5 July 2009

English & Welsh Defence League - Anjem Choudry road show protest 4th July 2009

Anjem Choudary is the voice of Al Qaeda and the British front of the global Jihad to convert our nation from the Dar al-Harb, into the Dar al-Islam. He has been conducting roadshows up and down the country promoting life under Sharia law, which last week resulted in an 11 year old boy in Birmingham being brainwashed and proclaiming his belief in Islam on camera.

It was decided amongst members of the English & Welsh Defence League to protest at his roadshow in Wood Green, London. There was already a protest planned for Birmingham on the same day, so it was agreed that a contingent of members would attend both events, which is what happened.

There was approximately 25 - 30 protestors who had gathered in Wood Green to meet with Choudary and his henchmen. A car was sent out to spot them so that we knew where they were before walking into the centre of town with the placards. A small group of Moslems were seen setting up an Islamic stall in the centre of the town, but no Choudary, so it was left a short while so he could get there before we started the protest.

Time went by and no sign of Choudary or his road show.

During the time waiting around for Choudary to show, there was a small group of young Moslems who were stirring up our group by passing comments against us all, and making abusive threats from afar. Several times they went up and down the road past our location, goading our members for a reaction which they obviously eventually received.

Next thing there was about 4 Met police wagons and the same number of cars on the scene from all directions, with police scrambling out of them, surrounding all of us and being heavy handed, even though we had done nothing wrong. It turns out that the group of young Moslems had phoned the police telling them that members of our group had been racially abusive to them. This resulted in 2 young guys being manhandled by the police, arrested and then thrown in the back of a police wagon.

(Click on the image below and see what is in the reflection - If they are watching they should leave our people alone -
Non nobis, non nobis, Domine Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.)

The rest of the people present were stopped, searched, filmed with personal details taken and verified, and then threatened with arrest if we were to walk into the centre of Haringey. We were told that a Section 60 order was in force in the borough for that day.

Here is the exact written police account of my section 60 ticket: Section 60 authorised by Insp Johnson in relation to anticipation of violence. Subject in group of males concerned in racial violence.

Due to our presence and planned protest in Wood Green, London, Insp Johnson decided to authorise the Section 60 order, meaning the police had the power to stop search, detain and disperse any people they deemed could cause trouble in the borough. This meant that Choudary's group were also moved on by the police with the same powers.

So our presence in Haringey that day prevented his 'Sharia law road show' from going ahead there. The question remains; why did it take our presence that day for the police to authorise the Section 60 powers and move Choudary on?

Should the police not be using these powers everywhere he sets up his road shows, considering the whole point of them, is about promoting the takeover of our country, and the recruitment of members of the public to help in that process, which now includes an 11 year old child?

Choudary knew we were in Wood Green because there were spotters out in the borough, exactly where we were located, which was pointed out to people at the start of the day. He then sends out some Moslem kids to stir up our group, those Moslem kids then get on the phone to the police crying 'racism', the police then turn up and arrest people for racism. Insp Johnson can then justify his Section 60 order on the borough for the day
, to the powers that be, who he himself is answerable to, due to the 2 arrests of our members on race charges.

Nice days work for all concerned dont you think, with the arrests justifying the police action on the day?

Only who are the ones on the receiving end of this abuse of power within our society?

Members of the English Defence League.

We can only hope that those police who have arrested our members release them without charge, otherwise we will make this a very serious issue considering the abuse some of us received that day from the police.

At the end of the day, it is a group of young Moslems word against those EDL members who were arrested, and those members who were present who heard and saw what went on. Is it worth a massive show trial of our members and the protests we will then conduct over the abuse we all received on the day?

Why should we be treated like second class citizens in our own country, being abused by Moslems and then by the police on the word of some racist little Moslems, when all we want to do is protest against those who by their own words and actions are traitors to the 'Crown of England' which we the people belong?

Those who preach and commit treason against the Crown have no place upon our streets and the English & Welsh Defence League are now here to make that clear to everybody.

Respect to all those who were present in London, and also those in Birmingham who gave up their Saturday to stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with their countrymen and women to protest about what is happening within our society. Respect to Pricey, Wurzel and all those other members, new and old, who helped open Birmingham up as another line to protest about what is now happening in our country.

Next Birmingham protest is 8th August: British citizens against Sharia law

After the Section 60 group detention for exercising our 'right of assembly' and 'freedom of speech' upon the streets of London, the English Defence League group dissipitated because we had achieved what we had to set out to achieve, which was to disrupt Choudary and stop his event.

It was later learned that the small group of London protestors who had stayed about in Wood Green had found out that Choudary had set up his road show in another borough of London, with no Section 60 moving him on. This small group were then joined by several United British Alliance members who then went forward with the protest without notifying anyone else.

They achieved what they set out to achieve,which was to disrupt Choudary and his roadshow, but he called in about 20 of his men which resulted in 'Luke' being badly beaten by about 6 of Choudary's henchmen, and run over by a bus,
with him then needing to be taken to hospital unconscious in an ambulance. The pub they had met in was then under siege, being smashed up with things coming through the window at those inside.

Like has been said Choudary "We are coming for you"

Video: Choudary roadshow protest
in East London


Joanne said...

