31 July 2011

The Conspiracy

Revelation 12:10-11 Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

Someone who is now behind the English Defence League is directly linked to Breivik and Fjordman, I am just conveniently ideologically linked and implemented and the authorities know this. Those who are linked to Fjordman are now using Breivik’s act to further their online political agenda and ideals. That small group is linked to Geert Wilders and Lord Pearson via Civil Liberties Alliance and the European anti-jihad movement.

Video: Lord Pearson

It is said that Breivik attended the London EDL demo in support of Geert Wilders whilst Lord Pearson was hosting him in the House of Lords inside.

The very first meeting in London when Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy” assumed the leadership role of the English Defence League with Chris Knowles (CLA) and others present whose names I have, Jeff Marsh aka Joe Cardiff from Wales was due to attend the meeting but Chris Renton EDL alias John Sheridan prevented him from attending by arranging to meet him about buying hooligan books on the same day. I was sent a picture from them of a clock that was in the pub they were sitting in having their meeting, which you can see below.

It is not going to be very long until the Norwegian police know everyone in Alan Lakes little London flat that day, and who the professor talking about military strategies was. I am sure he was not English, I might be mistaken though, but I think he came from a Scandanavian Country. Chris Knowles of Civil Liberties Alliance knows each of them because I invited him and he invited them, which includes him inviting Lake to the EDL table. If they have any form of humanity and human decency, for the sake of those innocent murdered children they have no alternative but to expose those behind this atrocity.

Breivik’s actions are no small thing.

At this meeting sitting under this clock with Jeff Marsh, Renton sowed the seeds of my downfall from within the EDL by filling Jeff’s head with slander about me, and then a little later I learned his actions were being backed by Alan Lake via Dymphna of Gates of Vienna who told me about Lake’s calls to have me removed from the EDL.

Ask Casuals United to confirm the authenticity of the picture below with Jeff Marsh. He might gloat about spreading poo around toilets in his books, but I cannot imagine he would gloat about the mass murder of children.

There were some intelligent minds at that first meeting in London, the professor talking about Roman military formations based upon historical context that could be applied to the street movement. I wonder whether he knows about war strategies based upon a historical context that can be applied to 21st Century governments?

“Tommy’s” other Luton uncle was in that first meeting in London too, he knows, and as far as I am aware, other than he is blood related, he has never been involved in their actions against me, so he knows who was in that room in London and what was spoken about. Even an American Christian documentary maker interviewed him with “Tommy” at Clophill Church, as part of the EDL leadership. Word has it; “Tommy” & his uncle Kev spat in his face and sidelined him when he was the brains behind UPL. Remember what was in the boot that I didn’t know about until the police stopped us, the Christian one, so I have a good idea of things in Luton that “Tommy” and Kevin are from? Money laundering, sun bed shop, and talk of the EDL across the Country being, amongst other things, a large drug dealing network for “Tommy” & Co. Everyone who knows “Tommy” knows what he sells, or used to sell, because others do the job now: TR’s marching powder

The other uncle - notice his position to "Tommy": Clophill

Im prepared for peace but I know there are others ready for war.

Do Luton’s IRA community want me removed too or do they want a war? He is your man and this will be the second time the local Luton IRA Generals have been told what to do. Either they were not paying attention last time, or their negligence over Irish Catholic “Tommy” and his uncle Kevin speaks loud and clear. There is supposed to be a peace process and I am not anti-Irish or Catholic, I am anti militant Irish Republicanism that threatens the peace & security of Britain and those who carry out acts of war against me: “Tommy” and the IRA

The British moslem community want me dead: Threats to murder British MP
Now who wants me out of the way, and is using Breivik’s actions to achieve it?

The most extreme right wing political ideological movement in Europe want me removed and have attempted this by laying blame on me for their first terrorist atrocity against a European government!

I serve the coming King, Jesus the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Who are the leaders behind that small group who are seeking to push Fjordman’s ideals through political terrorism, and unite all extreme far-right groups to their cause and the ideology behind it?

Murdering up to 100 innocent children is nothing more than pure evil, and the work of the devil, which they wrapped up in Christianity and Templarism, that should never be accepted or used within the political sphere and anyone who uses his act to further their political agenda, are complicit with this group in their European agenda, so we know who the enemies of civilised society and humanity are.

Governments have to take what this ideological group are saying very seriously and work out their position within domestic politics based upon certain things he has commented on, if not there will be individuals or groups on the extreme right-wing of politics and others, who will commit similar acts to follow Breivik & Co's plans.

Specifically targeting up to 100 Innocent children are not legitimate targets in any war and is an act against humanity, just like Hitler sending innocent unsuspecting Jewish children to gas chambers just because they were born Jews. These children did nothing wrong, their only mistake was God allowed their birth to parents who are on the political left in Norway, and Breivik & Co murdered them in cold blood and did it in Jesus’ name.

