14 July 2009

An act of war! An official threat against my life

Update below

2 weeks after being released from an 18 month arrest, I now receive an official warning about threats against my life.

The question is; do you stand with your fellow Englishman and ally, who has had his life threatened by Islamic militants living within Great Britain, or do you ignore the reality of what that means?

Today it is me - Tomorrow it is you!

... Unless you are one of those people who closes their frontdoor at night, shuts the curtains, switches the TV on and then ignores what is going on in the real world outside, and what is happening to the future of way of life of our country?

Bedfordshire police have now officially warned me that there is a threat against my life. The police, through fear of upsetting 'community cohesion' would not divulge where the threat has come from, only that my actions through this blog and the street protests have upset certain sections of our society who, now want to harm me.

No guessing which 'section of society' that is then!

Video: The Calling

I wonder whether the Daily Mail article linking me to the fire-bombing of the Mosque in Luton, which I had absolutely nothing to do with, had anything to do with this threat against me.

Is it any way to live in our own country; being threatened by invading militant Moslems who want to take our country over?

Is that not an act of war against the British people?

What is a 'common man' to do to protect himself from this violent aggression, that is aimed at him from a religious guerilla army that is against the 'Crown' of which he is subject and subservient to?

War is War whichever way you want to dress it up, but we cannot even defend ourselves, because the State has neutralised us, and made us weak and vulnerable in the face of those who want to die killing us, because they believe they are rewarded in their heaven for their murderous actions.

The police tell me I cannot even carry a weapon to protect myself?

What hope for us and our future, is there?

Civil War is here, but people are yet to wake up to the reality of that fact. They are currently fed the lies and are supressed from being allowed to speak about the truth they are now experiencing, by being branded racists and neo-nazis if they do.

'Islam and Moslems bring enrichment to our society' they tell you, and those who disagree are racists!!!

Yes, they are going to take your country over, implement Sharia law, and subdue the population into a position of dhimmitude. That is the enrichment they bring to your society.

Might not happen today, tomorrow or next week, but what about 30 - 40 - 50 years from now?

Those who stand with me sit at the foot of the throne, Earthly and Heavenly, as the new Crusade to defend Christendom from Jihad unfolds upon our world.

The future of these Isles, and its inhabitants are reliant on the people of this generation. The future is either going to be an Islamic one or Chistian one, and there is no middle ground because Islam is on a religious mandate to stamp out the light of Christianity upon these shores, and if it achieves that aim, darkness and Islamic suppression will cover the land where your future descendents reside.

Video: Lebanon, once a Christian majority

Look at the facts, and what Moslems have planned for these Isles.

(Click image to see official Osman warning from Beds police)

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Thank you Anonymous for leaving this comment

The islamic boards are starting to become aware of the protests and
One poster on http://www.islamicboard.com/world-affairs/134284663-anti-islam-anti-muslim-protests-birmingham-2.html

states the following;

Re: Anti-Islam Anti-Muslim Protests in Birmingham - 5 Hours Ago

''there are millions of Muslims in the west, we could easily set up a well orginized Muslim group of up to 25 thousand to 30 thousand members who's only goal is to defend the Muslim community in the west from neo-nazis and islamophobic people, we could have them guarding mosques, certain homes, etc etc. no doubt this will happen in the future''

Pretty scary stuff, watch your backs Lionheart and all those brave patriots who stand against this satanic bunch of religious nuts.
Fight the good fight !


Anonymous said...

To let them know of your whereabouts at all times would be foolhardy indeed.

Aimee Kligmanm said...

I am reading a horrifying book at the moment called "As Europe Slept". It is about the policy of appeasement in Europe toward Islam and its Muslim population. They expect that by 2050, Europe will become Eurabia.

Wake the fuck up!
Aimee Kligman

Anonymous said...

