8 July 2009

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Look, wearing those balaclava style hats did make an impression.

It has frightened the Islamic Kingdom into doing deals with the Government of Socialist and far-left Marxist/Stalinists who happen to call themselves NULabour.

As part of the long-term planning for managing the British People into third class status, an inevitable fact to the limp-hands of Socialist and Liberal alike, a new arrangement is developing.

In anticipation of the collapse of support for the British Monarchy that may follow the retirement of H.M. the Queen, and the ensuing calls for a new "republican" style Constitution, tightly binding Britian into full subservience to the Euro "Super-State," deals are being struck with the Islamic Kingdom allowing them to forsee the eventual self-government of whole areas of our Nation, under the broader European "micro-region" status. Events and arrangements are already well underway.

In exchange for these promised "independent States within States," the leaders of the Islamic Kingdom have promised to reign in the "radicals" and contact their external associates do direct their actions elsewhere. (why, we will even send you a few of our lads to take pot-shots at.)
Hence the recent murmerings that Britain's Terrorism Warning Level is to be lowered.(Can you believe it?)
Afterall, how can they focus next , on crippling the perceived illusion of a "far-right-extremist" group, that they claim want to "destabilise social cohesion."

If it were not so Orwellian and so laughably ridiculous, one would have to cry.

The frightening thing is that they have all the means to bring off such a scenario, whereby they might divert the public-imagination away from the very practical threat of Islamic intolerance and desire to emulate the words of their "Chairman Mao," onto a fictional threat from a supposed and semi-mythical Neo-Nazi horde that in their fevered imaginations, are marching daily up and down Trafalgar Square giving the Hitler salute to Nelson!

"We must silence Public Enemy Number One."

"I am not a number!"

Oh yes you bloody-well are, and soon it may be engraved on your arm, and eventually a tiny silicon chip, that they will tell you will improve your mobile-phone reception, and give you cheaper calls.

You watch the idiot punters queuing up to get it, when it comes. (Courtesy of O2!)

Ah well, I rest easy with the thought that "the best layed plans of mice and Ministers, go oft astray."

And thank God that the great writer George Orwell warned of how the Socialists, of which he had been one, were all to ready to transform themselves into pigs.

Swine-flu, anyone?


Philip said...


Is there a place that we can check to see when we can join the next march? or a timetable of marches?

im planning on coming to the next march, i believe it's my duty to stand side by side with patriots.

Lionheart said...

Birmingham August 8th

Luton August 30th

Manchester October 10th

J G Pelham said...

I still don't think wearing the balaclavas was very clever.
If this demonstration and protest is to have an impact above annnoyance value then you need to win people over.

Having people wearing balaclavas is just a gift to the MSM so that they can print pictures of you looking disreputable.

If this movement is to succeed it has to be seen to be rational, peaceful and made up of reasonable people. "Concerned Citizens"

The current crop or articles are just trying to portray you as thugs.
If anything happens at any future march(I really hope it dosen't)
And theres people wearing balaclavas then you are going to get nailed by the mainstream newspapers.
It's fine to say they are against you from the start.
But if you want to make inroads with the rest of the population you can't do things that can be used against you.

You've got to be straight arrows the lot of you.
If even one person starts off the police will have the excuse they want to do everyone there.

If you don't give them that excuse then you will be visible in keeping the moral high ground.

Lionheart said...

Jonathan, we are not all little Ghandi's.

Al Qaeda would love to chop our heads off and put them on Youtube!

Joanne said...

It doesn't surprise me what the socialists and the Islamics are up to, but you can't orchestrate your protests and activities around how these people will perceive you, because if they can't tear you down for what you do, they will tear you down for the stuff they make up about you or both.

I don't really understand the balaclava on the head as it gives the impression that those particular people will be up to no good and don't want anyone to be able to identify them. I, myself, would encourage the St. George cross in thick red face paint across the eyes and down the middle of the face over the forehead, nose, and mouth to form a cross. Mind you there might be a problem with whether to apply it before arriving at the protest or just before the protest on site. I would imagine the journalists would label you as Crusaders or some such nonsense, but they label you as racists anyhow....based on what, I don't know.