To a trained eye, it’s a blatant stitch up of me, my associates, our name, the name of Templarism which includes a Christian Military Order going back to the beginning of all Knighthoods, the Crusades in the Holy Land, and our Christian faith we are all sworn to uphold at all costs, which is now linked to Breivik and his devilish acts in our name.

One other person should have attended the meeting in London but the Lord didn’t allow it to happen for some reason, and that mistake obviously led him to join forces against me with Chris Renton once Renton had latched onto him. This was the person from Luton who came up with the idea of just using the same name as the Welsh Defence League for the movement in England because MfE at that point were not up to the task of leading a National movement. It was a genuine mistake not to have invited him to that meeting but because of all of the security clearances he boasted on the day we were protesting in Woodgreen London, and his wanting to keep a low profile, I might have thought he did not want in? (Romans 8:28) This is one of his poems he wrote and I posted; he was very prominent on facebook straight after the disruption of the Anglian Regiment’s homecoming and even ended up on Joe Cleary’s 1 million Facebook group about Wooton Basset. We had a vocal argument on his Facebook wall when Steven Yeoman’s (not Yaxley )march in support of the troops in Luton was cancelled, which descended into stupidness and idol threats. He will remember this exactly and when we joked about it in London. Chris Renton got very close to him at the beginning and again sowed the seeds of division against me.

He is in this picture from the Whitechapel protest with Marshy: image

I wonder whether the Renton brothers are even brothers, take a look at them below. Renton was one of very few from outside Luton who was present on the May 24th 2009 protest and made a point of getting right in with leadership from the very start. Are they brothers, agents of some kind, or members of the extreme political neo-nazi far-right in Britain? Who knows their school backgrounds? Who they are and where they come from? And family connections? Mine were brought in by “Tommy” and his uncle Kevin, so let’s get to the bottom of this, and who we are dealing with.

Chris Renton was posting on Stormfront in the name of the EDL, encouraging them to attend a demo on 8/8. 8/8 means Heil Hitler in neo-nazi ideology, and it was at this point I pulled my support and publicly distanced myself from the movement, but under a false sense of loyalty because the leadership were from Luton, and I supported the membership who were there for the right reasons, I continued to support the EDL for a short while after.

BNP's Chris Renton on 8/8: image

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Anders Breivik claims he is a part of Knights Templar Order that is willing to murder nearly 100 innocent children, and he passed a comment about the thought of his ‘mentor’ possibly being the one to set up the English Defence League which puts Breivik at the scene of the first London meeting, just not in person.

What is the significance of the clock the day the seeds were sown for my removal from within the EDL, and do Chris Renton or his brother know Alan Lake personally, because if so, Alan Lake could have set up the meeting in the pub with the clock that day as proof he was behind the EDL for the future. But he wasn’t, he just latched onto it, like Roberta Moore.

Or the picture of that clock linking us all is just one massive coincidence (an act of God)?

He needed to use treachery from the very start to remove my leadership role over the movement because it was me who set all the pieces of the English Defence League in place with the streets and ideological sides together, then setting it in motion through my writings and videos. The EDL you see is a hijacked version, and I have stated this from the very beginning.

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It just depends on whether or not there is another attack very shortly because that would be a real declaration of war from a group of people who want a real and bloody guerilla war against European governments, and it would show the intent of the group to continue till the end, win or lose. If this is a group, then they probably do have a couple of cells like Breivik says because it’s not too hard over almost 10 years if you have the financial capability to recruit and indoctrinate someone to your cause if you are committed. That’s why he told you, so the warning hangs over your head as a threat. It just depends on whether or not the leadership is threatened enough after Breivik because you cannot fully know the outcome from the fall out of something so evil, and whether or not they were capable to attack so soon after. Longer they leave it the more desperate the leadership will get if your closing in on them.

What about "Tommy's" little Luton puppy who acts on his masters orders, and who petrol bombed the mosque on "Tommy" & Co's command? I know exactly who you are!

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When moslems attack on this scale, there is always more than just 1 lone crazed wolf, there is a network with him and behind him, or at least an accomplice.

Just depends on whether or not he is one lone crazed political nut, or he is a part of an organised group with intent to wage a terror campaign in Norway and against other European governments. What really is my role in all of this? Just a fall guy?

Do the Norwegian government or anyone else want to admit there is a murderous group out there or is it easier to cover this up as ‘one lone crazed wolf’, inspired by me?

Everything points to Alan Lake, it just depends on who Alan Lake is and how far up the ladder do his connections go? Whether they are enough to protect him and save his life.

He has stated in his statement over Anders Breivik that he has a friend who lost a friend at both locations in Norway, which would mean to suggest, he has links into the Norwegian government, because one of the buildings was a government building.

Why would Alan Lake put him at the scene of the crime himself, when he is being questioned on being the English ‘mentor’ of Breivik. Was that because he knows he has no way out of the police knowing he has travelled to Norway, or was it a threat to the Norwegian government?

We know absolutely nothing about Alan Lake or his political connections, only his nazi ideals.

How many of you know someone, who was connected to someone else, who had been murdered at both locations in Norway? Very close to the crime, and then you ask, has he been to Norway in the past few years, although Sweden is next door and he visits there on a regular basis.