The islamic boards are starting to become aware of the protests and
One poster on http://www.islamicboard.com/world-affairs/134284663-anti-islam-anti-muslim-protests-birmingham-2.html
states the following;

Re: Anti-Islam Anti-Muslim Protests in Birmingham - 5 Hours Ago

''there are millions of Muslims in the west, we could easily set up a well orginized Muslim group of up to 25 thousand to 30 thousand members who's only goal is to defend the Muslim community in the west from neo-nazis and islamophobic people, we could have them guarding mosques, certain homes, etc etc. no doubt this will happen in the future''

Pretty scary stuff, watch your backs Lionheart and all those brave patriots who stand against this satanic bunch of religious nuts.
Fight the good fight !

Cioara Andrei said...

Foarte interesant subiectul prezentat de tine.M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place tare mult
Sigur am sa mai revin. O zi buna!

Anonymous said...

The police spellchecker seems not to be working judging from that letter.

Mr Angry said...

Lionheart, you are always welcome to stay with us, if you can cope with the cats, that is. And the missus. :)

Seriously, though, I wouldn't trust the cops as far as I could throw myself.

kris said...

First of all WTF is that thing you signed? "oh, you might be under threat, but you've brought it on yourself"?

What "business activities" are they referring to? The exercise of your Article 10 Human Right of Freedom of Expression?

Good Lord, will you get a proper solicitor to deal with this.

kris said...


jeez, I wonder if Beds Police is going to offer you a panic alarm, body armour etc?

I also note the template in the link above is worded a bit more sympathetically than yours.

headhunter said...

come and get me aswell

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I think you've been set up. Who is RV Osman? It sounds to me as though he may very well be a solicitor and a Muslim one at that.

Look at what the 'emboldened' part says:

I have been informed that I am not under arrest of caution. I have been advised by the police that as a result of my lifestyle I have caused ander and upset in some sections ofthe community. This behaviour on my part has included the use of the the internet, making comments to the media, as well as involvement in arranging demonstrations.....

Have you sought legal advice over this before you signed it and passed it on? Because your signature openly agrees to what's been written above and this is a clear sign of a case of Incitement to Religious and Racial Hatred being brought against you, possibly in a private case of someone who's seriously pissed off with you. Before you do anything else, get a solicitor and discuss this situation with them. Remember you are now living in the UK 21st Century, which after 12 years of NuLabour has turned it into a Communist state, with serious hatred towards the indigenous population. I also wouldn't bother with the police if I were you. They have now been told to go easy on Muslim Extremists, so what does that say for the Law and the Judiciary's stance on the Indigenous Brit.

Be careful Lionheart. People know your face in the UK. It's all over the place. I don't want to scare you, but get legal advice ASAP!

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Would be interesting to know how many of these cynically named Osman warnings have been issued across the UK in connection with threats emanating from such self-righteous jackals - that treacherous governments have put amongst the people.

Dont be intimidated Lionheart to submit is to die.

Joanne said...

This absolutely enrages me. If the police know who or what group has threatened your life, it is THEIR DUTY to arrest those said persons and to protect your life. They don't want you to know who has threatened your life in case you let others know who has threatened you, and either you or others, or both decide to take actions yourselves. The Police would rather have those who have threatened your life have the advantage over you. Well, the Police bloody well better be protecting you. You are going to need to either hunker down out of sight without the Police knowing where you are or allow the Police to know your whereabouts to be able to provide you some protection....talk about being between a rock and a hard place. I don't believe threats to your life are anything new, but if the Police actually believe the threat is authentic enough to inform you of the threat and are willing to provide you protection, then you should go for the whole shebang - possibly Police protection around the clock.

This is nothing new for Muslims - this is how they shut people up. They certainly do not believe in Freedom of Speech for anyone other than themselves, and they believe they should be able to say whatever hatred they want to spew out. It is all about power and control, and they fully intend to control non-Muslims through fear, just like they control other Muslims through fear - especially women.

I'll be praying for you Lionheart. Let people of similar mind know about the threat against you....stand united. If it isn't you now, it will be someone else later....it will never end until the west submits or until the west wakes up.

Anonymous said...

...it might have been Buddhists.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, look after yourself. If you need any help,I'll be there....

Anonymous Lady

WLIL said...

