29 July 2011

Our Enemies

Paul Weston (far left) Chris Knowles of Civil Liberties Alliance (centre) and Alan Lake. I cut out the Jewish Task Force leader standing with them

Below: Irish Catholic's Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka "Tommy" and his uncle Kevin Carroll, along with their spiritual advisor an American Rabbi dictating things upon Christian England's soil - Video: Luton demo

Dont you think it strange that all of the people mentioned by Breivik in his manifesto are the leaders of the intellectual side of the European anti-jihad movement, which includes Fjordman his Norwegian mentor, who is also linked to Alan Lake and Chris Knowles at Civil Liberties Alliance. The ones behind the hijacked English Defence League.

Not to mention Gates of Vienna and their European conferences.

Pamella Geller pulled her support of the EDL before the atrocity citing that the movement had been hijacked by nazis. I told her this at the very beginning which is well documented and was slandered by her for it daring to say such a thing. Instead she ended up in being in-bed with them for the life of the EDL.

If I was his mentor then do you not think it would have been polite courtesy to mention me by name in his manifesto, or at least send it to me?

Instead he told the police there was another Templar cell out there, along with conveniently pointing towards me, so that the police would come and arrest me and the people I am connected with, thus eliminating a threat to their control over the European anti-jihad movement and their vision for Europe. British police know exactly who I am, and who my associates are, and where our loyalties lay and it is to the Crown and our Protestant faith, not some extreme far-right political ideology. This is why I have not been arrested.

They must have thought the perfect patsy to deflect blame.

Wrong move by them.

I can link Alan Lake to the very top of the political elite within the anti-jihad movement in Europe, which includes Geert Wilders. The European ideological political side of the movement which includes Fjordman and Alan Lake has set out their own vision for Europe, of which Breivik followed to a T, even naming them as the writers he most followed and quoted. The English Defence League was a part of that plan and a tool in their hands, maybe like Breivik himself (time will tell), and Lake had to remove me at the beginning because of my initial influence because it was not inline with his plans and control over the movement.

The European intellectual side of the anti-jihad call a bunch of drunk drugged up thugs the 'saviour of Western civilisation' thats the onus they put on the EDL, and "Tommy" & Kev were their leaders. We took it to them directly to remove that leadership of the EDL, so that the movement could be placed back in the hands of the people who make up the movement. Without that leadership, their plans of using the EDL to forward their political vision for Europe would come unstuck.

A couple of Irish Catholics controlling an English patriotic movement on English soil? Come on!

How much time, money, effort and political influence at the highest levels were they excersing to continue the march of the EDL across England and into Europe?

I jeapordised that.

Now Breivik has committed a mass murder against left wing children, wrapped up the act in my spiritual clothes and pointed the finger at me believing I would be arrested. Not a very nice thing to do to your mentor is it? Commit mass murder then point the finger at the mentor.

They severly underestimate me and the God whome I serve.

Let it be known that there are millions of people around the world who uphold the ideals of Templarism in their hearts and in their minds just like me, and they and their beliefs are at complete emnity with Breivik and his actions.

Alan Lake and who ever surrounds him were seeking to start a war on English soil, using English patriots, in the name of an English defence. Let it be known that if there is ever to be a war upon English soil it will be a defensive war dictated by the English, not Europeans or Canadian Jews and their Irish puppets.

We dictate what happens upon English soil, isnt that right Snowy?

Alan Lake and whoever supports him, and Steven Yaxley-Lennon & Kevin Carroll declared war upon the people of England, and there will only be one winner at the end of a war, and your world has just become alot smaller around you and your close associates.

You will see in the coming days that I am not linked to this man other than by his convinient finger pointing, but the same cannot be said for those linked right to the top and people like Geert Wilders.

You think I take my name lightly 'Lionheart of England'?

Now we know exactly who our enemies are!

List: Enemies of England


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