paranoid juda-phobic conspiracy theorys are the language and propaganda of the jihadist.

If we can not recognise our allies how can we recognise the foe?

Anonymous said...

If Melanie Philips is a zionist as you claim, what's wrong with that?

After all, she is only one in a very long line of Zionists since God Himself was (is)the first and eternal Zionist (see a few passages from the Bible below **). Apart from God, so is Allah, see Koran, Sura 5:21;Sura 17; "Jonas" 10:91;"Smoke" 44:29-30.

As for mere humans, there have been many 'zionists' even among Christians, throughout the ages. Among British Zionists - Winston Churchill, lady novelist George Elliot; Sir Walter Scott; Lord Balfour, Scottish aristocrat, Captain Orde Wingate(the
'Lawrence' of Israel) who set up the forerunner of the Haganah (later the IDF)in pre-reborn Israel (then 'palestine') at the beginning of WW2, and many many others.

I'll leave it at that otherwise you might criticize me for disseminating 'pro-Israel propaganda' like you claim Ms. Phillips does.

[**](1) "Thus says the Lord of hosts: I am exceedingly zealous for Jerusalem and for Zion. And I am very angry with the nations which are at ease, for while I was angry but a litte they furthered the disaster. Therefore...I have returned to Jerusalem with compassion; my House shall be built in it..and the measuring line
shall be stretched out over Jerusalem....My cities shall again overflow with prosperity, and the Lord will again comfort ZION and again choose Jerusalem."
Zechariah 1:12-17.
(2) "Rise up and flee from the land of the NORTH, says the Lord, for I have spread you abroad like the 4 winds of the heavens...Lo, ESCAPE to ZION......"
Zechariah 2:6-12
(3)"Zion stretches out her hands, but there is no one to comfort her." Lamentations 1:7

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

anon @ 15-Jul-2009 18:47:00

I've read similar posts on anti-jihadist sites and frankly you and these other posters really need to give up these age-old anti-Jewish prejudices and 'wake up and smell the coffee'.

Quite frankly, folk who come out with anti-Semitic comments are siding with the Islamanutters because the Jews are the first victims of their hate.

You need to ask yourself, where do you stand?

Joanne said...

The Muslims are at war with ALL non-Muslims; know your enemy.

It's interesting that after the 7/7 bombings, the British government, several days later, passed hate laws to protect Muslims. So Muslims are allowed to attack the British people and seek protection under the hate laws. Perhaps their thinking was that when Muslim terrorists bomb and kill the British, the British may get mad and want to retaliate and target the Muslim people. You would then think the government would take every action possible against the Muslims who spew hatred, violence, and threats against the British people, but no, they appease the Muslims and enable them further in their terrorist endeavours. Can any British person possibly believe their government is working in their best interests? In a pig's eye!

PatriotUSA said...

Most interesting post and thanks for the link.

If we can not recognise our allies how can we recognise the foe?

You cannot defeat your enemy unless you understand them, inside and out. When one does this, you will come to know who your allies are, and who your real
enemies are. Islam is the
enemy of our times. Leftist policies, diversity and ridiculouly stupid multiculturalism are sowing
the seeds of destruction
against freedom and liberty
in the west.

Islam and the west cannot ever exist together. Almost all global conflicts involve Islam. Islamic history is proof in and of itself, of the hatred and intolreance for anything other than Islam and sharia law.

LionHeart: I have followed your fight for some time and added you to my blog. People here in the States MUST become educated about what is truly happening in the Isles and Europe. Stand fast and watch your backside. You are an inspiration to many more than you realize. My prayers are with you for your safety and to be able to keep on fighting for what you hold dear.

Kwelos said...

Beware of Islamic trolls and false flag operators who go round counter-jihadist blogs trying to stir up anti-semitism. They are trying to split the counter-jihadist alliance and get us quarrelling among ourselves.

Remember, when it comes to Islam, if we Kafirs don't all hang together we shall certainly hang separately.

Anonymous said...

you might want to take a look in your own backyard! The USA is following the same path as Europe,but at least you guys have guns.