Muslims are known in Europe for being able to mobilize many Muslims within a matter of minutes. It would be wise, for yourselves to employ a way to notify others of something going down in a particular area. I'm sure you will continue to see Muslims in force, out picking off those in small groups, and then crying wolf - blaming those they attack. You could have several numbers that can be contacted, who in turn would mobilize others in the area to come to the aid of others. You'd also have to be able to verify that the person calling in help is one that you recognize, and not someone with ulterior motives.

It seems to me, there are Muslims in your country, who want a fight. It would be best to be prepared.

God's speed.

Anonymous said...

Joanne @ 05-Jul-2009 19:56:00

Agreed. The Muslim Supremacists know the system inside and out and how to abuse it. They also have the tactics to put down dissent.

It is advisable to invest in a digital camcorder in order to record these events for evidence.

Anonymous said...

The photographing of the Bolice Aktion at the East London protest was extremely important (and very well done...congratulations to the photographers!). There should be as many photographers among the protestors as possible, filming and still-photographing the proceedings from all angles -especially when Moslems come to disrupt the protest to prove that violence was instigated by them and not by the demonstrators..!

Then, of course, the movies and photos can published worldwide to show how peaceful British protestors are being denied their rights to congregate and protest in 'democratic' Britain.

I wonder whether it might not be a good idea, if such a thing is at all possible, to include a lawyer or 2 in the protests so that they can monitor police behavior and tackle any misdemeanours by the police towards demonstrators ON the spot.

Also it might be a good idea to form a 'minute men' (& women!) division which can pass info. about upcoming demonstrations quickly to interested parties as well as enable organizers to organize placards, meeting places, and 'escorts' (wearing badges)for the demonstrators to ensure that everyone 'keeps the peace' so that the police cannot arrest people just for being there, by claiming they were a 'danger to the public's
safety' or whatever accusations they use to stamp down the right to protest.

Such a shame that just this summer, with all this action is going on, I wasn't able to spend my annual holiday in London as usual.....!

Keep up the good work, and good luck,

Anonymous Lady

J Pelham said...

The trouble is this won't acheive much press. You risk being written off as rascists and disregarded. until the law is changed to repeal "Hate Crimes" and retursn to its proper duty of only addressing real crime.

Anonymous said...

It was disgusting what those Muslims did to Luke and I hope they get punished for there cowardly behaviour. Its funny how they were scared of coming near us when we were in a big group and were scared of actually coming in the pub. Rather than coming into the pub they insisted on throwing chairs and shouting "we will rule your country". Everyone who was involved against this scum should be proud of themselves. Outnumbered by a big number and still came out on top.

Anonymous said...

J Pelham @ 06-Jul-2009 13:51:00

In the UK, I believe some articles have been deliberately suppressed by having DA-Notices slapped on them for reasons of national security.


There is no documented evidence of this as due to this site DA-Notices are not covered by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


In this time of recession of rising unemployment and anger in the country about the corruption that is going on, it is reasonable to say that DA-Notices would be put on media not to report these events and others.

The way forward is to spread the word via the internet with social networking sites.

J G Pelham said...

It would seem an abuse of that power to use it to forbid reporting on this sort of incident.
But I suppose if no opposition MPs ever see it they can't raise a fuss.

Anonymous said...

The gates cannot be held shut forever.
You owe it to yourselves to get clever.
Another commenter says get lawyers, but this would be difficult, maybe.
What a joke it is, that Choudery is actually a former lawyer.
There are so many Islamic students studying Law.
All for one evntual purpose, to turn Law inside out and replace it with their own.
There will be many brave heroes, and no doubt eventuaslly Martyrs on the side of the British Patriots.
Study the enemy and it's tactics, learn well and use the same tactics in your own fight for Freedom against repression.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whose example this dirty old man is following?
Brainwashing 14 year old boys.
If it were a known cult, it would be a police-matter.
Oh, it is a known cult, and the police let it go on.
What does that tell us?

Anonymous said...

Get yourselves organised properly for god's sake. Stop hoping the police are there to support you. They aren't. There is alot of money backing these bastards activities. Time to play it smart and stop playing fair. Best of luck and good fortune.

inkwiz said...

The Muslim aim is to conquer the West by out-breeding them. Their schools and clerics around the world have been documented as teaching that we should be killed. The US gov't has recently issued a formal protest to Saudi Arabia against their school curriculum which teaches this. In the end, the campaign must be to ban Islam in Britain for the violent anti White racist religion it is.

Anonymous said...

Organise. The Muslims are well organised and militant through their mosques.


Sachenkrak said...

You should all be wary of the muslim effect.Colonel Kaddafi once said, 'When turkey joins the EU it will be the trojan horse for islam'
The police and labourite scumbags are grovelling nearly every day at the feet of muslims. Police wearing burkas, socks on dogs feet,putting scarves on.The labour party extraditing whites without hesitation whilst allowing muslims wanted for terrorism to stay in Britain.

Homophobic Horse said...

Lebanon went from Christian majority state in 1975 to Muslim hellhole today: Brigitte Gabriel.

Anonymous said...

Its Muslim not Moselim and they dont all want to make bombs!