12 July 2009

Islamic terror conferences in Britain

Info courtesy Mira Shaw

Islam and the call for Khilafah (Caliphate) are the titles of the conferences by Hizb ut-Tahrir

Their promo video -
Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain 2009 Conference Trailer

Their website announcing the event - www.hizb.org.uk

We have the same conference here in Chicago, but they are the same people. here you'll see the details about them: www.investigativeproject.org

A word from Seasider Marshy

Right, the Jihad movement have two major meetings, which will make them a lot of money (which will probably end up being used to buy weapons to use against our troops) and will probably brainwash more innocent muslems into joining the jihad.

So what can you, the peaceful British protester do about it? Well you can either go down the pub and have a damn good moan about it, OR you can get off your a**e and do something to stop it!

First meeting is

Sunday 26th July at Troxy, 490 Commercial rd London tel 020 7334 3922
Or email them off their website: www.troxy-events.co.uk

Second one is Birmingham, Sunday August 2nd

What you, the concerned citizen can do, is phone or email these two venues, tell them you are disgusted that terrorists and their supporters are allowed to preach their hate in these venues, and tell them we will be rounding up activists to be outside and will destroy their reputation by telling locals they support terror.

Further details below, but all you need do is make a phonecall or send an email, SURELY YOU CAN DO THAT FOR THE MEMORY OF THOSE WHO DIED IN TWO WORLD WARS? Lets show them the lion has awoken.

the venues wont want any hassle and will cancel the events JOB DONE - A PEACEFUL PROTEST


Joanne said...

That guy is so full of sheite!

Lionheart - if you've been paying any attention to India lately, you will have seen that they are having their own problems with Muslims. Atlasshrugs.com has news of an attack between Hindus and Muslims in a secondary school. It seems the Muslims used their cells phones to put out news, which was lies, and drew thousands of Muslims to the school where Hindu children were killed and others have gone missing. I'm sure Hindus right now in Britain must be raging at what is happening in India.

Sikhs and Hindus have their own problems with each other, but they may unite against what the Muslims are doing in Britain, along with yourselves. These peoples would be good to approach to see if they would like to participate in the protests. I know I did see a Sikh at a protest in one video I viewed, but I am sure there would be many more willing to protest. All non-muslims have a vested interest in opposing Islam.

God Bless your work.

Lionheart said...

Let us hope and pray that there are some Sikh and Hindu's reading this blog who would be willing to unite with us on our protests.

Show everyone in this country and around the world where they stand and who they stand with, here in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Colin. These people constantly claim that we ie Britain and America are occupying muslim lands. The irony is that they are occupying ours and gradually colonising ever larger areas of it. Here's the deal. We get out of your lands if you get out of ours.

Anonymous said...

"brainwash innocent muslims" Not sure about that phrase. Any "innocent" muslim living over here would reject his "faith".

Anonymous said...

lionheart and his followers are a bunch of pussys

Anonymous said...

Wherever Choudary and Hizb go in Great Britain normal people should protest against them in the same way that the UAF protests against the comparitably far less extream BNP.

Anonymous said...

stupid ediots talking about occupying land, the british called the foreign people in cause you white bastards had died in the wars, the british are successful today because of the foreigners, you white trash cant even wipe your ass's properly, you dirty filthy jealous fools, havent you british done enough damage in the past to other countries, how do you like it know cry babies, shits happening in your own country & you cant even do anything about it, lionheart whose funding you then the british christian drug dealers of england or are you on the dole, you sad fucker, MAKE SURE YOU APPROVE THIS YOU BOLDY LOW LIFE SHIT. (( THE CHRISTIANS HEROIN WAR IN ENGLAND))

Joanne said...

Britain has been going down the crapper for the last 20 - 30 years. How long has there been Muslim immigration in Britain? The British aren't successful because of 'foreigners'; they will be the ruin of her. And exactly what damage has Britain done to countries? Ever nation under British rule prospered, and there was rule of law that all could respect. Maybe you remember how Hong Kong feared, after 100 years under British rule, being given back to China. No one respects the laws of Islam unless they are the ones at the handle of the knife, and not at the blade.

Lionheart - I think that Anonymous at 38:00 has a crush on you.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you are hellbent on inticing hatred amongst people by branding it a 'terror' conference. Why don't you actually sign up to attend, instead of lobbying outside, may be you might learn a thing or two.

Lionheart said...

The radical Islamic group that acts as 'conveyor belt' for terror

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a real threat to society, says Shiv Malik, who had exclusive access to its inner workings


Anonymous said...

I can equally provide you with numerous links to dispell your myth about islam equating to terror, but I guess you're not really interested in reading or learning about that.

Anonymous said...

Even ordinary looking islamic people(eg, malaysian, indonesian) with no known link to terror groups (apart from their socalled peaceful face of islam which they are trying to sell us and mislead us with)
are also using various subtle means and every opportunity to terrorise us, to prey on us, especially on poor disagvantaged, nonbelievers like us, who are alone or who have to travel alone on public transport. Travelling alone in a predominantly islamic/eastern culture/place carry a very much higher risk. It can be really terrifying, especailly if you are alone and robbed in place that is surrounded by their kind. Therefore, to say that islam is linked to terror is not a myth. It is a very harsh reality that anyone who are having to live in predominatly asian/islamic/eastern corrupted place have to be aware of and guard ourselves against the creeping face of islamic induced terror that tends to rear its most ugly face when we are or were at our most vulnerable or alone. Even criticising their islamic culture/religion and misbehaviours of islamic people carry certain risk to our life. After all my personal horrible experience, I am finally more aware and come to the conclusion that islam is terror. Nothing can convince me otherwise. WLIL

Anonymous said...

Point proven. Not even willing to listen or read to the contrary of what you believe. You're the brainwashed ones.