21 July 2009

EDL: The Calling


Joanne said...

I take it Lionheart, that the EDL is a new or another group you want to have organized to meet the challenges of the British people.

It seems to me that according to another video you have posted that it is the intention of the Muslims to take over Britain with a coup.

This is what Britain can expect - you posted this link, but it only takes you to a picture, not the video.

This is a must watch video -

The Price Lebanon Paid for Appeasement

Did you know that approximately 25% of residents in Belgium are Muslims....that three of their sections have Muslim mayors and are bascially under the thumb of Islam and its clerics? This is soooo bad.

Faith said...


Maybe you are near the truth with the intention of a moslem coup...they are beefing themselves up and getting fit.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart are the casuals coming on board with the new EDL? When will the website be up?

WLIL said...

Sure hope our western free world will recover from all this negative madness that is causing us all this suffering and regained back our independence to live our simple live as we wish.

solsticewitch13 said...

Paul,, have posted some of these vid's on my page.

I also reposted a video,, I blogged afew month's ago.

If you want the vid,, just grab it off my page.

here is the link to the repost I just did,,


Lan Astaslem

Anonymous said...

While i wish you all God speed and 100% back your sentiments.
We must not be blinded to the fact that the QUEEN gave up her right to rule by signing all the EU teaties put before her.
She is just another EU Citizen nothing more.
Although she has accepted her new title " Lady of Europe"
Any allegience to her now is suicide from this country!

Elizabeth Beckett; Her untold story and news black-out-Why?



Try reading the last letter Elizabeth Beckett wrote to the QUEEN and Arch-Dhimmi of Canterbury just before her death earlier 2009.
Also Cranmers blog regarding the Lisbon treaty.

The throne of Britain, yes 100% i'd protect, the actual bottom sat on it today NO!!!

Sold out by politicians and the Queen also!!

Anonymous said...

A bit wary on this sensationalist garbbage!

Nationalism is one thing but Fascism is a differnt ball game.

I have seen most of your videos and sorry I do not like them.

I feel your scaremongering and radicalising the white youth of England.

I think it is incitement