These types of people will only end up being the big loser, if they continue to suppress our freedom or try to forcefully darken our life with their unpleasant, selfish, backward, negative, manipulative, eastern ideology/culture. WLIL

Guy Macher said...

The time for a peaceful solution to this invasion is passing. No politicians want to face the facts that Islam and OUR WAY OF LIFE are polar opposites.

I once had great hope that Englishmen would not allow themselves to be enslaved, but I was thinking of Christian Englishmen, and very few of them now exist.

Englishmen have abandoned God, been disarmed by socialists, and cowed by political correctness.

And the barbarians know all of this and are waiting to initiate a new Dark Age in England.

Where will white men go when Muslims become a majority in Europe? Not the USA which is filling up with Hispanics. Not Canada which loves immigrants of all colours but white.

Anonymous said...

Well we both knew it would come to this Paul, you stayed with me before and my door is open anytime for you, but never trust the police when they say proportional help, when all that means is you risk all and they risk nothing.

Joanne said...

I don't understand the need for you, Lionheart, to have signed that document. I would seek legal counsel immediately, especially if you were told by the Police that you didn't need it because you were not being arrested. The first part of the document is the Police talking to you, and the second part of the document was you talking - they basically put words in your mouth. Damn, you've angered and upset some sections of the community - you are totally screwed. You've hurt someone's feelings - my goodness. They are basically blaming you and your lifestyle, whatever the hell that means. I wonder if your life being threatened is worthy of you being angry and upset in the eyes of the law in Britain these days. I wonder if the Police are having those who have threatened your life, sign a bloody stupid form such as that.

Anonymous said...

Lion Hearted I'm extremely sadden to hear that an organization or some individuals have "threaten" your life. But this tells me and many others that your VOICE is being heard very clearly. And it's truly bothering those you speak out against.

When you leave your home at ALL major points of entry...i.e. Front door(s) and Rear Door. Place a small piece of "Transparent Tape" on the top or lower section of the door. Ensure to put a little nic or tare in the tape approximately 25% the width of the tape...this will ensure the tape splits upon the door being opened. If you notice the tape was completely severed then you know someone besides yourself entered your home.

This was an example and a simple, as well as inexpensive method to use. There are others I can inform you about in private. Since the people who want to hurt you, apparently read your blog. There are methods I can instruct you on when you out in the public as to ensure or better your odds for your safety. As for informing Law Enforcement of your constant whereabouts. This isn't a prudent idea. Since who knows who's on the inside over there. As well as, they won't give you 24/7 protection.

It's unfortunate, that people in your country cannot carry weapons (legally) to protect one self. It's why so many American will never allow our government to take away our legal right to have weapons...primarily Guns. People who make threats are less inclined to do something about it. When they know a person is well armed and properly trained and legally permitted to carry a gun concealed under the state and federal laws. And then could use their weapon if deadly physical force is imposed on them and no other way to get out of that situation.

If you need assistance in how to protect yourself and stay safe. I would be happy to help you. Again, would be done in a private manner. Since not sure who's monitoring your blog and the comment section. Till then be viligent in your moves and where you go. But, don't buckel down and show fear by not going out. Most threats are just that...just threats to quiet a person down. Which we all know this will not have an effect on you. Sometimes hiding within the public is the best defense in these matters. Be well and stay safe. Many people will be looking out for you and watching your back too.


Anonymous said...

Paul,you will have to take this threat seriously,but do not dismiss the notion that the police just invented the threat just to shut you up. In the meantime,get out of Luton,it's a dump,full of muslims

Lionheart said...

Thank you for all your supportive comments.

Being threatened by Islamics is the norm now in todays day and age, and is only going to get worse.

Thanks for the advice Hellzbellz, heres my email: lionheart1@hush.com

Lionheart said...

Osman v UK

A leading case in human rights law. This case involved a tragic set of circumstances in which the obsessive former teacher of a 15 year old boy, ultimately wounded his pupil and killed the boy's father. The applicants had demonstrated that in the months before the fatal attack the police had been given information that should have made clear the extent of the danger of assault. Despite such information being made available to the police the suspect's home had not been searched, nor had any special measures been put in place to protect the Osman family.