It might have been a pure coincidence that he took the name ‘Richard’, as in Lionheart-ed, before me but the Lord knows everything as He sits watching over His people. I am not mentioned once in the manifesto as Lionheart, and I have only ever used Lionheart, never Lionheart-ed.

The truth will come out.

I was put forward as the mentor because of the similarities to their secret false Templar group he claims to be a part of and our belief about the Islamisation of Europe. But their main enemy is the left wing Establishment and not moslem fundamentalists which means they are not Templars they are only cloaked in the garb for some reason. They probably knew this would happen with me because I was intertwined with Alan Lake and the EDL, so they also sprinkled some disinformation about being linked to brother Nick in Liberia and other stuff, and then you have the perfect set up for a bunch of fall guys.

Instead you have our attention and our professed loyalties go straight to the Crown of England, and I personally am not going to take this or anything else from anyone, so let’s see who is now removed because of this act of war against the Norwegian people that goes straight to their Crowned Royal Family.

Also was the name ‘Richard’ as being the mentor, the convenient smoking gun to apportion blame on me, and have me arrested for encouraging a domestic terrorist atrocity in Norway by an insane lone wolf sitting at his computer getting brainwashed by my anti-Islam ideals whilst promoting Templarism. Islamic fundementalists maybe, innocent children absolutely no way whatsoever!

That much of a fan of my work he didn’t even contact me: Eminem Stan

What is the significance of the Templar clock on the day of the first meeting in London, what is the significance to the claim of wondering if it was his ‘mentor’ who formed the EDL, who he supplied ideological information too, and is this English mentor real?

Everything points directly to Alan Lake and his premeditated take-over of the English Defence League, along with Chris Renton, unless that clock picture was fake (ask Jeff Marsh), or just pure coincidence, but that’s a long shot now Breivik has just killed all these innocent children and pointed blame in our direction professing to be by Knights Templar’s and alluding that I could be his mentor based upon the EDL.

You can only be Knights Templar’s with God on your side and these people have the devil on their side to do what they have done. They have wrapped themselves in Godly clothes professing to be prophets of a new age, and another war but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and will be removed from the sheepfold very soon.

I wonder if Alan Lake is a twisted hereditary Knight, because we do have them of course, Knights that is, not twisted ones, although I am sure they would not want this type of blood on their hands for the anonymous Mr Lake.

We will not sit back and be stitched up by a false bunch of knights who murder innocent children in the name of Christianity and Templarism.

You will see very shortly.

1. This all sounds strange but it’s true, the Templar clock at the beginning the very day of the meeting in London when the EDL was set in place, and Marshy should have been there but met the infamous Chris Renton at another location instead (verified by Jeff Marsh).

What is the meaning of this?

2. There is the Knights Templar group that Breivik talks of being a part of, and has linked himself too the EDL, by saying that his ‘mentor’ in his Knighthood was at that first EDL meeting in London, and then the image of a Templar clock features prominently on that very day in the midst of treachery against me at the hands of Alan Lake.

3. The picture proves a very credible circumstantial link to Breivik’s implied thought that he wonders if his ‘mentor’ was behind setting the EDL up in the beginning because that clock happened for a reason.

Is Alan Lake linked to Chris Renton or his brother?

4. Chris Renton was a hardcore BNP Gold member linked to BNP leaders and especially in Wales who were going to print the merchandise for the EDL at the beginning. Breivik sent his manifesto to many in the EDL and BNP.

5. The last public statement I heard Alan Lake make was that he was ready to go to the next level now because he had fulfilled his vision of a street movement made up of football hooligans, with control of the EDL in England, and wanted to go back to Sweden to preach his ideals.

What does the next level mean? A terrorist campaign?

6. Read my thoughts over the last few days pointing out many things.

7. I look forward to news of Alan Lake’s arrest or TV interview.

Video: Chris Renton 1

Video: Chris Renton 2

Video: Chris Renton 3

What they did was not Templarism, they are wolves in sheeps clothing and will be exposed as such by the Lord, that’s if their actions don’t catch up with them beforehand which I think it will.

Why is Alan Lake hiding? What has he got to hide?

No matter how far out there this all seems to be, what I say is the truth from my perspective, with me currently being blamed for a cold blooded political mass murder of children in Norway which is as far out there as it gets.

The conspiracy!

Such a senseless tragedy against weak, innocent and vulnerable children in the name of Templarism…

And then blaming a Templar for it.

The devil is a liar.

Light v Darkness

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Why didn’t he mention Congo diamonds if I am his directly connected English ‘mentor’? Because very few people knew what I have been doing over the last 18 months. This video below was uploaded but closed from everyone except to the people I chose to show it to. I have opened it today to provide more evidence of the attempt to stitch me up as Breivik’s English ‘mentor’.

He is either nuts and a lone ‘fantasist ‘wolf, or he is attempting to frame me on-behalf of others?

Who could the others be if it is an attempted stitch up?

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