25 July 2011

Norway: English mentor ‘Richard’

The chickens have come home to roost Alan Lake

It has been implied several places that due to the fact I use the name Lionheart on this blog and my anti-Islamic fundamentalism ideology is similar, not the same, as Anders Breivik that Richard could mean Richard the Lionheart, thus Lionheart could mean me.

I might be a Christian fundamentalist who has a deep dislike for Islamic fundamentalism who looks to Templarism as an example, but anyone who knows me knows that I personally would play no part in such inhumane savagery that has no place in the civilised world.

Ive been perplexed about this all day due to how serious the nature of being linked to a political mass murderer is (it’s no small thing), and now the penny has finally dropped on who the most likely person is, who ‘Richard’ the English mentor of Anders Breivik is.

EDL’s financier and political controller Alan Lake.

It has been reported that Anders Breivik was in talks at the very beginning with leadership of the EDL about the ideological way forward for the movement. I was there at the beginning and brought the ideological side into the equation and he definitely was not talking to me, so if it is true who was he talking too?

He definitely was not talking to Luton Town Football Club’s local beer drinking, coke snorting hooligans Steven Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) or his uncle Kevin Carroll.

Who has contacts with the political ideological side of the anti-jihad movement in Anders Breivik part of the world?

Alan Lake – Video: Sweden conference

Alan Lake must have contacts within the anti-jihad movement in Norway itself because he was recently interviewed for a documentary there which puts him clearly at the scene of the crime. Not only that, his murderous ideals are there for all to see when he says that he would execute those who believe in sharia law.

For Anders Breivik to call someone his mentor means he took ideological guidance from the person which has resulted in the mass murder of nearly 100 children. Back in June 2010, we were given an insight into Alan Lake’s mindset and ideology when he released his final solution mandate which pretty much fits exactly the same ideology as Anders Breivik that resulted in this horrendous inhumane crime.

Alan Lake says political leaders and heads of Church etc should be targets for assassination which fits Anders Breivik beliefs to a T that he has stated in his manifesto.

Anders Breivik is not your typical ideological shaven headed boot wearing neo-nazi as he has stated himself, he is more your suit wearing intellectual neo-nazi, just like Alan Lake, so they are cut from the same cloth.

Who else within the sphere of right-wing politics in the UK could Anders Breivik possibly be linked too?

All arrows point towards Alan Lake, and all circumstantial evidence points towards Alan Lake.

Apart from actually condemning the actions of Anders Breivik in Sweden, it has been reported that he has stated “The chickens have come home to roost” about the atrocity. Is that the statement of a sane minded person when confronted with the murder of nearly 100 innocent children, or is that the statement of a mad man?

A mad man who could quite possibly be the mentor behind the actual mass murderer himself.

These actions of Anders Breivik and whoever is with him and behind him, in the name of anti-jihad have done immense damage to the movement as a whole. All those on the political and ideological side across Europe and in America caught up in this tragedy could have avoided this but they collectively denied there was a problem so they only have themselves to blame now. I challenged the EDL’s supporters after “Tommy Robinson” supported and attempted to cover up for a convicted peadophile, but they all ignored the matter which brought into question the integrity of their expression of the anti-jihad movement in the West.

There were many other things they ignored as they supported Alan Lake and his EDL leadership under the control of “Tommy Robinson” and Kevin Carroll though which I am sure will all come out in due course now.

Imagine how damaging for all of the EDL’s online supporters it is going to be if it is revealed that Alan Lake is the key piece behind Anders Breivik and the worst tragedy in Norwegian history post Second World War, and done in their name.

I think the proverbial chickens will have come home to roost on all of them as they have consistently had the opportunity to cut ties and distance themselves from the EDL leadership after their abhorrent actions but have chosen not to because they were using the EDL and its gullible followers for their own ill gotten gains as they have attempted to ferment a street conflict upon English soil in the name of English patriotism.

Anders Breivik has consistently and continually pointed out in his writings whose influence he has been under within the anti-jihad movement and it is all those who have been most vocal in support of the EDL from the beginning, and they are all linked to Alan Lake.

See where my assumption comes from.

At the start of the EDL I went to the ideological political side of the European anti-jihad movement in the UK and brought them into the equation and along came Alan Lake. As soon as my back was turned and I was out of the Country he set to work to remove my influence from the EDL which he succeeded to do, joined with his international support like GoV who have ignored everything I have said about how bad the English Defence League leadership had become. Dymphna at Gates of Vienna was the one who told me about what Alan Lake was up to at the beginning, so anyone caught up in this disaster within the anti-jihad movement can ask her what he did that has resulted in this chain reaction if it is proven that he is ‘Richard’ the English mentor. I cannot see how it could possibly be anyone else.

Once I was out of the Country and he had control over “Tommy” & Co through money, power and the fame in the name of the EDL, he obviously went to work directing the EDL around the Country smashing the place up and costing the tax payer millions. The only place they didn’t was Newcastle because they don’t mess about up there in their territory as they proved.

So it seems that if it is true and Alan Lake is ‘Richard’ then has had his vision of taking the war to the enemy fulfilled, only the week little man decided 100 innocent children should be the target of his murderous ideals.

Do not be surprised if I am completely correct in my assumption, and that Alan Lake is ‘Richard’ the mentor behind Anders Breivik. And all those who have consistently supported him and his EDL leaders should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves for ignoring every single warning given to you that were not small warnings about the EDL leadership.

You have no place within the anti-Jihad movement in the UK, nor commenting on it!

We dictate what happens on English soil, not you!

This was all only just a matter of time and sadly more tragic than anyone could have imagined, with nearly 100 families now grieving the loss of their innocent children who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, murdered by a mad man in the name of politics.

The truth will be revealed in the coming days…and the mentor cannot get out of his position now because the security services are hunting him down like a scared little rabbit that he is.

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