The High court, Court of Appeal and the House of Lords agreed that Metropolitan Police owed no duty of care to the Osman family. They confirmed the decision given in Hill v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police (1989). In this case the father of a woman murdered by Peter Sutcliffe attempted to sue Yorkshire police. The family claimed the police missed numerous opportunities to catch the perpetrator of these crimes.

The UK courts decided that the police did not owe a duty of care to any individual member of the public. The case was decided on so called public policy grounds meaning that even if the police were at any point negligent in the way in which investigations or protection was provided, public policy would prevent any such case coming to court.

Anonymous said...

Paul, this may be a tick box exercise from the police but I have to agree with Urban11 to take this threat seriously.

Until you get into a routine with the security tips that Hellzbellz is going to supply you, watch your back, while 'one can look too much into things and worry too much', it is always better safe than sorry.

Always On Watch said...

I cannot doubt than many anti-Islam bloggers will, sooner or later, face these types of threats.

Anonymous said...

Anti-IslamicJihadi people are being threatened all over the world..from politicians in Holland & Scandinavia and elsewhere in the EU, to 'ordinary' citizens every-where.

I would suggest to those
'religious' hooligans who threaten everyone who doesn't believe in 'religions' that propagate hatred and death for 'the other', that it is THEY who will have to be watch their steps in the near future if they don't smother their bloodlust and put the devil of hate and bloodletting behind them.

In the end, even the most gentle, truly good people who feel they have no choice except to become Samsonites, will be forced, like Samson, to return tit for tat. Those people do not wish to reach such a stage but if you Jihadi fanatics don't shut up and put up, you and only you will be to blame.

So it is written and so it will be... It is up to you Oh, cowardly,
primitive and, yes, evilly-inclined, Threateners.

Anonymous Lady

Churchill's Parrot said...

My Dear Lionheart,

This bilge you received from the "authorities"; what an exquisite example of the cowardly and pathetic state of law enforcement in the modern era. If the well-being of a law-abiding citizen is openly threatened in any way, it is the job of the police to protect it as best they can. It is not their job to merely parrot that threat with vague language that puts the recipient at fault. Is there any mention of their investigating the threat and its makers? Is there any suggestion that those making these threats might be brought to justice? One can't help but recall the vision of British Bobbies trotting away from advancing Muslim protesters shouting, "COWARD!" Pathetic.

Watch your back my friend. We will be praying for you, as always.



Anonymous said...

Anything i can do to help Paul? all you need to do is ask.

Watch your back friend.


Anonymous said...

An act of WAR?
BECAUSE people dont like you?
your losing it boy? I think the white coats will be knocking on your door very very soon.
You need help badly police should put you away for your own sake or their not doing their job.
Your a danger to yourslf and other people.

Anonymous said...

Mate, don't trust the police EVER!

As to these 'threats' take it from someone who has upset a few people in the past hee! hee! (and 'proper' ones at that) don't take any notice of them, it is those elements who don't do any threats you need to be aware of, and basic safety rules should see you alright.

As regards getting legal advice/representation that's entirely up to you, let the legals deal with the legalities as it were.

The State will not try and break up what your doing as it lets them know what is going on... As for me and my co-horts, we watch with amusement from the sidelines as we are what you would deem too extreme for your marching up and down the high street!

Fosca said...

I wish to express my solidarity with you and my complete support to your fight (our fight) against the harmful influences of the stupid multicultural policies in your country and in the whole Eurabia.
I am sure we will win this fight.
In one way or another.

Anonymous said...

On no account tell the police where you are. They work much more closely with the Islamic community than with whistleblowers like yourself.

At a guess there is no greater threat to your life than there was before - although that threat is significantly larger than most people face. As for how to respond - take nobody's advice but Jehovah's. Pray. And make sure that your faith is strong so that if He chooses to take you away then you will be with Jesus.

Every blessing

Lionheart said...

I like the last bit Gospeller.

"And make sure that your faith is strong so that if He chooses to take you away then you will be with Jesus."

To die is gain...

God bless you