I would definitely encourage a prayer before the start of the protest - short and sweet, but giving all Glory to God.

If the next protest is in regards to Sharia Law, it would be a good idea to have signs that teach the ignorant of the truth about Sharia Laws. Hopefully, you will attract a lot more women for this issue greatly affects their lives in the future.

We all have suggestions, which I'm sure can be annoying, but our hearts are in the right place. Just keep at 'er, and hopefully, the turn out of people will grow. Britain belongs to the people who love her and will die for her. There is no follower of Islam who loves her or any of her indigenous peoples, so to hell with the lot of them.

God's Speed.

J G Pelham said...

I'm not suggesting you should be Ghandi's

I'm certainly not.

I'm just suggesting the police will be looking for any excuse.

Anonymous said...

good points here.
But look how the media sat up and took notice!
Maybe next time, a change of idea?
The face-paint is good, but maybe a bit too inconvenient.
Let's face it though. if it's OK for an Islamic to cover their womens faces with a burkah, or veil, then why not a protester?
This time maybe a white tee-shirt tied at the top, with eye-holes cut in it.
They are a couple of quid at Asda!
But this time, paint the slogans on the mask!
The "No Sharia" road-sign is very effective.
Then when the Press publish the photos of white-hooded protesters, with the inevitable lame comparison to KKK, durgh! then at least they will be publishing the message as well!
Yes, keep them all guessing, don't be obvious.
I suggest it would be very easy to make or buy a burkah style hood, and a public burning of several dozen of them would be quite neat?
Well if the Islamists can get away with burning our flag, then tit for tat.
Many of the Labour Party Cabinet went to the "Light Up an Embassy" protest at the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square, in 1968, I think, when they were students at the L.S.E. a hot-bed of Marxist anarchist wanna-be's.
Tariq Ali, a Marxist/Islamist (weird one, that) who writes for Liberal newspapers now, was in the front-line urging the crowd to attack the police officers, and directing the battering rams of wooden telephone poles that were being used against the police line.
Then there was Peter Hain, M.P. and Minister for Wales, (bloody cheek) once accused of bank-robbery and definately involved in carving up sports fields to disrupt major tournaments, for his beliefs in anti-apartheid.
So it seems, lads, you are all in high company, literally, as the lot of them used to smoke blow and drop acid-trips.
Why do these bunch of morons think they have the only worthy view of life, and Nationhood?
Because enough twits believed their bull-shit and voted them in.
Well lets vote them out again.

Philip said...

Jonathan, comrade, the police arrested Paul Ray, the creator of this blog for speaking the truth.
Paul also approached the police for help in locking up dangerous terrorists, he went to them unmasked, a free man and was arrested for his good acts.

Yes, masked or unmasked the police will look for any excuse to disrupt and clamp down on Nationalism, either in the UK or the USA.

Anonymous said...

I take it round glasses, sandals and a nappy would be right out of the question then?

Anonymous said...

Agree to a certain extent with Jonathan.

Why not team up with a Sikh organisation in solidarity, they are just as pissed off with ex Islam as we are.

If we continue the link between football hooliganism and this movement, we are doomed, and no-one will take us seriously.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that British Jews are not visible at these anti-Islamic-Extremist demonstrations. Is it possible some are there, but prefer to keep their ethnicity under cover?

I understand that many Jews are influenced by newspaper reports accusing the protestors of being
neo-Nazis and BNP 'hoodlums',both
groups anathema to Jews, especially their organizations, and thus are coming out in
opposition to the demos.

Perhaps contact could be made to those patriotic British Jews who, though they basically understand and support the reasons for the protests, are simply frightened off because of the (false)neo-Nazi image of the protestors, a libel which is being propagated day and night by the Far-Left-fascist media, politicians and police.

Any ideas, anybody?

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Anonymous Lady,

You will see Jews and the Israeli flag at the next demo, and they will have the complete protection of the whole of the English & Welsh Defence Leagues.

Neo-Nazis have no place amongst the ranks.